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CNC Plywood Kitchen CNC Furniture Manufacturing Machine

Plywood kitchen CNC furniture manufacturing machine refers to a computer numerical control (CNC) machine that is specifically designed and used for manufacturing plywood kitchen furniture. It is a versatile and automated machine that can perform various operations, including cutting, carving, drilling, and shaping, on plywood sheets to create custom kitchen furniture components.

CNC furniture manufacturing machine maybe can meet your need.This CNC plywood kitchen machine is manufactured using global state-of-the-art techniques, and It is equipped with a 9KW (12HP) high-frequency automatic tool-changing spindle with an 8-position tool post, a pneumatic telescopic vacuum cover and a multi-zone vacuum T-slot worktable. The main advantage of the automatic furniture making machine is the tool rack moving together with the machine gantry, which can improve work efficiency. it can process wood, medium density fiberboard, Plywood and plastics, soft metals and many other different materials. Now, this CNC furniture manufacturing machine is widely used in the cabinet making industry.

cnc router woodworking

Plywood Material: The machine is designed to work with plywood sheets, which are commonly used in the construction of kitchen furniture due to their strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Plywood comes in various thicknesses, grades, and finishes, and the CNC machine can be configured to accommodate the specific plywood material being used.

CNC Cut Plywood Furniture

  1. Cutting Operations: The CNC machine can perform precise cutting operations on plywood sheets. It is capable of cutting straight lines, curves, and intricate designs, allowing for the creation of custom kitchen furniture components such as cabinet doors, drawer fronts, shelves, and panels.
  2. Carving and Engraving: The CNC machine can also perform carving and engraving operations on plywood surfaces. This enables the addition of decorative elements, patterns, or text to the kitchen furniture components, enhancing their visual appeal.
  3. Drilling and Boring: The machine is equipped with drilling and boring tools that can create holes, recesses, and pockets in the plywood sheets. This is useful for mounting hardware, such as hinges, handles, and drawer slides, as well as for creating cable management openings or other functional features in the kitchen furniture components.
  4. Efficiency and Precision: CNC machines offer high efficiency and precision in the manufacturing process. They can execute operations rapidly and accurately, ensuring consistent quality across multiple plywood sheets. This boosts productivity and reduces manual labor requirements in the production of plywood kitchen furniture.
  5. Automation and Design Flexibility: A plywood kitchen CNC furniture manufacturing machine operates based on digital design files, allowing for a high degree of automation and design flexibility. Design files can be created using computer-aided design (CAD) software or imported from external sources. This enables customization and quick iteration of designs, accommodating diverse customer preferences and specifications.
  6. Integration with Other Processes: A plywood kitchen CNC furniture manufacturing machine can be integrated into a larger production workflow. It can be combined with other machines or processes, such as edge banding, sanding, and finishing, to complete the manufacturing process for plywood kitchen furniture.


When considering a plywood kitchen CNC furniture manufacturing machine, factors to consider include the size and capacity of the machine, the level of automation and software compatibility, the available cutting and shaping capabilities, and the overall production requirements of your kitchen furniture manufacturing business.

Every woodworker knows that we must use multiple cutters to finish one job of panel furniture. And each cutter will not take a long time, just several minutes. If without an auto tool changer, we have to stop machine, change the cutter manually, set the origin, and start machining again every time. Undoubtedly, this process will be time costly. And the result is low efficiency and low production. While the ATC CNC Router optimizes this process. With ATC, the cutters changed automatically without stopping. This speeds up the production process largely. So for the panel furniture industry (also known as plate furniture) includes doors, cabinets, kitchen, office furniture, bed, and so on.

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