Do you have a thought to build or set up the competitive Furniture Cabinet Making Machine for the wooden furniture production lineBrowse the 2024 new Cabinet Maker buyer’s guide as follows, we’ll provide you with the Cabinet Manufacturing Machine of 2024 with expert customer service to satisfied your requirements.

What is the cabinet making machine?

The complete cabinet production line is composed of optimized typesetting software, CNC cutting machine, edge banding machine, side hole machine, drilling machine, and edge banding machine. As the leader of the cabinet production line, iGOLDENCNC can provide double spindle + row drilling Cutting machine, multi-process cutting machine, six-sided drilling, edge banding machine, side hole machine, electric panel saw, profiling corner trimming machine, PTP machining center, three-row drill and other cabinet processing machines, and according to Customer needs and budget are equipped with the most cost-effective and efficient production line plan.

In addition, the size and configuration of the machine can also be customized according to the special needs of customers to achieve customized functions.

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What is the board used to make the wooden furniture cabinet?

The cabinet panels mainly include fir board (finger joint board), solid wood board, melamine board (particleboard, density board), and wood board.

Fir board (finger joint board): the wood is soft, the strength is not enough, it is easy to deform and crack, and the surface needs to be polished and painted.

Solid wood panels: red oak, walnut, cherry wood, elm, teak and other solid wood panels.

Melamine board: The full name is melamine impregnated adhesive film paper veneer wood-based panel, which must meet the European e1 standard.

Woodworking board: also called big core board, it is a board made of natural peeling veneer and solid wood panel through gluing and hot pressing. The inner core material is also poplar, birch, pine, paulownia, etc.

What does the cabinet production line include?

Dismantling software: The software high-end version is a highly modular integrated software, specially built for cabinet and wardrobe companies, which can adapt to the various needs of enterprises of any size from design to production, from store to factory from front to back. It mainly includes four modules: precise design, automatic folding, intelligent optimized layout, and access to automated equipment to generate processing barcodes.

Four-process CNC cutting machine: It is cost-effective equipment with four spindles, which can be connected to continuous processing, cutting, engraving and slotting, etc., widely used in cabinets, wardrobes, office furniture, panel furniture, etc. Cutting materials, slotting and arranging holes, is also suitable for carving various crafts, such as relief, hollowing, etc.

Automatic edge banding machine: This equipment is suitable for edge banding of panel furniture. The main functions are: pre-milling, gluing and pressing, front and rear alignment, rough repair, fine repair, profiling tracking, edge scraping, polishing 8 functions, and The simplified version is for you to choose.

Side hole machine: Infrared laser side hole punching machine is mainly used to solve the problem of slotting, vertical hole drilling, and side holes that cannot be punched in the plate furniture cutting machine. The infrared side hole machine can directly scan holes and punch horizontal holes. , Punching to achieve zero error.

What should I do if the plate processed by the cutting machine has burrs?

The choice of plates may not be changed by us, but we can choose a good CNC woodworking cutting machines, such as CNC cutting machine, the condition of edge collapse mainly occurs in sliding table saws and poor quality cutting machines. Now, CNC The use of cutting machines are becoming more and more common. The reasons for the burrs on the plates processed by the CNC cutting machine are introduced below.

  1. The sharpness of the tool

The CNC cutting machine uses a tool to open the material, and the sharpness of the tool indirectly affects the roughness of the cutting surface. If the sharpness of the tool is not strong, the plate will appear to be chipped, and the tool is in a bad condition. It is not recommended to open the material speed too fast. Generally speaking, due to different manufacturing processes, the impurities in the multi-layer board are much less than that of the chuanghua board, but in the process of purchasing the board, you should also keep your eyes open and choose a board with stable quality Suppliers. The damage to the tool is small, the damage to the equipment is delayed, and even the industrial story is large. The choice of the plate is very important. Generally, it is recommended to use the test three-blade straight knife for multi-layer boards.

  1. Sheet material

The boards used in the production of cutting materials include density boards and chuanghua boards. These two types of boards have relatively high hardness, but these two types of boards have the same problem, that is, the two types of boards are pressed, which means They are not a whole, if the bonding strength is not strong, the edges are likely to collapse when the material is opened.

  1. Spindle speed

It is the same thing as the sharpness of the tool. If the spindle speed is not enough, the plate that the cabinet opener drives in will abnormally show the edge. If the spindle speed is adjusted to a high point, you must pay attention to the adjustment within the range of use of the tool.

  1. Tool clamping is not firm

The tool clamping of the CNC cutting machine is not strong, and the chip edge and the tool will be destroyed in the process of processing the product.

  1. Poor vacuum adsorption effect

Some openers are equipped with vacuum adsorption tables, which have poor adsorption capacity. When processing parts, the sheet is not firmly adsorbed, which causes the displacement of the sheet and causes the sheet to collapse.

Comparison of CNC cutting machine and sliding table saw.

  1. Labor cost comparison

CNC cutting machine:

The CNC blanking machine automatically loads and unloads, only need to carry a small worker, one person can operate several blanking machines, if used with the edge banding machine rotary line, only 1 person is required to operate the blanking and edge banding.

According to the calculation that each cutting machine can open 100 boards in 8 hours a day, the salary is calculated at 3,000 yuan, and the cost of opening and edge banding is about 1 yuan per board.

Sliding table saw:

Traditional sliding table saws or electronic cutting saws require 2 people to operate. The monthly salary of the cutting master and the small worker is calculated at 5000+3000 yuan, and the total monthly salary is 8000 yuan, and the labor cost for each board is approximately 4.4 yuan.

