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The Co2 laser cutting machine is mainly for non-metal cutting, engraving, marking, it also be named as: CNC laser engraver machine, CNC laser cutter machine, Cortadora laserCrabadora laser, Maquina corte laser para cuero y madera, etc.

Cutting: Wood, Rubber, PVC, Polywood, Plexiglass, Paper, Organic Board, Mylar, MDF, Mat Board, Leather, Laminate, Fiberglass, Felt, Fabric, EVA Rubber, Cloth, Acrylic, ABS, etc.

Engraving and Marking: Materials mentioned above, and: Tile, Painted metal, Marble, Glass, Crystal, Ceramic, Aluminum, etc.

The popular power of Co2 laser machine is: 40w, 50w, 60w, 80w, 100w, 130w, 150w, 260w, etc.

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Application & Sample

The common processing materials of co2 engraving machine include acrylic, glass, wood, leather, cloth, plastic, two-color board, horn, cardboard, MDF, marble, and other non-metallic materials. And widely used in advertising processing, gift processing, packaging engraving, leather processing, fabric proofing, seal engraving, product marking, seal engraving and many other industries.

Igoldencnc co2 laser cutting machine. Adopting non-contact processing, it does not damage the surface of the machined part; does not deform the material. And it can engrave and cut almost any non-metallic material. With the advantages of cost-effective, this machine is loved by domestic and foreign users.

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