ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine
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ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine
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Wood Based Panel Furniture Nesting Cnc Router Machine

Item No.:Wood ATC Router CNC Nesting Machine

Designed for customized furniture, panel-type furniture, customized closet cabinet production, it has cutting, drilling, grooving and other processing functions, improves efficiency, save material and labor.

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The atc router cnc nesting machine is commonly used in the furniture industry such as a cabinet, wardrobe, solid wood, paint-free, solid wood composite, and suite doors. Imagine what one CNC nesting machine has done for various homes, and office doors. If you want to bring panel furniture to life, the nesting CNC machine is your best buddy.

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Wood ATC Router CNC Nesting Machine Details

Wooden door design making wood cnc router machine Features:

1) Designed for customized furniture, panel-type furniture,  customized closet cabinet production, it has cutting, drilling, grooving and other processing functions,  improves efficiency, save material and labor.
2)-Simple operation: installed with automatic typesetting software, simply enter sheet size to automatically optimize the layout, workers can easily operating this machine after 3-5 hours training.
3) Machine frame is heat treated after welding to remove any welding stress or tension.
4) Safety light sensor system using three light beams protecting the operator standing at the front of the machine and 1800mm high safety fences at both ends and across the rear of the machine.

Wood ATC Router CNC Nesting Machine Application
1. wood door and furniture decoration industry
solid wood compound door, cabinet door, large area plate plane carving, solid wood carving, board furniture carving, antique mahogany furniture carving, solid wood art fresco carving and other industries.
2. wooden handicraft processing
clock frame, process photo frame, calligraphy card, electrical counter Surface, sports equipment, thin aluminum plate carving.
3. Musical instruments industry:It can sculpt three-dimensional curved surfaces and cut shapes.

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Furniture Making

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Wooden Furniture Processing

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Acrylic Cutting

Wood based panel furniture CNC router machines use computer numerical control (CNC) technology to precisely cut designs and shapes into wood panels. Some key details:

• Nesting CNC routers can cut multiple parts simultaneously from a single sheet of wood panel to minimize material waste. This helps increase efficiency and reduce costs.

• The machine consists of a gantry with an X axis and Y axis rail system to position the spindle. The spindle holds the tool or bits that cut the wood.

• The machine is controlled by computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software that converts the digital design file into G-code instructions for the CNC router.

• Various tool bits can be used for different purposes, such as drill bits for holes, end mills for profiles, and slot cutters for grooves.

• Automated nesting software optimizes the positioning of parts on the sheet for best material yield while minimizing machine movements.

• Many wood based panel furniture CNC routers can cut materials like MDF, particle board, plywood and hardwood panels with nominal thickness up to around 50 mm.

• The cutting speed and accuracy can be very high, producing consistently precise parts for assembling furniture.

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