Features of Lathe Machine for Multiple Uses

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Features of Lathe Machine for Multiple Uses

Most people may be a little unfamiliar with the lathe machine. Here is a brief introduction to the features of lathe machine.

  1. The CNC woodworking lathe adopts seamless steel structure welding and high temperature annealing to make the lathe structure stable and never deformed.
  2. Another important feature of lathe machine is using frequency conversion speed regulation system, the speed can be adjusted at any time to solve the problem of material vibration.
  3. You can choose to configure a single spindle with two cutters or one cutter, and a single spindle can be equipped with a chuck. Two tools can perform rough turning and fine turning at the same time to improve efficiency and surface quality to meet a variety of different processing demand.
  4. High-precision stepping motor, through program calculation, to ensure accurate processing size.
  5. Taiwan square rail and TBI precision ball screw can effectively control the linear error.
  6. Easy to operate, we can draw through software such as autoCAD, and transfer the file to the machine through USB.
  7. The entire workpiece can be completed in one tool setting.

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