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What is a gantry plasma cutting machine?

CNC gantry plasma cutting machine is high-precision automatic equipment for thermal cutting of steel plates. It is used for large, medium and small plates of various-shaped steel, manganese steel, stainless steel and other metal materials. Its main feature is the use of two-way transmission The way of transmission, the machine runs smoothly, the positioning accuracy is high, the appearance is simple and beautiful, and the modular design is highly interchangeable, which makes the machine parts and equipment function easy to expand.

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The equipment is widely used in heavy machinery, shipbuilding industry, boiler manufacturing, chemical equipment,  and locomotives, mining equipment, and other manufacturing industries.

Compared with the portable plasma cutting machine, the gantry plasma cutting machine is more stable. It can obtain many cutting torches, and can even achieve long straight cutting. Compared with the ordinary plasma cutting machine, the gantry plasma cutting machine has the following advantages: the hardware and control system software. Due to the high control accuracy of the CNC flame cutting machine, the working speed and load requirements are not very high, so a stepper motor can be used to realize the open-loop mode of motion control. The industrial computer and the motion control card complete the control function of the control system, The motor drive control system can realize chopping constant current subdivision drive, improve the accuracy of the motor, and better solve the problem of high heat generation. Torque drive. The peripheral control circuit is composed of PLC, relay, etc., and its output controls the air circuit electromagnetic Valves, contactor coils, etc., realize pneumatic sequence control.

What is the difference between plasma cutting and laser cutting machine?

Laser cutting is a precise thermal cutting process that uses a focused beam. For applications that require tighter tolerances on parts, we usually recommend this manufacturing process. When it comes to specific material selection, we usually cooperate with customers And make suggestions according to the customer’s specific application.

On the other hand of plasma cutting, plasma cutting uses mixed gas to form the incision. Using our high-definition plasma cutting equipment, we are able to bevel the parts as needed. According to this article, “The manufacturer here uses the chamfer as welding Part of the preparation process.” The article continues: “Slanted edges will produce a stronger weld type to support the heavyweight and loads on such machines and structures.”

For parts with simple shapes without any cuts or complex notches, we usually use plasma cutting. When the parts have strict tolerance specifications, precise cutting, and or require small apertures relative to the thickness of the material, we use laser cutting. Similarly, These are general rules, and we will consider the most suitable process for cutting each part according to the situation.

How to choose the right gantry plasma cutting machine?

In the selection of the gantry plasma cutting machine, we generally have to consider the overall structure of the CNC cutting machine, load power, stroke and accuracy, etc. It also needs to be selected according to the material state, technical state requirements and process complexity of the parts to be processed Suitable, cost-effective CNC equipment.

  1. Guide rail

The guide rails of the gantry plasma cutting machine will be different according to the type of cutting machine. Generally, the guide rails used by the gantry plasma cutting machine are 24kg light rail and 38kg heavy rail. Also, some small-format models can use T-rails; and like others For models, you can also consider choosing linear guides.

  1. Drive system and method

The drive system of the gantry plasma cutting machine is divided into two categories: stepper drive and servo drive. From a practical point of view, considering that the CNC cutting machine is only used as preliminary processing equipment, generally selecting a stepper motor can meet the requirements; in the drive mode Above, according to the different structure of the model, the CNC cutting machine can have two-sided drive and single-sided drive options. The two-sided drive is mainly used in gantry CNC cutting machines with higher stability.

  1. CNC system

The CNC system is the core component of the gantry plasma cutting machine, and its quality and function determine the cutting quality of the cutting machine and the stability of the equipment operation. The editor recommends that users choose the CNC system provided by the manufacturer with technical research and development strength, and try to combine the original Rack use.

In the process of industrial production and processing, the gantry CNC cutting machine can cut parts of various shapes. It has a strong general purpose and is generally responsible for the blanking task of sheet structural parts. The cutting quality of structural parts directly affects the welding quality of the workpiece and the product The performance of the whole machine. The application of the gantry CNC cutting machine in the cutting process not only fully reflects the advantages of cutting automation and centralized blanking, which greatly improves the utilization rate of the plate but also makes the cutting quality and production efficiency of the gantry CNC cutting machine obvious The change.

In the selection of a gantry plasma cutting machine, the fast CNC cutting machine, which is not necessarily expensive, is the best. This needs to be judged according to their own needs, and enterprises can choose the one that suits them according to their actual processing needs.

