3D CNC router machine is dedicated to fit the requirements of carving and cutting on dimension 3D projects. 3D CNC machine can be determined based on machined material, and 3D CNC routing can also be achieved by equipping ordinary carving machine with rotary axis. 3D CNC machine comes with various specifications to fit different customers’ demands. 3D CNC router is also known as 3D router, 3D CNC machine, 3D CNC carving machine, 3D CNC cutting machine, Cylinder CNC router machine.

What is a 3D CNC router?

3D numerical control wood carving machine is a carving machine that can carry out 3D processing. There are three types, the first is to install the rotating device on the workbench by increasing the height of the Z-axis, the second is to increase the length of the gantry to install the rotating device on the side of the bed, and the third is equipped with a spindle that can swing 180 degrees.

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3D numerical control engraving machine mainly includes 2D&3D numerical control engraving machine, 3D numerical control engraving machine, 4-axis CNC machining center and 5-axis CNC machining center.

IGOLDENCNC sales engineers provide you with professional and reasonable application solutions according to the requirements of engraving materials, sizes and working frequencies, and can customize the machines according to customer needs.

How does a 3D CNC router work?

3D CNC Wood Router processing, according to 360 degrees calculation, each step 0.000* degrees. At the same time, the high-speed swing spindle of the 3D CNC engraving machine processes the parts fixed on the workbench through the processing material configuration of the tool.

It will be carved with the computer design of most kinds of 2D or3D relief graphics and text, to achieve automatic carving operation.

3D CNC Router machine needs 3D special system and software, which is more compatible with machine tool main body configuration, to achieve higher precision 3D engraving. Of course, at some time, 2D&3D integrated software will meet users’ needs more.

How is a 3D CNC Router used?

The application of 3D CNC Router machine includes drilling, milling, carving, cutting, slotting and hollowing on wood boards (such as wavy panels, MDF, composite wood, solid wood), and is suitable for leather, foam, PVC, steel, aluminium, acrylic, EPS, copper and other soft materials.

Common solid wood: softwood, hardwood, modified wood.

Common wood composite materials: plywood, particleboard, hard fibreboard, medium density fiberboard, high-density fiberboard, blockboard and so on.

Furniture industry: Furniture 3D feet and cylinders, staircase handrails, Rome column;

Statue industry: Buddha sculpture, human body sculpture, sculpture;

Crafts and gifts industry: photo frames, dolls, bamboo tubes and other handicrafts and souvenirs. Mould industry: Automobile foam model, wooden ship model, aviation model and other large non-metal moulds;

Precision Industry: cutting large 3D parts in automobile, aerospace and ship industries;

Graphic engraving is suitable for the woodworking industry, the cabinet industry, wooden door industry, advertising industry and so on.

What’s the worktable size of the 3D CNC Router?

4*4, 4*6, 4*8, 5*10 and 6*12 in feet;

48*48, 48*96, 60*120, 80*120, and 80*160 in inch;

1212, 1218, 1224, 1325, 1530, 2030 and 2040 in milometer.

Of course, the worktable size can be customized as your requirements.

How to choose a suitable 3D CNC Router?

  1. Choose the type according to the material you want to process.
  2. Choose the size of the table and the height of the Z-axis according to the size of the carving
  3. Choose the transmission mode according to the accuracy of machining
  4. Choose the bed structure according to the size of the work
  5. Choose the software used according to the processing
  6. Choose the control cabinet according to the control

How to maintain a 3D CNC Router?

  1. The position of 3D CNC Wood Router machine is best placed in a well ventilated  Strictly prohibit direct sunlight. Do not place the engraving machine in high temperature running environment.
  2. The distribution box of the engraving machine should work in a ventilated and suitable temperature working
  3. Try not to use computers to access the Internet to connect woodcarving machines as far as
  4. The woodworking 3D CNC Wood Router machine needs a reliable voltage
  5. CNC router machine is best maintained once the work is finished, the user should clean the CNC engraving machine with high quality.
  6. The lubrication, grease and so on must be added in time. The screw, nut and other parts of the motor will always keep lubrication and reduce wear
  7. In addition to carving artifacts, do not place any debris on the woodworking CNC milling

CNC Router operation guide.

  1. Keep the machine clean. Check the rack and pinion, ball screw and linear bearing to remove all debris around the sensor after the work is
  2. Replace worn tools. Chuck, nut and tool damage or wear will affect the cutting iGOLDENCNC recommends replacing chuck every 3-6 months.
  3. Check your  Check if there are any damaged parts that affect the performance of the machine or the staff members, such as emergency stop devices.
  4. Turn off the machine at the end of the  Avoid numerical control machine running all the time, because the electronic equipment will become very hot. By closing the machine, you will reduce the chance of burning the connector and protect you and your staff from accidental influence.
  5. Delete old files. Making your machine efficient should be your top Ensure that old files are backed up to external drives.
  6. Lubricate the bearing on  It is recommended to check the bearing at the end of each shift and grease in the right condition.
  7. Replace the vacuum pump oil. IGOLDENCNC suggests replacing the vacuum pump oil after 20000

  8. When replacing the transmission assembly with the transmission belt on the machine, be sure to replace the belt every two years.