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CNC Wood Router is also called wood CNC machine, CNC wood carving machine, CNC wood engraving machine, CNC routers for woodworking, CNC wood cutting machine, wood CNC router, woodworking CNC router, CNC wood machine, CNC wood table, Wood carving machine, CNC wood carving machine, CNC routers for woodworking, wood router machine, 3d wood carving machine, wood router machine, CNC woodworking machine, etc

CNC Wood Router is a computer controlled machine for carving, cutting, milling ,drilling, grooving, etc. CNC stands for computer numerical control. Computer will converts the CAD design into numbers and numbers can be considered to the coordinates of a graph. Then CNC Router can perform the movement of the three axis like X, Y, Z axis simultaneously.

Different types of CNC Wood Router :

  1. Axis different : 3 axis CNC wood router, 4 axis CNC wood router, 5 axis CNC wood router , rotary CNC wood router
  2. Size different : Small CNC wood router, 2×3 CNC wood router, 2×4 CNC wood router, 4×4 CNC wood router, 4×6 CNC wood router, 4×8 CNC wood router, 5×10 CNC wood router, 6×12 CNC wood router.
  3. Application different : 3D CNC wood routers, Hobby CNC wood routers, Home CNC wood routers, Industry CNC Wood Machines, Bench top CNC wood routers, Tabletop CNC wood routers.

Processing advantages of CNC wood router:

  1. Extensive processing materials. Wood CNC machine can process most of non metal materials, such as wood, marble, rubber, glass, MDF, crystal, PVC, acrylic, etc.
  2. High cost performance. This wood CNC machine can help to save 30% purchase cost. Also this machine is easy to learn and operate. It improve the working efficiency greatly compared with stuff working.
  3. High degree automation. This CNC wood router can process the materials automatically, its working efficiency is increased by 50% than traditional processing methods in the past. This CNC router can be used as one CNC wood cutting machine, especially for MDF, wood panel, plywood.

How to choose one suitable CNC router machine ?

  1. At first, we need get information of your materials, including type, size, thickness, cutting or engraving requirement.
  2. Our sales will communicate with our engineer and they will recommend you the most suitable wood CNC machine. We can customize the different CNC router machine according to your detailed requirement. We have our own design and development department for our cnc machines.
  3. After our confirm the machine details, we will start the production of the wood cnc machine (cnc wood carving machine). After we finish the production, we will send you photos and videos for checking.
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