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With the maturity and wide application of numerical control technology, numerical control woodworking engraving machines are now more and more used in the furniture industry, and there are also many machines specially designed for furniture production-nesting cnc machine. The engraving machine has the characteristics of complete variety, intelligence, strong practicability, mass production, fast speed, and high efficiency. It can realize most solid wood carving or panel milling, and can retain the natural color, texture and texture of solid wood materials. Therefore, CNC milling machines are widely used in the furniture industry and have become the first choice for the furniture manufacturing industry.

The production process of panel furniture should be composed of many links and steps from the preparation of raw materials, through woodworking, paint finishing to the final product packaging and storage. The main process flow includes cutting, artificial board veneer, edge sealing, slot processing, Packaging and assembly.

iGOLDENCNC is a professional supplier of panel furniture production lines. It can be equipped with different production line schemes according to different budgets and needs to maximize the benefits for customers. The panel furniture production line includes cabinet processing area, cabinet door processing area, and labeling function area. Easily realize the whole house customization and batch production functions of furniture.

Ralated News

The solution to the noise of the spindle of the CNC cutting machine.

  1. If the cage and rolling elements vibrate or bear torque, load, or radial clearance, it is easy to produce pattering noise. To solve this problem, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of the cage, and the bearing should choose a small or small clearance. Preload the bearing, reduce the moment load, reduce the installation error, and select good quality grease.
  2. If the motor makes a humming sound when it is running under no load, and the motor has an abnormal axial vibration, and a humming noise occurs when turning on or off, it means that the lubrication state of the spindle is not very good, or the shaft alignment performance is not good. In order to produce unstable vibration, increase lubrication.

3. If the bearing emits irregular impurity sound, the sound is sometimes loud or small, it is necessary to choose a good grease, improve the cleanliness before grease injection, and strengthen the sealing performance of the bearing.

  1. If the spindle of the CNC cutting machine makes a rattling sound, and the frequency changes with the running speed of the bearing, it is necessary to improve the processing quality of the bearing raceway surface, reduce the amplitude of the waviness, avoid bruising, and run the free end bearing. Check it out.

The above 4 kinds of noises are often made by the spindle during the processing process. Regarding these different noises, make correct judgments, and then deal with them according to the problem. Doing a good job of daily maintenance can not only avoid failures but also increase the service life of the machine.

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