Plasma Cutter Projects

Plasma CutterPlasma cutting machine, from Igoldencnc cutting system

Our products cover the whole range of cutting tasks in modern metal industries. Using different thermal cutting technologies for straight cutting, our machines can be easily adapted to your requirements.

Depending on material, thickness, cut quality and cutting speed we can offer you the appropriate solutions for your tasks.

For cutting tasks with plasma we can recommend a variety of tools.

  • CNC cutting machine is to use a digital program-driven machine motion,when the machine moving, torch cutting metal plate,can cut out any flat shape parts. CNC flame cutting machine is mainly used in large thickness steel cutting. CNC plasma cutting machine can cut all kinds of metal sheet metal, cutting speed, high efficiency, kerf smooth, needn’t polishing, operation simple, energy-saving, less noise. Widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, pressure vessels, chemical machinery, general machinery, engineering machinery, steel construction and other industries.

Heavy Duty Table CNC Plasma Cutting Machine

Low cost table cnc plasma cutting machine An economical plasma cutting machine which gives full power in a small area. With large table 2060, you will get high precision cut quality at low price. Thanks to the space saving, compact construction, the machine can be quickly installed. Leveling screws makes easy alignment on a flat surface. Bilateral longitudinal drives with precision guiding systems maintain accuracy over long periods of use. With the easy to use Fangling F2100T means your only three clicks away for loading the program to begin cutting. The free-standing console keeps sensitive electronics away from the heat and dust of cutting.

Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine Features

  1. Smooth operation: the use of brand-driven motor, optional stepper motor or servo motor, 6mm channel welded with the machine, precise ball screw to ensure a more stable machine running, higher accuracy.
  2. High efficiency: high cutting speed and high efficiency,the cutting slit is small and not easy to deform. The cutting surface is smooth and beautiful, you can cut pipe, square tube and other special-shaped tube, or metal plate, this process without re-installation of the tools.
  3. High precision machining: equipped with automatic tracking and adjusting system, can easily complete the distortion of the deformation of the material processing to ensure accurate positioning of the processing operations to replace the traditional drilling and sawing, will not produce deformation of the material.
  4. Intimate service: details change the fate .At the time that Perfect laser pursuing the product quality, will also let the sales services runs through our lives, and strive to allow customers to understand the product timely.

What type of cutting applications?

  • Simple straight cuts
  • Bevel cuts
  • Gouging
  • Hole cutting
  • Extended reach cutting and gouging
  • Fine feature cutting
  • Surface marking

What type of industries and markets are Plasma Cutting Tables used in?

  • Shipbuilding
  • Mining
  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Steel fabricators
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Sign making
  • General construction
  • Aerospace

Cnc Plasma Cutting Machine introduction

Perfect laser tube and board cutting machine is absorbed the advantages of many domestic CNC cutting machine, and to improve the integration of green low-carbon, automated design concept.Finally introduce this machine with cost-effective, high-profile, low-power automatic calculation and cutting equipment, automation high degree of cutting speed and perfect cutting effect.

It is widely used in building structure, chemical shipbuilding, and mechanical engineering, and so on. It has excellent working effect, such as intersecting line hole, intersecting line end and elbow (shrimp festival).

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