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What is a Mini CNC Router?

Mini CNC Router machine is a small CNC engraving machine with computer numerical control, specially designed for precision machining of small workpieces.

The normal size of the worktable is 4040, 6060, and 6090.

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According to the function, it can be divided into the economic model and automatic tool changing(ATC) model.

According to appearance, it can be divided into the conventional model, semi-enclosed model and protective model.

From the view of machining function, the Mini CNC Router machine is divided into low power router and high-power router. Low power router means that the motor power of the engraving machine is small, generally 80W to 200W, because the motor power is small, so it can only be used for the fine processing of less sculptured surfaces at a time, such as badges, sand table models. High power router means that its engraving motor power is more than 700W. This Mini CNC Router machine can not only for low power engraving but also for high power engraving. Therefore, it can be used to make crystal characters, various types of placards, irregular plate cutting, artificial stone processing and so on.

The Mini CNC Router machine adopts three axis dust-proof design, linear guide, rack and screw motion, servo motor drive, gantry transportation, cast iron body bed, with a small footprint, high machining accuracy and fast processing speed, it is widely used in die making, 3D woodcarving and art graphic carving.

Mini CNC Router is also known as Mini CNC machine, hobby CNC router, small CNC machine, craftsman CNC router, small CNC milling machine, mini CNC router machine, mini CNC engraver, small CNC engraver, portable CNC router, mini CNC milling machine.

How does the Mini CNC Router work?

The Mini CNC Router machine is suitable for various softwood, hardwood, mahogany, density boards, solid wood panels, synthetic boards, multi-layer boards, planning boards, cork, original wood, PVC, gypsum, double colour boards, aluminium-plastic panels, hibiscus plates (Teflon board), plexiglass, acrylic, ABS boards, various hard plastic materials, and so on.

It can be applied to ceramic tile carving, woodcarving, relief woodcarving, antique furniture carving, crafts carving, advertising carving cutting, stone carving, copper and aluminium carving and cutting, woodcutting and carving, handicraft carving and cutting, handicraft box carving, building model making, interior decoration, lamps and lanterns carving, logo making, acrylic carving and cutting, and plate carving.

Cylindrical handicrafts: Peach core, olive core, ivory fruit, bracelet, vase, pen holder, pencil, bamboo carving, billiard table leg carving, various cylindrical engraving.

What’s the worktable size of the CNC Router?

1*1, 1*2, 2*3 in feet;

12*12, 12*24, 24*36 in inch;

4040, 4060, 6090 in milometer.

Of course, the worktable size can be customized as your requirements.

How to choose a suitable Mini CNC Router?

  1. Choose the transmission mode and drive system of the Mini CNC Routeraccording to the accuracy of machining requirements.

Transmission mode:

a. Screw drive: high accuracy, slow speed and high environmental requirements.

b. Rack drive: high speed, high precision, strong environmental adaptability.

c. Synchronous belt transmission: mainly used in laser engraving machine and plasma cutting.

Drive System:

a. Stepper motor drive: economical and semi-closed system, precision is calculated by step angle.

b. Servo motor drive: full closed-loop system with high accuracy, large power and smooth operation.

c. Choose the type of the Mini CNC Routeraccording to the materials you carved.

2. Please inform our professional sales engineer of materials you want to process, such as wood, stone, cloth, leather, acrylic, etc.

  1. Choose the structure of the Mini CNC Routeraccording to the weight of the material being processed.
  2. Choose the size of the Mini CNC Routeraccording to the size of the material being processed.

How to maintain a Mini CNC Router?

  1. Cleanliness.

When the machine is in use, the liquid or debris gathered easily can easily enter the bearings and control devices. Therefore, the machine must be cleaned daily. Manual cleaning can be done, and air guns can be used to keep the material away from the bearings, but we should pay attention to reducing the air pressure.

  1. Replace the filter.

The replacement frequency of the filter depends on the cutting material and other environmental factors, such as dust and dirt. Therefore, all filters should be checked weekly and replaced according to needs.

  1. Lubrication.

Bearings, pumps and spindles need regular lubrication, and their regularity depends on the type, scope of application and environment of the machine.

  1. The clean source of gas.

Pneumatic air should be kept dry and clean, and at 80psi or 6 atmospheres, it is necessary to check the air pressure regularly to prevent machine damage.

