Single Axis Wood Turning Machine with Car Pull Carving

Item No.: iG-1530

The CNC wood lathe with car pull carving is used for roman columns, wooden handles, baseball bats, stairway newel posts, staircases, stairway balusters, end table legs, dining table legs, sofa table legs, chair legs, bar stool legs, chair arm posts, chair stretchers, bed rails, bun feet, lamp posts and so on.

Category: CNC Turning Lathe Machine
Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month
Price Range: $7280-$8280

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Who is it for?

Single-spindle double-tool CNC wood turning machine used for turning various cylindrical workpieces, stair columns, bowl tips, bar stool legs, tubular tips and vehicle wooden crafts, stair railings, table legs, coffee table legs, sofa table legs, Roman columns , Bar stool feet, ordinary columns, sinks, wooden vases, wooden tables, baseball bats, children’s bed posts, chair armrests, automobile wooden furniture, chair stretchers, bed rails, lamp posts, sofas and bun feet, baseball bats, etc.

What makes it unique?

This series is very popular in woodworking industry. It improves the efficiency of CNC turning lathe machine and is specially designed to improve the efficiency of wood work project.

>Compact structure, reasonable layout, high efficiency and environmental protection;
>Automatic control, multi-function;
>Heavy industry quality, stable operation for 10 years;
>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;
>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

Applications of CNC Turning Lathe Machine

Column Engraving

Wood Cylinder Processing

Solid Wood Cutting

Wood Craft Making

Wood Furniture Making

Wood Column Making

Staircase Processing

Wood Handcraft Making

Max processing length 1500mm
Max machining diameter 300mm
Spindle speed 0-2800
Working voltage 3phase 380V voltage
Control system GXK system
Inverter Best
Transmission TBI ball screw
Guide rail 25 linear guide 25 slider
Motor Stepper motor
Bed structure heavy-duty integral casting
Main function car shape

Features of CNC Turning Lathe Machine

Spindle Part

Divided into single-axis and dual-axis, single-axis can be equipped with chuck, dual-axis can process 2 at the same time.

Heavy Duty Body

The bed has a highly rigid cast iron structure, and other small components are precision castings, all of which are tempered, with accurate dimensions, stable materials, and improved resistance to deformation.

Guide Rail

Adopting national standard machine tool slide rail and ball screw, with high load-bearing coefficient, effectively controlling linear error.


Driven by high-precision stepping motor, interpolation calculation, to ensure the accuracy of processing size.

Feeding Part

Can be set to single or double blade

Options of CNC Turning Lathe Machine

Customized Model

We apply different sizes machine:1200*200mm, 1500*300mm (Can be customized according to your needs)

Can choose single axis double knife, double axis four knife etc.

Provide car pull carving type or turning and flat carving type.

Are you mainly engaged in panel furniture business? For CNC lathe machine, the price is different according to the function and configuration.

Processing range: stair column, table and chair retreat, bedside column, cylindrical, cone, arc, spherical and other rotary products.

Our machine is made in China. We mainly make numerical control equipment. In order to make customers more worry free in training and after-sales, and also guarantee to maintain the reputation and quality of our company.

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