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What is a CNC Wood Router?
CNC Wood Router is a wood router machine controlled by the computer. It can process 2D/3D, milling, carving (relief, plane engraving, hollow carving, 3D carving), cutting, slotting and drilling of most popular wood materials and other soft materials, including woodworking crafts, wood carving, wooden marks, wooden toys, wooden gifts, cabinet making, wooden door making, wooden modelling, production of wooden furniture such as wardrobe. 

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The main structure of CNC Wood Router includes spindle, bed, gantry, servo motor and actuator, CNC operating system, CNC software, rack guide, screw, worktable, power supply, limit switch and so on. 

CNC Wood Router is also known as wood CNC machine, woodworking CNC router, wood CNC router, CNC wood carving machine, wood CNC cutter, CNC wood milling machine, wood CNC table, CNC wood table, CNC wood router machine, CNC woodcarver, CNC wood engraver, CNC woodcutter, CNC wood cutting machine, c and c wood router, CNC woodworking machine, CNC wood engraver, wood c and c machine.

How does the CNC Wood Router work?
By using CAD or CAM software, the design and typesetting are carried out on the computer, and the generated information is automatically transmitted to the controller of the CNC wood router by the computer. Then the controller converts the information into a power signal (pulse train) which can drive the stepper motor or servo motor and controls the movement path of the X, Y and Z three axes of the CNC wood router host.

The high-speed spindle on the wood router machine, connected with the bits(cutting tools) suitable for processing the specified materials, then processing the material which fixed on the worktable, the parts designed in the computer will be processed by automatic processing.

CNC Wood Router includes 3-axis CNC Wood Router, 4-axis CNC Wood Router, 5-axis CNC Wood Router, and CNC machining centre with automatic tool changer.

How is a CNC Router used?
Common wood used for carpentry, furniture, and construction industries are:
Cork: commonly used in woodworking, construction and furniture industries, popular softwood wood such as pine, cedar, cedar, spruce, and mahogany.
Hardwood: usually there are beautiful and unique wooden patterns, used in handicrafts, decoration, and furniture industries, such as oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut, bamboo, and palm.
Artificial wood: also known as composite boards, such as plywood, particleboard, MDF.

<1> Furniture making:
It produces all kinds of customized furniture, including doors and windows, beds, dining tables, chairs, staircases, windows, modern furniture, office furniture, and so on.
<2> Cabinet production:
Cabinet door, cabinet, shelf, curtain wall, and other integral cabinet production.
<3> Woodworking industry:
Three-dimensional wave plate processing, wooden musical instrument processing, decoration materials processing, decoration processing, etc.
<4> Mold industry:
It can engrave all kinds of effects, such as relief, shadow, engraving, plane carving, cutting, bottom washing, and so on.
<5> Advertising industry:
Advertising signs, PVC board, Teflon board, double colour plate, logo making, acrylic cutting, plastic moulding, big word cutting, sign production, cutting PVC, crystal board, acrylic, LED/ neon groove, hole type font cutting, Blister light box mould production.
<6> Crafts industry:
Pen, photo frame, pendulum, souvenir, custom gifts, vases, water cups, and other crafts and gifts processing.
<7> Foam carving:
Lost foam, large decorative items, handicrafts, and so on.
<8> Cylindrical engraving:
Table legs, dragon pillars, escalator posts, wooden railings, and so on.

What’s the worktable size of the CNC Router?
2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 5×10 and 6×12 in feet;
16×16, 16×24, 24×24, 24×36, 24×48, 48×48, 48×96, 60×120, 80×120, and 80×160 in inch;
4040, 6040, 6060, 6090, 1212, 1218, 1224, 1325, 1530, 2030 and 2040 in milometer.
Of course, the worktable size can be customized as your requirements.

How to choose a suitable CNC Wood Router?
1. Working table size:
The dimension of the worktable is very important because it is related to the size of the raw material and/or the number of parts that must be cut in a certain time.

2. Spindle:
The spindle’s working mode and power are very important for the CNC milling machine. Generally, the spindle is divided into two parts. One is the water-cooled spindle and the other is the air-cooled spindle. The proper spindle is selected, depending on the temperature of your material and the weather in your country or region.

3. Cutting tools(CNC bits):
The selection of cutting tools(CNC bits) depends on the material and the process needed to be processed and is matched with the knife clamp and nut.

4. Control system:
Different axis numbers and processing materials correspond to different control systems. Reliability, effectiveness, stability, and user-friendliness should be considered.

5. Rack guide rail:
According to the material quality of processing parts, four factors, speed, stiffness, bearing capacity, and tool life, are considered.

6. Servo motor:
It is related to material quality, frequency, efficiency, load, and machining accuracy.

How to maintain a CNC Wood Router?
1. Before starting the CNC wood router, the first thing to check is whether the circuit is in good condition, whether the voltage is stable or not, then check the machine’s power and operate the machine for some time before starting processing.

