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What is the furniture making machine?

The production process of panel furniture should be composed of many links and steps from the preparation of raw materials, through woodworking, paint finishing to the final product packaging and storage. The main process flow includes cutting, artificial board veneer, edge sealing, slot processing, Packaging and assembly.

iGOLDENCNC is a professional supplier of panel furniture production lines. It can be equipped with different production line schemes according to different budgets and needs to maximize the benefits for customers. The panel furniture production line includes cabinet processing area, cabinet door processing area, and labeling function area. Easily realize the whole house customization and batch production functions of furniture.

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What is a CNC cutting machine?

The CNC cutting machine is a CNC automation equipment mainly used in the production and processing of common panel furniture, cabinets, closets, tatami, and office furniture. It can also be applied to advertising carving, mold milling, musical instrument and handicraft carving processing, etc.

The operating principle of the CNC cutting machine is that the precision high-speed electric spindle drives the cutter to rotate to complete cutting, drilling, engraving and other processing. It is used in the plate processing industry. The common workbench uses the form of plate fixing and machine head moving; Woodworking CNC cutting machine is a three-axis CNC engraving processing equipment that can drill, slot, cut, engrave and mill in the plane.

What are the materials used to make wooden furniture?

Common man-made boards are Hexiang board, plywood, blockboard, particleboard, MDF, etc.

Hexiang board: Hexiang board uses mdi glue to not produce formaldehyde pollution.

Plywood: Plywood is often used to make furniture that needs to be bent and deformed. Due to the relatively large amount of glue used, the formaldehyde content of plywood is more difficult to control.

Blockboard: The performance of the blockboard is sometimes affected by the material of the board core.

Particleboard: The solid wood particle board that appears on the particleboard market is actually particleboard. The quality of particleboard has been recognized by the public.

Medium-density fiberboard: medium density fiberboard, which has good plasticity and can be used for carving.

Common veneer materials for panel furniture include veneer, melamine veneer, wood grain paper, PVC rubber sheet, polyester paint surface, etc. The latter three veneers are usually used in low- and medium-grade furniture, and natural veneer is used in high-end products.

Composite multilayer board: It is a relatively expensive material, which is compressed from 6-8 layers of 3mm thick plates, which has the functions of waterproof and anti-deformation.

How to choose the accuracy of the CNC cutting machine?

  1. The work of CNC cutting machine is generally heavy load and high precision

Its characteristic is that the torque required to move the load often far exceeds the torque capacity of the servo motor itself, and the improvement of the output torque of the servo motor through the reducer can handle this problem.

  1. Improve torque

The method of improving the output torque may be to directly increase the output torque of the servo motor, but this method is not only necessary to use the expensive servo motor, but also the motor has a more robust six-sided drilling structure, and the increase in torque is positive. Compared with the increase in the control current, the use of a larger drive at this moment, the increase in power electronic components and related electromechanical equipment standards, will also greatly increase the cost of the control system.

  1. Add operating power

Theoretically, increasing the power of the servo motor is also a way to increase the output torque. The power density of the servo system can be increased twice by adding the servo motor twice the speed, and there is no need to add drivers and other standards for control system components, that is, There is no need to increase the rated cost, and this requires the distribution of planetary reducers to achieve the purpose of improving torque. Therefore, the development of high-power servo motors is necessary to allocate the use of reducers instead of CNC six-sided drills. It does not have to be omitted.

  1. Improve performance

It is understood that the improper matching of the load inertia is one of the biggest reasons for the instability of the servo control. Regarding the large load inertia, the equivalent load inertia can be distributed using the inverse square of the reduction ratio to obtain a good control response, so From this point of view, the planetary reducer matches the control used by the servo.

  1. Add equipment service life

The planetary reducer can also effectively deal with the attenuation of the low-speed control characteristics of the motor, because the controllability of the servo motor will be attenuated to a certain extent due to the decrease in speed, especially for the stability of signal acquisition and current control at low speeds. The above is particularly simple to see, therefore, the six-sided drill manufacturer chooses a reducer to make the motor have a higher speed.

  1. Reduce equipment costs

From the cost concept, it is assumed that a 0.4kw ac servo motor distribution drive needs to consume one unit of equipment cost, and a 5kw ac servo motor distribution drive needs to consume 15 units of cost, but if you choose a 0.4kw servo motor and drive, a set of deceleration is allocated The machine can achieve the aforementioned things that consume 15 units of capital to complete, saving more than 50% in operating costs.

What are the advantages of the CNC cutting machine?

