iGOLDENCNC has a quality control system of CNC machine and quality management team and strictly adheres to industry general standards and company guidelines. Quality control is carried out from various aspects, such as material incoming, research, development, production and after-sales of CNC equipment to ensure that each equipment can meet the customer’s requirements and operate stably and efficiently in long term.


For each part of the machine, iGOLDENCNC will strictly control the quality. Not only suppliers are required to provide quality inspection reports, strict quality control system of CNC machine is also performed when the parts arrive at the factory.

1-Pipe material

Ensure that each pipe is a high-quality rectangular pipe with a thickness of 6mm and a diameter of 8 * 10mm.


Stability test and aging test


Determine the straightness of the guiderail to ensure the stable operation of the machine.

4-Gear and rack

Precision and consistency between gear and rack.


The machine assembly process also affects the customer’s experience when using the machine. Therefore, during the machine assembly process, iGOLDENCNC strictly follows the quality management standards from the most basic machine tool to the final assembly of the machine.

1-Machine body

The body uses a rectangular tube with a thickness of 6mm and a diameter of 8 * 10cm. The welding points and welding seam are strictly in accordance with the testing standards and annealed to eliminate internal metal stress.

2-Gantry milling processing

Gantry milling, which makes the surface flatter, and the angle measuring instrument and collimator is used to detect the verticality and flatness of the assembly.

3-Control cabinet

The internal layout and wiring are strictly in accordance with the wiring standards, which is beautiful and helpful for after-sales maintenance.

4-Other hardware installation

Installation is strictly in accordance with standard production processes and installation standards to ensure machine accuracy and stability.


A number of quality inspections will be carried out on the machines, including performance, stability, adaptability, practicability, etc. For parts that does not meet the standards, debugging and maintenance will be performed to ensure that the machine is in the best state when it leaves the factory.

1-Inspection report

Every part, every performance, every parameter of every manufactured machine is carefully tested.

2-Aging test

Through the 24-48 hour aging test to ensure that the machine is in the best operating condition when it leaves the factory.

3-Sample processing

Before leaving the factory, the machine will be calibrated according to the work content of the customer and adjusted according to the condition of the machine.



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