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What is a CNC Foam Cutter?

CNC Foam Cutter is a CNC equipment for processing chemical industry materials such as foam, sponge and cushioning material. It uses an electric heating wire to finish the foam cutting. It is controlled by CNC two X axes and two Y axes according to the predetermined track. The cutting surface is smooth without debris. According to the material and thickness of the material, the temperature can be adjusted, the cutting efficiency is high, and the cutting dimension is high accuracy. It is a perfect replacement for the traditional manual copying cutting system.

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The CNC foam cutting machine can hang more than 20 electric wires at the same time. After entering the computer, all-electric heating wires can run parallel and can cut more than 20 complex two-dimensional shapes 1 time. It is also called foam cutting machine, special-shaped foam cutting machine, electric hot wire foam cutting machine, casting lost die cutting machine.

Our company also provides foam carving cutting machine, also known as the Polyfoam EPS CNC router machine, 4-axis machining centre, mainly used for foam milling, carving, 3D processing and so on.

How does the CNC Foam Cutter work?

CNC Foam Cutter is designed by controlling the synchronous operation of X axis and Y axis (vertical screw rod and wire holder combined with upper and lower resistance wire hot wire rack) and using resistance wire to cut various shapes of foam products. The automatic pulse signal is used to control the operation of the X and Y axis. According to the computer input graphics, the electrothermal cutting wire and the working platform is driven by the servo motor are driven to move at the same time in the direction of the X axis and the Y axis. The foam is cut in the horizontal and vertical directions, and the foam material is cut quickly and accurately. Each numerical control foam cutting machine has five precise servo motors to control the platform. And the movement of high-performance Ni Cr alloy wire.

How is a CNC Foam Cutter used?

CNC foam cutting machine is mainly used for EPS, EPP, XPS extruded panels, foam board, dovetail groove, sawing groove, trapezoidal groove and other special-shaped grooves, European building eaves, foot line, Rome column body cutting, and colour steel plate sandwich foam cutting all kinds of shapes, etc., all two-dimensional drawings can be cut.

Widely used in European line production plant, foam plant, European component factory, external wall insulation, advertising, film and television prop industry, construction engineering company, packaging industry, casting lost foam enterprises.

What’s the worktable size of the CNC Router?

4*6, 4*8, 5*10 and 6*12 in feet;

48*96, 60*120, 80*120, and 80*160 in inch;

1325, 1530, 2030 and 2040 in milometer.

Of course, the worktable size can be customized as your requirements.

How to choose a suitable CNC Foam Cutter?

  1. There are two ways to input the graphics of a computer: direct use of special computer line cutting software to draw or use the scanning drawing board to input
  2. Single-line CNC copying cutting machine is suitable for cutting products with large volume or small
  3. Multi-line NC copying cutting machine is suitable for cutting products with small volume or large

The resistance wire cutting system can use as many as twenty resistance wires at the same time. After drawing the computer, all resistance wires can run in parallel, cutting up to twenty complex two-dimensional bodies at a time.

How to maintain a CNC Foam Cutter?

Daily maintenance:

  1. cleanup the dirt on machine tools and guideways every weekday to keep the bed clean and shut off the gas source and power supply at work;
  2. If you leave the machine for a long time, turn off the power to prevent others from
  3. pay attention to the lubrication of the transverse, longitudinal rails and rack surfaces to keep them.

Weekly maintenance:

  1. to clean up the machine every week, the transverse and longitudinal guide rail, the transmission gear rack cleaning, and lubricating oil;
  2. check whether the rail eraser is working normally or not.

Months and quarterly maintenance:

    1. check the electric cabinet and operation platform, whether the fastening screws are loose or not, use the vacuum cleaner or hairdryer to clean the dust in the cabinet and check whether the wiring head is loose;
    2. check the performance of all buttons and selector switches, damage and replace, and check the accuracy of the machine with comprehensive detection graphics.

What’s the difference between CNC Foam Cutter and Manual Copying Cutting System?

Compared with the traditional manual copying cutting system, the numerical control  foam cutting machine has the following advantages:

  1. Degree and repetitive production need not depend on the operator’s
  2. The loss of an operator’s fatigue or fault is completely
  3. Labour intensity is small, production efficiency is high;
  4. No need to build repair and storage templates, which will greatly reduce the
  5. Computer automatic control cutting, reduce waste;
  6. Design modification, template production, track generation, and the cutting workpiece can be completed by one
  7. Because switching power supply is used, the cutting voltage is completely isolated from the 220, eliminating the situation of employees being
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