Congratulations to iGOLDENCNC for Great Achievement at the 2019 Guangzhou Exhibition

In iGOLDENCNC booth, customers can personally operate CNC machines, laser cutting machines, etc. to cut wood, stainless steel, and carbon steel. With perfect quality, different types of machines, our products are very popular at the exhibition, attracting many domestic and foreign customers who are very interested in our products.

Our new design, stable body and perfect operation of the machine have attracted many customers, and we have also received many orders at the exhibition. And by virtue of our professional after-sales service and providing high-quality and cost-effective machines, we have won dealers in foreign regions.

Before buying our machine, a customer consulted many different manufacturers for a year. He has very strict requirements on the supplier’s strength and service. He has contacted many cheap Chinese CNC router companies, but in the end he chose After iGOLDENCNC, he said: Doing business is not only for my own benefit, but also wants to use high-quality machines to produce high-quality products to meet customer needs. He knows that we can provide professional furniture, cabinets, wood, plywood, art woodworking CNC machines. Whenever you ask about this machine, our sales staff can answer me immediately. If you encounter machine technical problems, you can also meet face to face Video to communicate.

Another customer of ours is also very interested in wood router. But he had some hesitations, because after all, it was not a small expense. I took him to the exhibition to meet our sales manager, introduced a lot of information about our company and the market, and the customer finally decided to buy. This is a very pleasant meeting and I hope we will have long-term cooperation in the future.

iGOLDENCNC makes business very easy, you pay online, and the machine will be sent to your home or factory. Hope our professional sales and service can help more and more people.

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