Leather PU Material Vibrating Knife CNC Automatic Cutting Machine

CNC Vibrating Knife Machine Industries Applications

A CNC vibrating knife cutting machine is an essential tool for industries requiring precise and clean cutting of a wide range of soft and semi-rigid materials. Its versatility, efficiency, and precision make it ideal for various applications, from textiles and packaging to automotive and signage.

CNC Vibrating Knife Machine

CNC Oscillating Knife Cutter is a type of CNC cutting machine which is used for high-precision cutting of heavier flexible and semi-rigid materials.

Leather PU Material Vibrating Knife CNC Automatic Cutting Machine

CNC oscillating knife cutting machine is carried on the multi-tool cutting head–Vibration knife, Oblique knife, Circular knife, Punching knife, Milling knife,Punch roller and Marking pen.  CCD camera and Projector are optional for more precise cutting.

Vibrating Knife Machine Applications

  • Textile Industry:
    • Cutting fabrics for garments, upholstery, and technical textiles.
    • Pattern cutting for clothing manufacturing.
  • Packaging Industry:
    • Cutting cardboard and foam for custom packaging solutions.
    • Creating prototypes and short runs of packaging designs.
  • Automotive Industry:
    • Cutting interior materials like carpets, upholstery, and insulation.
    • Fabricating gaskets and seals.
  • Signage and Display:
    • Cutting materials for signage, displays, and exhibition graphics.
    • Creating custom shapes and lettering.
  • Footwear Industry:
    • Cutting leather and synthetic materials for shoes and accessories.
    • Pattern making for shoe components.
  • Composite Materials:
    • Cutting composites for aerospace, automotive, and marine applications.
    • Fabricating parts and components from multi-layered materials.

The Vibrating knife flexible material cutting equipment, specifically a vibrating knife cutting machine system in flexible material cutting equipment.

Vibrating knife cutting equipment for soft materials is widely used in clothing, furniture, luggage, automotive and other industries, mainly for cutting raw materials in various industries.

Vibrating knife cutting machine: This model of vibration knife cutting equipment can be used for flexible non-metallic materials, including: corrugated paper, car mats, car interiors, cartons, color boxes, soft PVC crystal pads, composite sealing ring materials, leather, Leather, shoe soles, cardboard, KT board, pearl cotton, sponge, composite materials, plush stationery, etc.

rubber cutting machine

CNC Vibrating knife Machine application industry : Honeycomb Cardboard, Acrylic Board, Corrugated Paper, Plastic Corrugated Board, gray board paper, white cardboard, film, composite materials, leather, cloth, rubber sheet, pearl cotton, aluminum-plastic board and foam KT board, etc. A variety of flexible non-metallic materials with a material not exceeding 50mm. The head of the vibration cutting machine is equipped with vibration knives, pens, pressing wheels, drag knives, etc. The supporting products of the vibration cutting machine include vacuum pumps and machine control software.

The machine is easy to operate, and different materials can be processed as long as the thickness and speed are set.

Main components of vibrating knife machine  usually includes a vibrating knife system, an electrical control system and a vacuum suction system. Vacuum adsorption is used to place the processed material, and the material is fixed by vacuum negative pressure. The electrical control system is used to control the vibrating knife system to walk according to a preset route, and the vibrating knife system implements cutting of the material through the up and down vibration of the vibrating knife.

Vibrating knife cutting system, the machine base is equipped with a vibrating knife mechanism, a vibrating knife drop block, and a vibrating knife drop air rod. It is characterized in that the vibrating knife mechanism includes a vibrating motor, an eccentric wheel, a transmission connecting rod, a transmission shaft, A vibrating knife and a transmission shaft sleeve, the transmission shaft sleeve is fixed on the vibrating knife drop block, and the transmission shaft sleeve is also provided with a first transmission pulley driven by a rotary knife motor; the vibrating knife drop blade The block is fixed on the air rod of the vibrating knife drop.

The vibrating knife cutting system has simple structure, strong applicability, high control precision and easy maintenance.

The use of vibration cutting allows more companies to bid farewell to the traditional manual knife cutting process and no need to make knife molds, thereby saving the production and development process of knife mold production management and other expenses. Vibration cutting allows you to enter a new era of digital knifeless mold processing.

New CNC oscillating knife cutter Machine can cut and engrave Leather, all kinds of clothing flexible material, Sponge composite leather, PVC. Multi tool head,One head fixed, another one 45 degree rotation,cutting materials more flexibly.

vibration knife

Strip adsorption table,air cylinder,can adsorb different size materials. Helical rack gear transmission,which can ensure faster speed,higher efficiency,stronger power,and it makes the machine more stable

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