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What is a portable plasma cutter?

A portable plasma cutter machine adopts modular design and cantilever structure. It is not limited by the size of the processed plate. It can be equipped with flame and plasma cutting.

The thickness of flame cutting is 6-150mm, and the thickness of plasma cutting is 0.1-50mm, which is a high Efficient and energy-saving plasma cutting equipment, lightweight and cost-effective, is upgraded equipment of the profiling processing machine.

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With an automatic height adjustment system, integral movement can be directly placed on the metal sheet to be processed, easy to use, flexible, and applicable For precision cutting of carbon steel, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metal sheets of various thicknesses.

How to efficiently and practical portable plasma cutter machine?

The choice of cutting process parameters for CNC portable plasma cutter machines is of vital importance to cutting quality, cutting speed and efficiency. To use CNC plasma cutting machines for high-quality and fast cutting, you must have a deep understanding of the cutting process parameters. grasp.

  1. Cutting current

It is the most important cutting process parameter, which directly determines the thickness and speed of the cutting, that is, the cutting ability. The larger the cutting current, the higher the cutting ability, the cutting speed, the width of the cutting mouth, and the faster the damage speed of the cutting nozzle. , Increase the cost. So before cutting, the cutting current should be correctly selected according to the thickness of the material.

  1. Cutting speed

The best cutting speed range can be selected according to the equipment described or determined by the experiment. Due to the thickness of the material, the difference in material, the melting point, the thermal conductivity, and the surface tension after melting, the cutting speed also changes accordingly. The height directly affects the cutting quality, and the higher and the lower are not good.

  1. Arc voltage

It is generally believed that the normal output voltage of the power supply is the cutting voltage. Plasma cutting machines usually have a higher no-load voltage and working voltage. When the current is constant, the increase of the voltage means the increase of the arc enthalpy value and the increase of the cutting ability. If it is in the enthalpy When the value is increased, reducing the diameter of the jet and increasing the flow rate of the gas can often obtain a faster cutting speed and better cutting quality.

4. Nozzle height

This refers to the distance between the nozzle end face and the cutting surface, which constitutes a part of the entire arc length. Because the arc cutting of CNC plasma cutting machine generally uses a power supply with a constant current or steep drop characteristics, after the nozzle height increases, the current change is small, but it will make The arc length increases and the arc voltage increases, thereby increasing the arc power; but at the same time, it also increases the arc length exposed to the environment and the energy lost by the arc column.

In the case of the combined effect of the two factors, the effect of the former is often completely offset by the latter, which will reduce the effective cutting energy and reduce the cutting ability. Usually, the performance is that the blowing force of the cutting jet is weakened, and the lower part of the incision remains There is an increase in slag, and the upper edge is over melted and rounded.

  1. Cutting power density

In order to obtain a highly compressible plasma arc cutting arc, the cutting nozzle adopts a smaller nozzle aperture, a longer hole length and strengthens the cooling effect, which can increase the current passing through the effective section of the nozzle, that is, the power density of the arc At the same time, compression also increases the power loss of the arc. Therefore, the effective energy actually used for cutting is smaller than the power output by the power supply. The loss rate is generally between 25% and 50%. Some methods such as water compression The energy loss rate of plasma arc cutting will be greater. This problem should be considered when the CNC plasma cutting machine is designed for cutting process parameters or economic calculation of cutting costs.

Increasing the degree of compression of the arc can extend the high-temperature plasma jet to form a more uniform high-temperature area. At the same time, increasing the speed of the jet can reduce the width difference between the upper and lower sides of the cut. However, the excessive compression of conventional nozzles often causes double arcs. The double arc will not only wear the electrode and the nozzle, make the cutting process impossible, but also cause the quality of the cut. In addition, the excessive cutting speed and the excessive nozzle height will cause an increase in the difference between the upper and lower width of the cut.

Application range and advantages of a portable plasma cutter machine?

