Material Application

IGOLDENLASER can do the designing according to customer samples, photos or drawings, and manufacture the quality and using machines by very experienced and professional team .

Popular Industrial Laser marking, engraving & cutting Application

  • 1 OEM Automotive Industries
  • 2 PCB Marking Machine for electrical industry ( Branding and permanent Laser Printing ).
  • 3 Integrated Circuits Laser Marking for Traceability and serialization
  • 4 Electrical MCB Industries ( Toggle printing and Alphanumeric engraving and marking on MCB)
  • 5 Medical / Surgical equipment’s UDI Laser marking for Traceability
  • 6 Automotive components DPM Laser marking and serialization for tracing and tracking throughout the life cycle
  • 7 Mobile parts Laser Marking on Plastics
  • 8 All type metal and non-metal marking
  • 9 Laser Marking and engraving application in Steel Industries

Fiber Laser

Fiber laser is a laser in which the active gain medium is an optical fiber doped with rare-earth elements such as erbium, ytterbium, neodymium, thulium and holmium etc. We at Markolaser have short pulsed laser such as picoseconds and femtoseconds for micro-machining application.


CO2 Laser

In CO2 Laser the laser light takes place within the molecules of carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide lasers are one of the highest-power continuous wave lasers. The CO2 Laser are quite efficient and the ratio of output power to pump power would be as close as 20%. The c laser produces a beam of infra red light.


Green Laser

A Green Laser A green laser has 532 nm wavelength and fall under visible (green) spectrum. One of the advantages of green laser is that it is better absorbed by highly reflective materials.


UV  laser

In UV laser Ultraviolet lasers fall in the range of invisible light wavelengths of 150 to 400 nm. Ultraviolet lasers are classified as three main: Solid state Q-Switched, gas and metal vapour.