What is CNC Lathe Machine and what its function?

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Are you new to CNC machining and want to learn more about CNC machining? In fact, there are many types of CNC machines, but today we only introduce one, namely CNC lathe machine.

What is a CNC lathe machine?
Some people think that the lathe is the only general-purpose CNC machine router, because the lathe can manufacture all the parts needed by another lathe. The main shaft of the lathe can rotate the workpiece and engrave the material when the cutting tool approaches the workpiece. Because of this geometry, lathes are very suitable for symmetrical parts around certain axes, which may get stuck on the spindle.
CNC lathes have at least the ability to drive cutting tools under the g-code control of 2 axes (called X and Z). They can also have a considerable number of other functions, and there are many variations of towers, such as the Swiss tower.
The action of cutting parts on a lathe is called “turning”.
Due to technological advancements, CNC lathes are rapidly replacing some old and more traditional production lathes, such as multi-spindles. CNC lathes have many advantages. They can be easily installed and used. They have high repeatability and unparalleled manufacturing accuracy.
CNC lathes usually use more modern and advanced carbide tools. Parts can be designed for customization, and the machine path is usually programmed using CAD or CAM processes. Of course, the programmer can also manually design the processing path of the part or the tool movement path. Then load the generated coded computer file on the CNC machine tool, and then the machine tool will automatically produce the required parts through programming.

Use of CNC lathe machine
Using a CNC lathe, you can slowly cut the material to be processed. The result is an exquisite finished product or a complex work. These machines are versatile and can be used in many industries, including automobiles, electronics, aerospace, weapon manufacturing, sports, etc.
CNC lathes can be used to manufacture planes and threads, while decorative lathes can be used to manufacture very complex three-dimensional products. In all cases, the parts are firmly fixed in position by one or two centers, at least one of which moves horizontally. However, clamps or spindle fasteners can also be used.
Some major examples of finished products made using CNC lathes include:
1. bowl
2. Camshaft
3. Motor shaft
4. signal
5. Restaurant table and chair legs
6. barrel
7. Musical instrument

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