Portable CNC plasma cutting machine is mainly used in products that are widely used in steel plate cutting processing, metal processing, machinery manufacturing, shipbuilding, engineering machinery, mining machinery, locomotive manufacturing, chassis cabinets, ventilation and refrigeration and elevators, steel structures, lighting, advertising and other industries. Using a portable plasma cutting machine has the following advantages:

  1. The production cost of the portable cutting machine is low, which is suitable for small businesses and some customers with tight funds;

2. The portable cutting machine has a small footprint, is easy to carry and place, and is convenient and fast.

  1. The cost is low, and individual users can afford it;
  2. The cutting speed is very fast and can reach 6mmmin.
  3. The cut surface of the cut product is smooth and neat.
  4. The maintenance cost of the machine is low.
  5. It can cut any pattern (the user inputs the graphics to be cut through the computer, and the parameters are adjusted to process the desired product. Simple and convenient can ensure the different needs of users).

How to choose the right plasma cutting machine?

1: Consider your needs

Unless you know exactly what you need, you won’t be able to choose the right product. Knowing what you are looking for means you can choose a plasma cutting machine that fits your needs perfectly.

You can ask yourself some questions to narrow down the range of plasma cutting machines you need:

Do you plan to cut by hand or on the table?

Do you need the device to be portable (i.e. lightweight and easy to move in the workspace)?

How often will you use the plasma cutting machine?

Which material do you plan to cut?

What is your budget?

How will you power the plasma cutting machine? Will you use a generator or switch to a power outlet?

2: look at the output power

The output power level (or amperage) of a plasma cutting machine indicates the thickness of the material that can be cut. Generally, a plasma cutting machine will be rated according to its amperage, and you will be able to find the best thickness range that can be cut.

Make sure this thickness range is aligned with the material you plan to cut most of the time. A good rule of thumb to remember is that the thicker the material, the greater the amperage required for cutting.

3: Look at the cutting speed

Knowing the cutting speed of a plasma cutting machine (relative to the thickness of the metal being cut) will mean that you can calculate the level of output that the machine can produce. This is important because it can mean a difference in efficiency, or if the choice is wrong, It will lead to a decline in productivity.

Fortunately, you usually don’t have to calculate the cutting speed yourself. Manufacturers usually display this information so that you can easily compare various plasma cutting machines. Look up the inch per minute (ipm) value, or ask the manufacturer about the cutting speed.

4: understand the duty cycle

The duty cycle refers to the length of time within the ten-minute range that the plasma cutter can run uninterruptedly before it needs to be cooled. For example, a three-minute duty cycle means that the plasma cutter can run for three minutes and requires seven minutes of cooling. Normally, a Long duty cycle is an ideal choice for deep or long cuts, while a short duty cycle is the best choice for regular small cuts.

It is important to buy a plasma cutting machine whose duty cycle should meet your requirements. For example, you may need a plasma cutting machine to run for six minutes (after cooling for four minutes). If the plasma cutting machine you buy has a duty cycle of four Minutes or five minutes instead of six minutes, then you will find that it may overheat and cause maintenance costs.

5: Consider operating costs

The operating cost of a plasma cutting machine is closely related to its consumables. Wearable parts are parts such as cutting nozzles and electrodes that need to be replaced over time. For example, a damaged cutting nozzle will mean one of the following two situations: Plasma cutting machine Either it takes more time to complete the work, or the cutting quality is reduced. Therefore, to obtain time-saving, high-quality cutting results, you need to ensure that the cutting tip is always in the best condition.

Consumables are an ongoing cost, so you should consider how the machines are used-will they wear them quickly? If so, it may cost you a lot of money in the future.

