4 Axis CNC Machine for 3d Carving Projects

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4 Axis CNC Machine for 3d Carving Projects

4 axis machine spindle can swing left and right, the spindle can approach the workpiece from many different angles. It can not only realize plane carving but also is very suitable for processing 3d engraving.

The 4 axis CNC can be used for many different materials, such as foam, wood, plaster, composite materials, aluminum copper, acrylic, and other materials. And 4 axis CNC  can realize cylinder carvings, like dragon column, buddha statue, gourd, and other 3d workpiece processing. It can also be widely used in wood processing, cabinet door, screen, process window processing, game cabinet and panel, mahjong table, computer table, and panel furniture products auxiliary processing.

In addition, the 4 axis machine tool has the function of parameter backup and parameter recovery and supports breakpoint continuous engraving. If the machine encounters a power failure, it can effectively prevent the loss of important parameters due to accidents, and it can continue its previous work.

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