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What is a CNC Turning Lathe Machine?

CNC Lathe Machine is the popular woodturning machine. The woodworking lathe can take the workpiece rotating on its axis to achieve various operations, include cutting, turning, sanding, carving, drilling, broaching, shaped processing.

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There are two kinds of wood lathe machine, the first is the full-automatic wood lathe, another is the semi-automatic wood lathe. The full-automatic type is controlled by computer numerical, all the processing from start to end is automatic. The semi-automatic type is similar to full-automatic type, but the feeding process is taken by manually or CNC machinery.

What’s the CNC Turning Lathe Machine For?

The wood lathe machine application includes industrial manufacturing, small business, school education, cylinder workpiece, roman column, wood balusters, wood cups, wood vases, wood bowls, stair spindles, sofa legs, table legs, ottoman legs, chair legs, furniture legs, baseball bats, wood pens, bowl sharp, buddha heads, and other wood crafts and arts.

The woodturning lathe is widely used in the manufacturing industry, wood furniture industry, woodworking industry, gifts and crafts industry, stair rail industry, advertising industry and so on.

How does a wood lathe work?

CNC wood turning is a form of CNC wood processing used to create wooden objects on a lathe. CNC wood turning is different from most other forms of CNC wood processing in that it uses fixed tools to cut and shape the wood while it is moving. CNC lathes can be made into many complex shapes and designs.

In the CNC turning process, the CNC equipment is a special CNC system that can control the CNC wood lathe and complete the automatic processing of parts. It receives digital part models, process requirements and other information, and performs interpolation operations based on specific mathematical models. As a result, the speed and position of the moving coordinates of each lathe can be controlled in real time to complete part processing.

The working principle of CNC lathe is mainly divided into four stages:

Step 1. When turning a workpiece on a CNC lathe, first, according to the model and process plan of the workpiece to be processed, a program list is compiled in the format specified by the CNC system used, and saved to support the program.

Step 2. Input the program in the middle of the program into the digital controller through the input device.

Step 3. After the digital control device processes the input program, it will send commands to the servo system for each coordinate of the CNC lathe.

Step 4. The servo system drives the moving parts of the CNC lathe through the servo actuator through the transmission device according to the signal sent by the CNC equipment, so that the CNC lathe works in the order of action, with the specified speed and displacement. . Produce parts according to drawings.

What is the price of a wooden lathe?

If you have the idea of buying cheap wooden lathes, you may want to know how much the best wooden lathes cost. How to get a fair or final price? The price of a wooden lathe depends on the configuration of the machine, including shafts, spindles, blades, tools, power supplies, control systems, transmission systems and/or hardware. The final price range of CNC woodworking lathes is $2,800.00 to $11,180.00. If you want to buy abroad, the final price should be taxed, customs clearance fees and transportation fees.

How many types of woodworking lathes are there?

Ordinary lathe

Larger size materials can be processed, spindle speed and feed speed, adjustable range is large. The lathe is mainly operated by workers and the production efficiency is low. Suitable for single parts in repair shops and small batch production.

Turret and rotary lathe

It has a turret or revolver holder that can hold multiple tools. Workers can use different tools to complete multiple processes during clamping. Suitable for mass production.

Automatic lathe

According to a certain program, it can automatically complete the small and medium-sized multi-process machining of the workpiece. It can automatically load and unload and process a batch of the same heavy fireworks from the same scalar.

Semi-automatic multi-blade lathe

It can be divided into single axis, multi axis, horizontal and vertical multi-clock models. The design of a single-axis horizontal machine tool is similar to that of an ordinary lathe, but two sets of tool holders are installed on the front, rear, top and bottom of the shaft for machining discs, rings and nuts.

Imitation lathe

It can imitate the shape and size of the model or sample, and automatically complete the workpiece processing cycle (see roll forming machine). It is suitable for the production of small batches and multiple batches of locks, which is 10 to 15 times that of ordinary lathes. There are many types, such as multi-purpose, multi-axis, chuck and vertical tool holders.

Vertical lathe

The spindle is perpendicular to the horizontal plane, clamps the workpiece on a horizontal rotating table, and moves the tool post on the beam or column. It is suitable for handling larger and heavier workpieces that are difficult to install on ordinary lathes.

Shovel winch

When the tool holder rotates, it will periodically move radially to form the tooth surface of the forklift knife and table. Generally, the motor uses a shovel attachment and a small shovel attachment, and a small grinding wheel removes the surface of the tooth.

Special lathe

Lathes used to machine specific surfaces of certain types of workpieces, such as crankshaft lathes, camshaft lathes, wheel lathes, shaft lathes, roller lathes, and ingot lathes.

Combination lathe

It is mainly used for turning, but some special parts and accessories can also be used for turning through boring, milling, drilling, insertion and grinding, but there are also some special parts and accessories that can also be boring, milling, and drilling To machine, insert and grind to turn. Engineering, ship or mobile maintenance station.


Suitable for outer circle, inner hole, end face, slotting and metric, Mur inch and metric, Mur inch rotating parts, reaming and other processes, especially for one-piece mass production companies. The saddle lathe can process materials with larger sizes and diameters. The tool holder is hardened and finely ground, which is convenient and reliable to operate. The lathe has powerful power, high speed, high machining accuracy and relatively low noise.

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