Common faults, causes and solutions of the gantry plasma cutting machines.

A. Turn on the power switch, the power indicator does not light up.

  1. The fuse in the power supply switch is broken-replace
  2. The fuse is broken after the power box-check and replace
  3. The control transformer is broken-replace
  4. The power switch is broken-replace
  5. Bad indicator light-replace

B. The cutting gas pressure cannot be preset.

  1. The air source is not connected or the air source is empty-connect the air source
  2. The power switch is not in the “on” position-pull
  3. The pressure reducing valve is broken-repair or replace
  4. The solenoid valve wiring is bad-check the wiring
  5. The solenoid valve is broken-replace

C. There is no airflow when the torch button is pressed during work.

  1. Pipeline leakage-repair the leaking part
  2. The solenoid valve is broken-replace

D. After the contact tip touches the workpiece, press the torch button, and the work indicator is on but the arc is not started.

  2. The high-frequency transformer is broken-check or replace
  3. Surface oxidation of spark rod or improper gap distance-polishing or adjustment
  4. High-frequency capacitor c7 short circuit-replace
  5. The air pressure is too high-turn down
  6. The contact tip loss is too short-replace
  7. Open circuit or short circuit of rectifier bridge rectifier element-check and replace
  8. The cutting torch cable is in poor contact or open circuit-repair or replace
  9. The ground wire of the workpiece is not connected to the workpiece-connected to the workpiece
  10. There is a thick paint layer or thick dirt on the surface of the workpiece-remove and make it conductive

E. When the contact tip contacts the workpiece, press the cutting torch button and the cutting indicator does not light up.

  1. Thermal switch action-wait for cooling or work again
  2. The torch button switch is broken-replace

F. After the high-frequency start, the control fuse is blown.

  1. The high-frequency transformer is damaged-check and replace
  2. The control transformer is damaged-check and replace
  3. Contactor coil short circuit-replace

G. The main power switch fuse is broken.

  1. Short circuit of rectifier element-check and replace
  2. Main transformer failure-check and replace
  3. Contactor coil short circuit-check and replace

H. There is high frequency but no arc.

  1. The rectifier component is broken (abnormal noise in the machine)-check and replace
  2. The main transformer is broken-check and replace

I. Long-term work can not afford interruption.

  1. The temperature of the main transformer is too high, and the thermal switch is activated-wait for it to cool before working. Pay attention to whether the cooling fan is working and the wind direction
  2. Line failure-check and repair

Maintenance and maintenance of gantry CNC cutting machine.

It mainly starts from the following four aspects: gas system, pressure reducing valve, cutting nozzle, and flashback preventer.

A. Maintenance of gas circuit system.

  1. Frequently wipe and remove dust and debris from the gas path to prevent premature aging of the gas path.
  2. Check the gas system frequently, and find leaks and parts that cannot be used normally should be dealt with in time to ensure that the gas path is unblocked.

B. Maintenance of pressure reducing valve.

  1. Adjust the pressure reducer and adjust the pressure gauge to the required pressure. During the adjustment process, the pressure should be increased from small to large to ensure that the pressure reducer can be continuously adjusted. If continuous adjustment or gas safety cannot be guaranteed If there is a leak in the valve, a new pressure reducer must be replaced.

C. Maintenance of the torch cutting nozzle flashback preventer.

  1. The cutting torch must be a machine cutting torch produced by a professional manufacturer
  2. The cutting torch must also use the standard quick cutting nozzle produced by a professional manufacturer. For the new cutting nozzle, it must be inspected before it can be used.
  3. The cutting nozzle is contaminated and requires special tools to clean the preheating flame hole and cutting oxygen channel.

D. The flashback preventer is an important part to ensure safety. According to the requirements of the safety department, the flashback preventer is strictly prohibited to be disassembled without authorization. Therefore, the gas resistance of the flashback preventer after a long time of use can not guarantee the gas flow requirements or leaks. Ask a professional to replace it.

How Many Table Sizes Can Be Chose?
The standard track span is 3000*6000mm.
The guide rail length can be extended for every 2 meters.
The effective cutting size is 2400*4500mm.
The length of the working size can be extended for every 1 meter.
Of course, the customized table size as customers’ requirements is available.
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