Torch installation, maintenance and parts replacement

  1. When installing or replacing parts of the cutting torch, turn the cutting torch head upward, and then disassemble it in the order of protective cover-conductive nozzle-gas distributor-electrode-cutting torch body; assemble in the reverse order. When installing the nozzle, Keep the concentricity with the electrode. The protective cover must be tightened and the nozzle must be pressed tightly. If it is loose, it cannot be cut.
  2. Use the cutting torch reasonably, and start the arc after the nozzle is in contact with the workpiece; and at the end of the cutting, you should release the handle button to break the arc, and then move the torch away from the surface of the workpiece, which can extend the service life of the part The nozzle should be replaced in time when the cutting quality is affected due to the large hollow center.

3. When the center of the electrode is recessed as deep as 2 mm or the arc cannot be started, the electrode can be installed in reverse or updated.

  1. When the protective cover and distributor are found to be cracked or seriously damaged, they should be replaced in time.
  2. When the torch body insulation, artificial leather jacket, cable insulation, or trachea are damaged and broken, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

6. To remove the cutting torch, move the artificial leather jacket back, disconnect the switch connection wiring, pull out the handle backward, and then remove the connection joint of the torch body.

7. When replacing the new ceramic protective cover, apply a little Vaseline oil to the o-shaped sealing ring on the torch body and screw it in, which can extend the use time of the sealing ring.

Maintenance manual for portable plasma cutter machine.

  1. Use equipment correctly

The correct use of the CNC plasma cutting machine is the key to reducing equipment failures and prolonging service life. It occupies a very important position in preventive maintenance. According to statistics, one-third of the failures are caused by man-made, and general maintenance ( Such as oiling, cleaning, inspection, etc.) is carried out by the operator. The solution is to emphasize the awareness of equipment management, use and maintenance, strengthen business and technical training, improve the quality of operators, and enable them to master the performance of CNC machine tools soon. Implement equipment operating procedures and maintenance procedures to ensure that the equipment is running in a reasonable working state.

  1. Daily inspection by the operator

The operator is the direct user of the CNC plasma cutting machine. In order to ensure the normal operation of the CNC cutting machine, the CNC operator is required to perform the following items every day: Check whether all the protective panels, covers and doors are properly operated, and step through the entire stroke. Enter each axis, observe whether the operation is smooth, ensure that the limit switches of all axes work normally and adjust to the corresponding limit position, check the guide rail for signs of scratches or excessive wear, check that the guide rail cleaner is not damaged, touch the guide rail Check for proper lubrication.

  1. Tour inspection equipment

According to the advanced nature, complexity and high intelligence of CNC plasma cutting machines, its maintenance and maintenance work is much more complicated and demanding than ordinary equipment. Maintenance personnel should pass regular inspections, such as the exhaust fan of the CNC system Operating conditions, whether the cabinet and motor are heating, whether there is abnormal sound or smell, whether the pressure gauge is normal, whether the pipelines and joints are leaking, whether the lubrication is in good condition, etc., and actively prevent failures and accidents. Solve it in time, so that it is possible to eliminate the fault in the state of eruption, which can reduce all avoidable losses.

The use cost of a plasma cutting machine.

  Plasma can cut carbon steel plates and common non-ferrous metal plates. The cutting ability is related to the size of the plasma power supply. Since the plasma arc during plasma cutting is a U-shaped arc, the cutting surface has a certain slope. Generally, the domestic power supply is about 6 degrees. The imported power supply is about 4 degrees. In terms of speed, the cutting speed of plasma cutting within 30mm thickness is 3-5 times that of flame.

1) Flame cost: Calculated based on a shift of 8 hours, every 8 hours a bottle of acetylene, 2 hours a bottle of oxygen. Acetylene 80 yuan bottle, oxygen 15 yuan bottle.


2) Plasma cost: Taking 8KW power supply as an example, cutting boards below 20mm, the cost is 8KW electricity per hour, 62KW per shift, at 0.6 yuan per kilowatt, and the electricity cost is 37.2 yuan. Electrodes and nozzles are about 20 yuan per set (the specific price depends on The selected plasma power supply is related to the domestic power supply. The price of the domestic power supply is cheap, and the price of the imported plasma power supply is relatively high), and it can work for about 3 hours.


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