I must say that this automatic laser engraving machine is great. It covers a lot of my work, and the company provides you with the most useful services in terms of guidance and introduction. I want to recommend this machine to my friends.

This CNC wood router is well packed and has not been damaged during transportation. The machine is very sturdy and well-structured. All parts can work normally, this is a beautiful CNC milling machine, I have started my project.

It is the first time to cooperate with iGOLDENCNC, and the contract price exceeds 10,000 US dollars. We have conducted detailed consultations and they will send me the progress of the machine production at any time. Everything went according to my expectations. iGOLDENCNC has large factories, professional manufacturing, inspection, service and technical support teams. I customized a 1000 watt fiber laser cutting machine for SS cutting. I have to say, I got the best metal cutting solution from iGOLDENCNC.

I am very satisfied with my purchase. I have completed about 120 projects in the past month. So far, I am very satisfied with this CNC machine tool. In addition, the customer service of igoldencnc is great. There was a question about software on Sunday night. They answered me within an hour, provided me with the help I needed, and I was able to start working again. This is a great machine. You will not regret your decision.

High-quality hardware, punctual delivery, very accurate engraving quality, versatile, easy to install, and very reliable so far. And the price is very affordable.

The machine is excellent, easy to operate. And iGOLDEN will answer any and all questions with great response time, even on weekends. This company genuinely cares about his product and his customers. Great product, great service!


I bought this CNC router to make guitars and other musical instruments, and it works very well. It looks very strong and lasts for a long time. I think I can pass it to my sons. It is very valuable. I now use CNC machine tools at least every week. It has a very good machining effect. It can be done once, and there are few errors. I would definitely recommend the iGOLDENCNC machine.


Made my cabinet doors by this gorgeous CNC router. It works efficiently and the cut edge is really smooth! BEST machine I have purchased ever!


Today we cut the MDF and plywood with the iGOLDEN CNC router machine. Both look to be very well made and are doing what we need so far. iGOLDENCNC has never made us disappointed thus fa.

My laser tube cutting machine has been used for a total of 45 days. After receiving it, we tested all the functions, and the cutting effect is really good. The laser tube cutting machine comes with an English manual and some basic parameters. After placing the laser machine, we will make it work immediately. highly recommended.

I bought this machine last month. The delivery speed is very fast and the packaging is very good. Since it was purchased abroad, I am very worried. But after receiving the machine, the quality of my machine is not bad. I have tried carving on acrylic and wood, both are great. This is my first laser engraving machine. For beginners, its operation is relatively simple and convenient.

I have always wanted to buy a woodworking machine tool, but when I saw that the price of other household machine tools was always around US$3,000, I hesitated to use these cheap machine tools. Then I found information about iGOLDENCNC through an article, and saw a lot of good reviews on the Internet, so I decided to buy the machine. It was completed in 21 days. All parts are well packed and even come with all the tools you need. I did some tests, including examples and my own design. Most of them can work normally, but some of the faults are my faults, not machine faults.


My dream is to own a CNC engraving machine, but I need to learn how to use it for engraving. I want a bigger device. It would be better if the machine could have more functions. When I started using the machine, I made many mistakes, but I learned a lesson from every mistake. The iGOLDENCNC router is very accurate and easy to use. A few months later, I am going to buy a bigger product from iGOLDENCNC. In addition, their customer service is very good. I have never had a better experience.


This is the best tool in my studio. It has been great since I bought it. It can handle quite large and complex woodworking projects. It has been great for me so far. The machine is very convenient to operate and easy to install. I have already started making table legs. If you are looking for a good wood lathe, I can be sure it will be a high-quality product.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you. iGOLDENCNC made sure that everything went smoothly, and I received the products I ordered smoothly. They arranged logistics and delivery to my home in Nepal, very caring and attentive. And I am very satisfied with the CNC router. I found that the build quality is very good and the machine is well packed. This machine is heavy and it took four of us to lift it into place. " I purchased the IGOLDEN I1212 CNC router as a hobby.

I am very satisfied with the iGOLDENCNC machine. This is better than the machine I can buy locally at twice the price. And their logistics is very good, I can drive three hours to reach the port of cargo. The packaging of the machine is very sturdy, and the machines are installed and ready for immediate use. You don't have to worry about nothing after you pay, and there will be no garbage arriving.


The client is an old carpenter, specializing in cabinet door production. Seeing that more and more people choose to use machines to produce cabinet doors, so he also chose to buy a CNC machine. After our recommendation and introduction, the customer bought a multi-head CNC router machine equipped with different tools. To meet the various processing needs of customers, and the price is affordable.

IMG_20200711_152417 (1)

The Bhutanese customer received our ATC CNC router and was very satisfied with the machine. The customer owns a furniture processing factory and buys machines for the production of furniture. Therefore, the 1300*2500mm size machine with automatic tool change function was selected, which greatly improved the production efficiency.


The router itself is the quality is high enough, you can see where they made a compromise, and that in itself is acceptable because the same engine in North America apply to more than 20,000 USD. There is always a trade off, and knowing in advance that a compromise is made in one place or another is an important advance. Mechanically, stepper motors, rails and drive systems all looked great, I have my friends who went mechanical technicians from the machine top to bottom and they could not find a technical fault so far.


iGOLDENCNC and his staff made a nice cnc milling machine at a good price. What makes this particular product is the customer service. I am new to CNC, I bought this machine, and contacting IGOLDENCNC to some problems of use. And he has a lot of patience for beginners. I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a CNC milling machine or product he is selling.


Good products and great support, iGOLDENCNC took the time to call me over the Thanksgiving holiday to help the problems of the problem. It seems solid and very well built. It takes a few hours for me to be familiar with the operation. If I can give any advice would be to read all the instructions IN ORDER and completely. I will do business with this company again. You will not be disappointed.


Very well designed structure. Operating instructions are some of the best ever seen, typically, other companies only give some vague instructions. One thing that really stood out for me was the quick response and the help I get when I experienced some glitches, mostly due to my lack of experience but the relief was immediate. I would definitely recommend this CNC router not only has a good performance and price, but also their customer service impeccable.

After years of subcontracting my CNC projects to other shops I ran across the iGOLDENCNC website. the mixture of quality, affordability, and great customer service made buying my Industrial CNC a simple decision. The machine has exceeded my expectations and allows me to be far more profitable in my operations. Great machine, great support, affordable price!

I just wanted to allow you to know that we are able to order another router. I even have attached an image of our first one, which purchased itself in but two months. Having the capabilities to bring this project in house has saved us time and money.Thanks for the good support.

We did our research and checked out many various machines but iGOLDENCNC was easily the simplest combination of price and production capability.We are cranking out more boxes during a day than we were doing during a month. Business is booming because of our CNC Router Table.

You guys were great right from the primary conversation. numerous of the opposite companies we spoke with were just fast talking sales guys trying to sell us what was best for them. you really listened to our needs and concerns and provided the simplest solutions for us. Your support and thoroughness throughout the method is to be commended. We bothered you with every dumb question we could consider and you usually provided prompt, practical and honest answers (even on a Sunday i might wish to point out). We consider you an important partner to our growing success.

No more ablation templates by hand! And everything comes out an equivalent whenever .We are running two shifts each day and that we are very happy with the performance of the router and therefore the support after the sale was very helpful. We appreciate everything.

I'm sure I had more questions than most of your customers. Thanks a lot for being patient and let me know everything. it had been definitely easier I expected. We are arising our parts such a lot faster and more accurately than before. Thanks!