  1. The equipment has high stability. When opening the material, ensure that there is no edge burst, no running board, and special shape can be cut. After opening the material, the edge can be directly sealed, and the front and back faces are sealed.
  2. With the function of automatic tool setting instrument and special tool holder, there is no need to re-calibrate the tool after changing the tool, and the work can be continued after the change, reducing the process and increasing the production capacity.
  3. Positioning cylinder function, positioning the plate, improving the efficiency of placing the plate and improving the accuracy.
  4. Feeding assistance function, ball feeding assistance, easy boarding.

5. Automatic blanking function (optional), the machine will automatically push the material to the back table after opening, eliminating the need for manual picking up and improving the blanking speed.

6. Dust recovery system, the machine collects dust when opening or unloading, a good working environment, and reduce dust.

How to choose the suitable CNC cutting machine from the panel furniture production line?

  1. Determine the nature of the manufacturer

As a buyer, we must first figure out whether the seller is a manufacturer or a distributor. iGOLDENCNC recommends that you choose a manufacturer. Because as a manufacturer, you will have rich experience in the production of CNC machine tools, which can not only guarantee the quality of the machine but also the choice of the machine Secondly, factory direct sales are generally lower in price than dealers, allowing you to buy suitable machines at a low price.

  1. Investigate the production strength of panel furniture production line manufacturers

The production strength of the manufacturer is one of the important factors affecting the quality of the machine, such as the R&D strength of the manufacturer. iGOLDENCNC has more than 10 years of experience in the CNC industry, and a team of 300 people provides you with customized product services. Among them, an R&D team of more than 30 people, The products are constantly updated and iterated to meet the needs of the market and users. They are well received by users, and the products are exported to more than 80 countries and regions including Europe and the United States and have provided customized services for more than 5,300 users.

  1. Pay attention to the manufacturer’s support services, such as after-sales service

When purchasing products, there will be corresponding supporting services to ensure that we can use them normally and bring us economic benefits. Manufacturers of panel furniture production lines also need supportive services to reassure users. For example, we need to consider pre-sales services, such as Factory site inspections, sample proofing, etc., and the after-sales service team including providing installation guides, instructions for use, machine warranty, troubleshooting and other services can relieve users of worries.

  1. If possible, you can choose to go to the factory for field inspection

If you have the conditions, you can go to the factory you are interested in for on-site inspections so that you can have a certain understanding of the production strength of the factory, and you can also learn about the operation and maintenance of the machine on the spot, and deepen your understanding of the machine and the understanding of the working performance of the machine.

  1. Accurate positioning

Don’t believe that you can buy a good machine at a very low price, and you must make it clear in advance your processing needs or the configuration requirements of the machine. As a CNC machinery supplier, we will provide you with a suitable machine according to your production requirements.

How to maintain the cutting machine?

  1. Whether there are foreign objects in each guide rail, rack and pinion and starting point travel switch;
  2. Whether the drive belts of the main saw and auxiliary saw motors are in normal condition;
  3. What is the state of the saw blade forward and backward gear rack and whether it is normal;
  4. Whether the dust of the main electric box and the fan for internal cooling is cleaned;
  5. Whether the dust in the dust hood under the chainsaw is cleaned;

      6. Whether the dust at the connection part of the dust suction pipe is cleaned;

  1. What is the state of the saw blade forward and backward gear rack and whether it is normal;
  2. Whether the oil in the air source triplet oil cup is sufficient and whether the guide rail to be lubricated is short of oil;
  3. Whether each emergency stop switch is normal;
  4. Check whether there are dust and foreign matter in the heat sink of each motor;
  5. Check whether the pressure of each air pressure gauge is normal.

The principle of improving the efficiency of the cutting machine.

1.Quality principle: Any process of improving efficiency cannot be sacrificed at the expense of product quality, because the product quality of the panel furniture feeder is the product’s shelf life, and mass production quality assurance can be maximized under the premise.

2.Gradual principle: Good process design is actually the beginning of a better and better process design. Procedure design itself is a process of incessant improvement in practice. Only better is the best.

3.Synchronization principle: It is the direction in which the components of the panel furniture cutter face the product. The small direction is based on the number of products, and the components are controlled as much as possible or the packaging process is realized as much as possible at the same time.

To avoid packaging and other phenomena, the central content is actually the working time of the process in the flow chart. The working time of each product component must be clear and accurate. The overall factor and global factors are considered as a whole.

  1. Downward flow principle: The backflow of product components in the panel furniture opener should be avoided as much as possible. The reverse flow will prevent the normal process of other parts and the traffic flow on the road, which disrupts the entire workshop process, which is not conducive to management control. The core content here is the order of the processes in the process table. The difficulty lies in how to solve the contradiction between the cross operation and the synchronous arrival of the production process of each component.
  2. Adequacy principle: It is to avoid wasting the process in each process of the panel furniture opener. For example, the equipment can open three panels at the same time, and design on two panels, and then drill as a process. The hole in the hole can be Complete it twice, and complete the design three to four times.
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