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MDF engraving is one of the main CNC projects of our woodworking engraving machine. The real CNC wood projects involve wood products, wood CNC machines, CNC milling machine manufacturing and so on. Now widely used in the furniture industry. The CNC wood carving project mainly includes solid wood furniture carving, solid wood art mural carving, MDF paint-free door carving, kitchen window door carving and other furniture industry applications. CNC woodworking projects in the mold industry CNC projects include carving various wooden molds, such as automobile molds and aviation wooden molds. CNC wood project in the musical instrument industry. The CNC project includes carving 3D curved musical instrument surfaces and cutting musical instrument shapes.

MDF CNC router IGOLDENCNC has many models of wood CNC router suitable to engrave and cut MDF boards. For MDF craft lovers, we have hobby/desktop wood CNC router, which has small size but high precision. For MDF furniture making enterprises, the ATC or multi-process or multi-spindle wood CNC router which has high speed and stable performance can meet their needs. Here I recommend 3 types of MDF CNC routers, which are respectively suitable for hobbyists, small MDF products making factories and large output furniture making enterprises.

Ralated News

MDF CNC Cutting Projects

Applications of MDF board involve in many industries, such as furniture, advertising, decoration, mould, toy, etc. Common MDF CNC cutting projects include cabinets, coffee tables, stools, bookshelves, doors, flooring, advertising signs, 3D letters, crafts and so forth. This article lists 8 commonly seen MDF CNC cutting designs, hoping that they are helpful for your MDF board business.


The indoor wainscoting wall in house also adopts MDF material. The MDF CNC cutting wainscoting wall has smooth surface and various CNC patterns, and has high performance cost ratio. The MDF wainscoting is installed on lower part of the wall, protecting the wall from scratch and contamination. Besides, the the CNC patterns on the wainscoting panel play a decorative role. White and burlywood color is the most commonly seen color of MDF wainscoting. So white MDF board and burlywood color MDF board are most often cut and engraved for the wainscoting.


MDF CNC cutting decorations have many categories, such as advertising signs, 3D letters, wall artworks, desk ornaments etc. In advertising industry, MDF board also often proves to be a useful material since it can be refined and processed without much effort. For example, if you own a restaurant, you may need a decorative panel partition, CNC router cut advertising sign with your restaurant name on, some 3D letters decoration on the wall, wall artwork decorations, desk napkin holders etc. All these things can be made of MDF board by a MDF CNC router. MDF decorations have wide applications, and as long as you have good ideas, you can make them come true with a MDF CNC cutting machine.



Some customers select MDF to produce deep drawing moulds. For this purpose, MDF material is extremely suitable because it is permeable to air. Besides, the MDF CNC cutting mould is ideal for cabinet manufacturing due to the cost benefits and ability to manufacture to design and architectural specifications. MDF Moulding is a low-cost alternative to solid wood and is widely used for unfinished or primed surface which requires painting. MDF moulds can be processed by a wood CNC router and milled by a CNC milling machine.

Speaker enclosure

Nowadays, a large amount of speaker enclosures on the market adopts MDF boards. MDF is quite suitable for loudspeaker construction because it can absorb resonances well, due to its strength. The solid wood is very prone to resonance, which could generate standing waves. In other words, the solid enclosure will also make a sound when the speaker is sounding, which will damage the original sound. However, the MDF CNC cutting enclosure can keep itself as non-resonant as possible when the speaker is sounding. What’s more, the MDF speaker enclosure is cost-effective and durable in use.


MDF is primarily used for indoor applications due to its poor moisture resistance. So the most common MDF CNC cutting project is furniture, such as cabinets, sofa, tables, etc. Compared with wood furniture, the MDF furniture is more cost-effective, and has small processing difficulty. Furniture making companies usually adopt MDF CNC cutting machine to conduct MDF sheet cutting or patterns engraving, assemble the CNC cut MDF board and carry out the following processes. As MDF board is easy to be painted, all kinds of paints and varnish can be evenly applied to the MDF surface. So the MDF furniture can be colorful and fashionable.

Crafts and toys

Craft and toy designs are one of the most popular MDF CNC cutting projects in customers. Many hobbyists like to use MDF board to make their craft works and toys due to its good machinability. For example, souvenirs, jigsaw puzzles, mini dressing table, mini bicycle ornaments and so forth. Since Christmas and New Year is around the corner, you can also make some MDF CNC cutting hanging decorations or ornaments, like MDF Christmas tree, hanging bells, reindeer ornaments etc. I bet these MDF products are quite salable at this time.


Another MDF indoor application is laminate wood flooring. MDF board is used as the basic material of flooring due to its features of smooth surface and fine texture. Compared with the MDF furniture, MDF flooring seems easy to process. Cutting MDF board with a wood CNC router or a MDF laser cutter and then carrying out the following polishing and painting process, you’ll get MDF flooring with smooth surface. Thanks to the stable performance and firm edge connection, the MDF flooring is a good choice for your indoor decoration.


MDF CNC cutting doors are a common purpose of MDF board. Due to its smooth surface and fine texture, the MDF board can be used to conduct various shapes. In addition, due to good toughness, MDF doors are less prone to fracture even its thickness is small. So MDF doors are quite popular in household decoration. And the most popular door color is white, so door makers usually adopt white MDF board to make MDF CNC cutting doors. The CNC patterns on such doors also have plenty of options.

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