ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

Furniture ATC Nesting CNC Machine with Auto Tool Change-igolden-cnc

The ATC Nesting CNC Machine is equipped with a 9.0kw air-cooled spindle, and disc tool change. Usually used in conjunction with labelling machines and automatic loading and unloading platforms.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine


ATC cnc router with circular auto tool changer 12 tools, can choose 10 tools, 8 tools, 6 tools etc.

Well-known 9.0KW HSD ATC spindle, strong cutting ability, low noise, long working time. Other configuration including Taiwan LNC control system, Japan yaskawa servo motor, Taiwan Detal inverter, HIWIN guide rail, Helical rack etc.

Ideal for panel furniture, solid wood furniture, office furniture, wooden door productions, as well as other non-metal and soft metal applications.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making MachineATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

Main Features of the Nesting CNC Machine for Furniture 

* large format cutting to meet different plate processing requirements.

* Adopting Disc tool change, it can make the tool change faster and more efficient.

* Adopting complete automatic loading and unloading system, it greatly improves the efficiency and makes the processing process more automated.

* With automatic labeling system, it can help improve efficiency and reduce labor costs.

ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

Application of ATC CNC router

1.Wood working :Solid wave board process,door of cabinet,wooden door,artistic wooden door ,no-paint door,avoid wind,process of the artistic window,shoes cleaning machine,the cabinet of the playing machine and the board, mahjong table,computer table .

2 Advertising:Advertising board,Label design,Acrylic cutting,model, of the multi material decoration products.

3.Model industry:It can engrave on the steal materials such as copper, aluminum ,iron etc and non-mental materials such as man-made marble,

sand, plastic board PVC materials, wood board etc.

  1. Other field:It can engrave many image, embossment,and widely used in artistic industry.

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IGOLDENCNC CNC is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and manufacture of automated woodworking equipment and CNC equipment. Our main products include ATC CNC router, 4-axis CNC router, high-end customized furniture production line, luxury CNC nesting machine, mature wardrobe nesting machine, CNC five-sided drilling, six-sided drilling, CNC machining center, automatic drilling machine, CNC drilling, etc. All our CNC routers are widely used in plate-type furniture, custom cabinet, solid wooden furniture and some other non-metal machining areas.

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