The electronic cutting saw can be stacked and cut, which is suitable for large-scale cutting, but it can only cut single sheets when bar code labels are required. The electronic cutting saw requires 2 people to operate, and the monthly salary of the cutting master and the small worker is 5000+3000 In yuan calculation, a single cut can open 100 sheets per day, and the labor cost for a compilation is 2.7 yuan per board.

  1. Sheet utilization

CNC cutting machine:

The CNC cutting machine uses a milling cutter to open the material, which can be turned in any direction. With the optimization software, the utilization rate of the combined order optimization and layout can reach more than 96%, and the calculation is 100 yuan per board, and each board can save 8 yuan.

Sliding table saw:

The saw blades used for electronic cutting saws and sliding table saws must be cut to the end. The overall board utilization rate is low, and manual calculation and typesetting, the highest utilization rate is 88%.

  1. Tool cost

CNC cutting machine:

The milling cutter for the cutting machine, the tool is about 180 yuan, and the particleboard does not collapse at 2,400 meters each time, which is about 110 boards, and each board costs about 1.6 yuan for the tool.

Sliding table saw:

The cost of the saw blade is about 0.5 yuan per board.

  1. Drawing software

CNC cutting machine:

Special order splitting optimization software design, rational use, optimized layout, production of intuitive drawings, and automatic splitting of drawings at the same time, increasing the utilization rate of sheets, and zero errors in splitting, and automatically calculating inventory remaining materials.

Sliding table saw:

Traditional CAD drawings have no intuitive diagrams, no dimensions and annotations. Workers split production orders based on experience. Manual calculations make the sheet utilization rate low and the error rate high.

  1. Cutting costs and expenses

CNC cutting machine:

For 1220*2440mm plates, one person can process at least 80 sheets per day, and each sheet is ≤1.5 yuan.

Sliding table saw:

1220*2440mm plates, 2 people process 50 sheets per day, each sheet ≥6 yuan.

  1. Effectiveness

CNC cutting machine:

Not controlled by artificial emotions, the processing effect is consistent throughout the day, which is better than the traditional sliding table saw.

Sliding table saw:

Efficiency is affected by the status of workers, and conditions such as hot weather, cold, and physical discomfort all affect processing efficiency and effectiveness.

  1. Work injury costs

CNC cutting machine:

Stay away from the work injury, a work injury is basically 0.

Sliding table saw:

The operation risk factor is slightly higher, and improper operation is likely to cause work injuries.

  1. Other advantages

CNC cutting machine:

a. The CNC cutting machine can cut the curve.

  1. Automatic loading and unloading reduces labor intensity
  2. The cutting machine is continuous when working

Sliding table saw:

a. The sliding table saw can only cut straight edges.

b.The sliding table saw opens 60 boards a day, and the worker’s tired waist and legs aches.

  1. The sliding table saw cutting and pushing and pushing stop, and the workers’ time is spent on adjusting the leaning ruler and moving the board.

Through the above comparison of advantages and disadvantages, I think everyone has some confidence in the choice of equipment. Choose according to your own processing situation. If you want to do it by yourself, it is recommended to choose a CNC cutting machine. If economic conditions permit, add automatic loading and unloading. The platform, one or two people can also complete the production of a complete set of furniture.

What is the difference between automatic loading and unloading device and double worktable?

The automatic loading and unloading panel furniture production line machine is a labor-saving panel furniture production line machine. This machine has an automatic loading and unloading platform. The material is placed on the loading platform. The machine automatically runs to grab and load the material. After processing, it automatically Unloading, only one person is required to operate the machine’s processing and receiving and unloading. It saves labor and effort.

The automatic loading and unloading device saves a person’s labor than the double-worktable configuration, but the processing efficiency is not as good as the double-station machine. The plate is opened every day, and the double-station machine produces more plates than the automatic loading and unloading machine. .Considering labor-saving, it is better to choose automatic loading and unloading device, and considering from processing efficiency, choose a double worktable panel furniture production line machine.

A double-worktable machine is a time-saving machine. This machine has two processing stations. When the material is processed in one of the stations, the other station can simultaneously carry out the work of loading and unloading. , One of the stations can be processed directly in the other station after processing, saving time and higher work efficiency.

With the development of the times, people are slowly turning away from relying on two-handed production to machine production, which can not only improve production efficiency but also can be accurate. With the advancement of technology, different styles of machines have also emerged. For the woodworking industry, in order to improve Enough work efficiency, time-saving and labor-saving, and developed a panel furniture production line machine with automatic loading and unloading and a double station panel furniture production line machine.

The starting order and usage method of the cutting machine.

The first step is to turn on the power and release the emergency stop button of the CNC cutting machine. This will ensure that the CNC cutting machine has been ready for use.

The second step is to turn on the computer connected to the CNC feeder, enter the established operating system, find the software that controls the equipment, and double-click to open the CNC feeder software on the computer.

The third step is to check whether the CNC feeder system is normal. If there is any error message about the CNC feeder, you can no longer use it for work, and find out the cause of the error and repair it.

The fourth step is to measure whether the size of the workpiece will exceed the range of the pneumatic clamp of the CNC feeder, and make adjustments. Once the size of the workpiece is too large, it will largely affect the normal operation of the equipment, and more serious may cause damage to the machine.

The fifth step is to start the pressure device of the CNC cutting machine, and normal processing can be carried out after the test is no problem.

The above is the operating sequence and requirements of the CNC cutting machine. During the operation and use, the customer must operate and use strictly according to the requirements. The order of each step cannot be reversed at will, otherwise, it will easily cause unnecessary failures; and strictly follow the order. The operation can also better improve processing efficiency and quality.

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