CO2 laser marking machine

CO2 laser marking machine, co2 laser marking machine

What are the criteria in the selection process of co2 laser marking machine? The CO2 laser marking machine is a laser galvanometer marking machine with CO2 gas as the working medium. The CO2 laser uses CO2 gas as the medium, fills the discharge tube with auxiliary gas such as CO2, applies a high voltage to the electrode, and generates a glow discharge in the discharge tube.

Make a gas release laser with a wavelength of 1064um, amplify the laser energy, scan with a galvanometer, focus with an F-Theta mirror, and mark images, characters, numbers, and lines on the workpiece according to user requirements.


The wavelength of CO2 laser is 10.64un, which is easily absorbed by most non-metallic materials. The photoelectric conversion efficiency is high; the laser output mode is mainly based on the fundamental mode, and the beam quality is good and stable. Non-contact processing, no mechanical wear and deformation.

CO2 laser marking machineAdvantages of carbon dioxide laser marking machine

  1. Laser tube: CO2 radio frequency tube laser marking machine adopts imported laser tube; glass tube is domestic laser tube.
  2. Service life: The CO2 RF tube laser marking machine has a service life of more than 45,000 hours, generally 6 years, and can be reused after inflation without replacement; however, the glass tube marking machine only needs about 2,500 hours. Generally, the glass tube is replaced every six months. It cannot be reused and needs to be replaced.
  3. Cooling method: The CO2 radio frequency tube laser marking machine adopts air cooling, which can ensure long-term trouble-free and stable operation; the CO2 glass tube laser marking machine adopts water cooling, which may not emit light or intermittently emit light when the working time is long or the water temperature is high, and it works continuously. Great impact on product quality.
  4. CO2 laser marking machine

  5. Spot size (beam): CO2 RF tube laser marking machine is 0.07 mm

Fine point, more than 3 times thinner than glass tube, high precision, small heat diffusion area, can engrave/cut very fine works; CO2 glass tube laser marking machine is 0.25mm thick point, poor precision, unstable luminescence (light intensity Non-uniform, sometimes no light), large heat diffusion area, obvious blackening when the cut edge is melted, and poor engraving accuracy.

  1. Stability: The radio frequency tube is a fully sealed metal tube and uses a 30V low-voltage power supply, which directly avoids some disadvantages caused by using a high-voltage power supply; because domestic glass tube laser cutting machines use a high-voltage power supply of 10,000 volts or even higher, In addition to instability, there are dangers. Working for a long time makes the power supply easy to age and interferes greatly with the control system. For example, improper operation is easy to burn out the motherboard, and it is more susceptible to the influence of voltage, which destroys its normal function.
  2. Price: RF tubes are many times more expensive than glass tubes, but for some products such as processing leather, only glass tubes can be fully competent. Therefore, it is the last word to choose different marking machines according to your own needs.

CO2 laser marking machine

High output power and high energy conversion efficiency. A general closed-tube CO2 laser can have a continuous output power of tens of watts, far exceeding other gas lasers; a transverse electrically excited CO2 laser can have a continuous output of hundreds of thousands of watts. The energy conversion efficiency of CO2 lasers can reach 30%-40%, which is also higher than that of ordinary gas lasers.

CO2 laser marking machine

The CO2 laser marking machine uses the transition between the vibrational energy level and the kinetic energy level of the CO2 molecule, and has rich spectral lines. There are 10 laser output lines at about 10 m. The high-voltage CO2 laser discovered in recent years can even achieve a range from 9 microns to 10 microns. The continuously adjustable output.


The output band of the co2 laser marking machine is exactly the atmospheric window (that is, the atmosphere is more transparent to this wavelength). In addition, it has the advantages of high optical quality, good coherence, narrow line width, and stable operation. Therefore, it has many applications in the national economy and national defense, such as processing (welding, cutting, stamping, etc.), communications, radar, chemical analysis, laser-induced chemical reactions, surgery, etc.

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