2. There are two kinds of spindles for the CNC wood router machine, one is the air-cooled spindle, the other is the water-cooled spindle. The main shaft of water cooling needs to keep the cleaning of cooling water and the normal operation of pumps. Here is a clear reminder: water cooling spindle motors must not be water deficient. Besides the above maintenance work, we should also pay attention to water temperature, and the cooling water temperature is too high, which will greatly reduce the cooling effect. It will cause some damage to the spindle, so it is necessary to replace the cooling water in time. In winter, we should also do some anti-freezing measures to prevent water pipes from cracking.

3. Regularly clean the heat and ventilation system of the carton engraving machine circuit box, check whether the fans are working normally, regularly clean the dust in the electric control box, and check whether the screw of the wiring terminal is loose, to ensure the safe and reliable use of the circuit.

4. Clean the rails and the sawdust in time and fill the transmission system in time.

5. Clean up dust and oil on the sensor in time.

6. After the CNC wood router machine has been processed, the bits are removed and the spindle chuck is relaxed. This will help to prolong the service life of the spindle chuck. Then we start to clean the workbench and use the brush to clean it. Pay attention to the work table. It is usually better not to pile up all kinds of debris, to avoid the deformation of the platform. Finally, we need to move the head to the lower left or lower right position to stop the collision. Then cut off the power.

7. If the CNC wood router machine is not used for a long time, it is better to turn on the blank line once a week to prevent the machine from being dampened, and to ensure that the electrical components of the equipment are stable and reliable.

8. It is best not to open the cabinet frequently. In the carving time and space, dust, sawdust or metal powder will usually be found. Once they fall into the circuit board or electronic device of the electronic control box, the insulation resistance of the components will be reduced, and even the components and circuit boards will be damaged.

9. Regularly check whether the bolts of various parts of the woodworking engraving machine are loose.

10. Vacuum pump maintenance:

The water circulation air pump, the metal mesh in the suction port is used to prevent dust from entering, and the filter net should be kept clean at any time, to avoid the blockage and cause the pumping speed to drop. When the pump is not used, it should be energized for several minutes every week to prevent the rust of the pump body from functioning properly.

At the same time, the vacuum pump should also release the butterfly nut, take out the paper filter element regularly, and use high-pressure gas to clean the filter net. It is found that the filter core is not ventilated or damaged. It should be replaced in time.

CNC Wood Router operation guide.
1. Keep clean:
keep the workplace clean and the environment is chaotic, which can easily lead to accidents.

2. Pay attention to the environment:
Woodworking engraving machines should not be placed in dark and damp places, and should not be allowed to work inflammable liquids or gases.

3. Beware of electric shock:
Avoid direct contact with the spindle, power output, controller interface, and so on to avoid electric shock.

4. Away from processing:
Do not let outsiders and children close to the workplace. Visitors who have nothing to do with homework must maintain a safe distance. When processing, the operator’s hands should be far away from the processing spindle. When the process is stopped, cut off the power supply and prohibit outsiders and children from touching.

5. Reasonable use:
According to the reasonable working procedure permitted by the system, the machining efficiency is higher, the effect is better and safer.

6. Dress appropriately:
Don’t wear loose clothing and jewellery when working, so as not to get involved in numerical control machines. It is best to wear antiskid rubber shoes, and long hair should wear a work cap.

7. Wearing eyepiece:
When processing metal or detritus materials, be sure to wear eyepiece to protect your eyes.

8. The connection is strong:
Do not pull the connection cable or pull out the power plug. The cable should be far away from the heat source and inflammable and explosive materials while avoiding contact with sharp objects.

9. Fixed workpieces:
Materials must be fixed before machining.

10. Proper maintenance:
Keep the equipment clean and regular maintenance, to give full play to the equipment performance and extend its service life. Refer to the “maintenance details” of this manual, timely lubrication and regular inspection and maintenance will ensure the safety and reliability of the entire NC equipment.

11. Cut off the power in time:
When changing the tool, the spindle motor power must be cut off. When replacing the processing material, the power supply of the numerical control equipment must be cut off.

12. Remove the spanner:
The spanner must be removed before starting the machine.

13. Keep vigilance:
Keep safe distance during processing, keep your head clear, and do not operate when you are tired.

14. Power supply voltage regulation and grounding:
AC 220v/50hz power must have a good grounding, and voltage instability should be equipped with a regulated power supply.

15. Warning:
Using pirated engraving or CAM software and incorrect machining tools, it is easy to produce waste products, which can seriously cause damage to CNC equipment, and do not comply with safety matters, which may lead to serious personal injury.

The wearing parts of a CNC Router.
Including but not limited in the vacuum tube, vacuum brush, cylinder connector, bits, and so on.
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