  1. Power supply for safety compliance.

Ensure the safety and stability of the circuit, ensure safe connection according to local regulations and standards, and ensure voltage full load and good grounding.

Each Mini CNC Router is equipped with a guide for daily and weekly maintenance. It includes time to record running time, routine cleaning, air pressure reading, lubricating oil, checking the screw thread of pump oil and cleaning cover nut. The monthly checklist includes grease rack, pinion and bearing, vacuum worktable shim maintenance (if necessary), and cleaning all filters. The replacement of all filters, vacuum performance test and inspection, and fastening of all inspection belts and transmission devices are listed in the form of maintenance inspection every two years.

Mini CNC Router operation guide.

First. Preparations before work:

  1. Before work begins to work, we should warm up and check carefully whether the lubrication system works normally.
  2. If the engraving machine does not start for a long time, oil can be supplied to all parts manually.
  3. Before carving and carving, we must check and confirm whether the cooling system (water pump) and lubricating system (oil pump) are working normally.
  4. The tools used should be in accordance with the specifications permitted by machine tools, and tools with serious breakage should be replaced in time.
  5. Do not forget the tools used to adjust the cutting tools in the machine tools.
  6. After the cutters are installed, there should be one or two trial cutting.
  7. Check the chuck clamping status before and during the operation.
  8. When clamping the workpiece, we must follow the principle of “loading, levelling and loading”, and strictly prohibit carving on suspended materials. In order to prevent deformation of materials, the thickness of materials is more than 2mm of the depth of carving.
  9. 9. Before installing the card tool, clean up the impurities in the card head.
  10. When the tool is installed, it must first rotate the card head into the lock nut and put it on the motor shaft, then insert the cutter into the card head, then slowly lock the nut with the upper bits When loading and unloading the cutter, the elastic nut can be disconnected and pushed by the rotation mode.
  11. The length of the tool exposed head must be determined according to the depth of carving, whether the workpiece and the fixture interfere or not.
  12. Before machining, we must correctly define the starting point of X, y and Z axis. After changing the tool, we must immediately redefine the starting point of Z-axis, and the starting point of the X and Y axis can not be changed.
  13. When using the toolset to define the tool point, the spindle rotation must be strictly prohibited, so as to prevent the tool from being broken.
  14. Before starting the processing (bottom bits), you must place your hands on the red emergency switch button and press immediately when there is an accident.

Second. Safety precautions in the course of work:

  1. Prohibit the use of hand contact with the tip and iron scrap, iron scrap must be cleaned with iron hook or brush.
  2. Prohibit the use of hand or any other means of contact with rotating spindles, workpieces or other moving parts.
  3. It is forbidden to measure workpiece and speed change during processing, and can not wipe the workpiece with cotton wire or clean the machine.
  4. In the milling machine operation, the operator can not leave the post, the machine tool finds an unusual phenomenon immediately stops.
  5. Check the bearing temperature frequently.
  6. In the process of processing, it is not allowed to open the machine door.
  7. Strictly abide by the post responsibility system, the machine tool is used by the special person, others need to use my consent.
  8. It is strictly prohibited to put anything on the crossbeam and stall of the machine tool so as to avoid falling and hurting people.
  9. During the operation, it is strictly prohibited to lie on the machine tool, nor is it allowed to sit or lean on the machine tool rack.
  10. After the machine is operated, the power must be cut off before the machine stops completely.

Third. Matters needing attention after completion of work:

  1. Remove chips and wipe machine tools to keep machine tools and environment clean.
  2. Check the status of lubricating oil and coolant, add or replace it in time.
  3. Do not use the wrench to hit the card when unloading.
  4. After processing, we must turn off the power of the machine tools, inspect the workpieces, clean up the workpieces, measure the tools, clean the machine tools and the ground.
  5. Turn off the power supply and the total power supply of machine tool operation panel in turn.
  6. The machine needs regular maintenance, adjustment and maintenance, and no compulsory use is strictly prohibited.

The wearing parts of a Mini axis CNC Router.

Including but not limited in the vacuum tube, vacuum brush, cylinder connector, bits and so on.

iGOLDENCNC provides all kinds of CNC router parts at the same time.

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