Do you have a thought to build or set up the competitive Furniture Door Making Machine for the wooden furniture production lineBrowse the 2024 new Door Maker buyer’s guide as follows, we’ll provide you with the Door Manufacturing Machine of 2024 with expert customer service to satisfied your requirements.

What is the CNC door maker?

The complete cabinet door production line is composed of an optimized version of typesetting software, CNC cutting machine, machining center, door stile machine, laminating machine, and sanding machine. As the leader of the cabinet door production line, iGOLDENCNC can provide machining center + row drilling Cabinet door processing machines, including feeders, automatic tool change processing centers, automatic door stiles, vacuum laminating machines, and automatic sanding machines, are equipped with the most cost-effective and efficient production line program according to customer needs and budget.

In addition, the size and configuration of the machine can also be customized according to the special needs of customers to achieve customized functions.

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What are the common panel furniture cabinet doors?

Common panel furniture cabinet doors are sliding doors, swing doors, and folding doors.

Cabinet door panels mainly include paint door panels, fire-resistant panels, solid wood door panels, decorative panel types, plastic door panels, crystal door panels, and metal texture door panels.

Painted door panel: The base material is MDF.

Fireproof board: The base material is particleboard, moisture-proof board or density board.

Solid wood door panels: mainly cherry wood, walnut wood and oak door frames, and the door core is medium density board with solid wood skin.

Veneer panel type: The substrate is particleboard, medium density board or hard fiberboard.

Blister door panel: The base material is density board, and the surface is vacuum molded or one-time seamless PVC film compression molding.

Crystal door panel: The base material is white fireproof board and acrylic.

Metal texture door panel: The base material is medium density board.

The cabinet door production line provided by iGOLDENCNC can perfectly process the above cabinet door panels. For more details, please consult the sales engineer.

What is the cabinet door production line?

Dismantling software: The software high-end version is a highly modular integrated software, specially built for cabinet and wardrobe companies, which can adapt to the various needs of enterprises of any size from design to production, from store to factory from front to back. It mainly includes four modules: precise design, automatic folding, intelligent optimized layout, and access to automated equipment to generate processing barcodes.

Disk type automatic tool change machining center: The disk type automatic tool change CNC cutting machine will automatically load, optimize the cutting, punching, slotting, and automatic cutting in a perfect combination, without interruption in the process, to achieve accelerated production efficiency, and powerful The accommodative nature of it can be seamlessly connected with a variety of order splitting software.

Automatic sanding machine: It is suitable for all kinds of solid wood, density board, veneer board and other materials linear type (such as door line, door frame, skirting line, phase frame, shutter), l-shaped wood line and door panel regular surface, The rough, fine sanding, sanding and polishing of special-shaped surfaces, planes and curved surfaces are ideal equipment for the production of special-shaped sanding such as doors, windows, kitchenware, etc.

Vacuum laminating machine: used for PVC laminated furniture, grid cabinets, sliding doors, audio, decorative wall skirts and various special-shaped finishes; it can be used for PVC, veneer, transfer film.

Automatic door stile machine: The solid wood CNC door lifter is a CNC automatic processing equipment that is professionally used for milling and drilling of solid wood assembled door frames, risers, door mid-ranges, door core panels, etc.

How to maintain the CNC cutting machine?

  1. The spindle of the CNC cutting machine mainly includes an air-cooled spindle and a water-cooled spindle. The water-cooled spindle needs to keep the cooling water clean and the water pump working normally, and there must be no water shortage. In addition, pay attention to the water temperature and cooling water Too high temperature will greatly reduce the cooling effect and cause certain damage to the spindle, so the cooling water should be replaced in time. Anti-freezing measures should be taken in winter to prevent the water pipe from freezing and cracking.
  2. Clean the guide rail and surrounding wood chips in time, and timely oil the transmission system of the equipment.

3. Before turning on the equipment, first, check whether the wiring is intact and the voltage is stable, and then turn on the power of the machine after the check is correct, and operate the machine for a while before starting processing.

  1. Clean up the dust, powder and oil on the sensor in time.
  2. If you do not use the CNC cutting machine for a long time, it is best to power on and travel once a week to prevent the machine from getting wet and ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electrical components of the equipment.

6. Regularly check whether the screws of the various parts of the CNC cutting machine are loose.

  1. It is best not to open the cabinet frequently. When opening the material, there will be dust, wood chips or metal dust in the air. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic device in the electric control box, it is easy to cause the insulation resistance between the components to drop. It even causes damage to components and circuit boards.
  2. After the CNC cutting machine is processed, first remove the tool and let the spindle chuck relax. This will help to extend the service life of the spindle chuck. Then we start to clean the work surface, which can be cleaned with a brush; pay attention to the work surface It is usually best not to accumulate debris to avoid deformation of the platform. Finally, move the machine head to the lower left or lower right position to prevent collisions, and then cut off the power.

9. Regularly clean the heat dissipation and ventilation system of the circuit box of the CNC cutting machine, check whether each fan is working normally, regularly clean the dust in the electric control box, and check whether the terminal screws are loose to ensure the safe and reliable use of the circuit.

The solution to the noise of the spindle of the CNC cutting machine.

  1. If the cage and rolling elements vibrate or bear torque, load, or radial clearance, it is easy to produce pattering noise. To solve this problem, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of the cage, and the bearing should choose a small or small clearance. Preload the bearing, reduce the moment load, reduce the installation error, and select good quality grease.
  2. If the motor makes a humming sound when it is running under no load, and the motor has an abnormal axial vibration, and a humming noise occurs when turning on or off, it means that the lubrication state of the spindle is not very good, or the shaft alignment performance is not good. In order to produce unstable vibration, increase lubrication.

3. If the bearing emits irregular impurity sound, the sound is sometimes loud or small, it is necessary to choose a good grease, improve the cleanliness before grease injection, and strengthen the sealing performance of the bearing.

  1. If the spindle of the CNC cutting machine makes a rattling sound, and the frequency changes with the running speed of the bearing, it is necessary to improve the processing quality of the bearing raceway surface, reduce the amplitude of the waviness, avoid bruising, and run the free end bearing. Check it out.

The above 4 kinds of noises are often made by the spindle during the processing process. Regarding these different noises, make correct judgments, and then deal with them according to the problem. Doing a good job of daily maintenance can not only avoid failures but also increase the service life of the machine.

How to choose a cutting machine and a machining center?

  1. For simple cabinet door processing, it is recommended to choose a four-process opener. Reason: simple cabinet door processing is less than or equal to 4 processing steps. The four-process opener has four spindles, which can be installed with different tools and automatically switch during processing. The cutting tool saves the time of changing the tool. Compared with the single-head cutting machine and the straight-line automatic cutting machine, the speed is faster and the production efficiency is high.
  2. For complex cabinet door processing, it is recommended to choose a straight-line machining center. Reason: the straight-line machining center is equipped with 12 tool magazines, which can move with the gantry, and can automatically replace suitable tools during processing, saving tool change time. Four-process cutting machine with more tools can meet different processing needs.
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