CNC wood router machines with many standard configurations for you to choose from. For instance, ATC CNC machines, 4 axis CNC machines, 3 axis CNC machines, multi-head CNC machines, mini CNC machines, best hobby CNC machines, stone CNC machines, and EPS CNC machines.

CNC routers are also known as computer numerical controlled router machines, C and C routers, CNC router machines, CNC router kits, CNC router tables, CNC routing machines, CNC carvers, CNC cutters, CNC engravers, digital routers, CNC carving machines, CNC cutting machines, CNC engraving machines, CNC woodworking machines, CNC woodworker machines.

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A CNC wood router is an automatic CNC router table for wood cutting, relief carving, drilling & slotting, which works with 2D/3D designed files by CAD/CAM software. A CNC wood router machine is composed of bed frames, spindles, T-slot table or vacuum table, vacuum pump, CNC controller, motor driver, guide rail, rack and pinion, ball screw, power supply, limit switch, collets, tools & bits, and other parts & accessories. The most common types of CNC wood routers include 3 axis, 4th axis, 4 axis, 5 axis CNC woodworking machines. The most commonly used CNC wood router tables include 2ft by 3ft, 2ft by 4ft, 4ft by 4ft, 4ft by 6ft, 4ft by 8ft, 5ft by 10ft, and 6ft by 12ft. CNC wood routers are applied in most popular woodworking plans and projects such as cabinet making, door making, sign making, arts & crafts, furniture making, and home decorations.

Why choose our CNC router machine?

Customized production can save you 30% of additional procurement costs. We can customize the wood CNC machine in accordance with your specific CNC wood carving demands. The custom options may include the worktable size, worktable type, power and brand of all mechanical and electrical parts of the wood CNC machine.

International top brand accessories to ensure your higher productivity and increase profit margin by 40%. All major mechanical and electrical parts of our wood CNC machine come from domestically or internationally known brand. For example, HSD spindle, YASKAWA motor, SIEMENS control system, etc.

Professional product and operational training, reducing operating error rate by 80%. We have a R&D team of more than 20 people focusing on the production and innovation of the wood carving machine. Our 6 sales team of more than 40 people can provide you with complete information of the wood carving machine in time.

Perfect after-sales service can help you avoid any worries in the use of the machine. An after-sales team of over 40 people provides you with 24/7 online and offline services to solve your worries about the CNC wood cutting machine.

DIY CNC router or buy a finished CNC engraver?

Both choices have respective pros and cons.

They have respectively applicable scenarios. DIY CNC router, also called homemade CNC router, basically applies to the mini CNC machines, like the desktop CNC router, hobby CNC router, etc. DIY CNC router requires you to have a relatively high level of CNC basic knowledge, good hands-on capability, and also enough time and energy. It also requires you to buy all the wood CNC machine parts, including the CNC router bits, by yourself. In addition, a DIY CNC router may save plenty of money compared with buying a finished CNC engraver. You can only add the functions you deed to your homemade CNC machine, making it a particular and best CNC router for your engraving work.

When it comes to a large quantity of engraving work or mass production of wood products, buying a finished CNC wood carving machine is much better than DIY CNC router. The finished CNC engraver has a rigid and durable structure, multiple functions, and a high level of automation. The finished CNC routers for woodworking are the best CNC machines for heavy-duty, long-term, and mass production. Besides, buying a finished machine doesn’t need you to buy the CNC machine parts one by one, nor take you much time to assemble and test. However, buying a finished CNC woodworking machine may cost a lot than a homemade CNC machine.

In conclusion, if you are a CNC woodworking hobbyist and do not own a factory making mass products, you can choose DIY CNC router to exercise your hands-on ability and meet your small CNC woodworking demands. However, if you are a factory owner and make large sizes or large quantity of products, the completed wood CNC machine is definitely your best choice.