Edge Banding Machine

Curved Straight Edge Banding Machine for Woodworking-igolden-cnc

Igolden Edge Banding Machines offer perfect edges for discerning wood manufacturers of all sizes. Igolden provides first-class edge processing solutions for a wide range of processes and materials with extreme accuracy and precision.

The manual edge banding machine adopts automatic control and has a large edge banding operation range, which can ensure that the hot melt adhesive is not glued or leaking. It is suitable for straight curve edge banding of various plates, with small size and light weight. The function surpasses ordinary imported linear edge banding machines, and is one of the first edge banding machines to enter the Chinese market. Suitable for all furniture, cabinets, teaching aid factories, etc.

Edge Banding Machine

Benefits of the Edge Banding Curved Straight Machine

Perfect cut and high operating life due to diamond tipped tools for an optimum edge joint quality.

Counter pressure device magazine for sensitive edges.

Coil and automatic strip magazine for a reliable edge material supply. Optimal glue joints, by controlling the exact amount of glue.

Heavy pressure zone up to 3 mm edge thickness and 50 mm workpiece height for an optimal glue joint.

Precise end-cut through a strong end­trimming unit, equipped with THK guides. Chamfer/straight adjustment by easily tilting the unit.


Edge Banding MachineEdge Banding Machine

Application of the Edge banding machines

This edge banding machine can work on material of MDF, blockboard, solid wood board, particleboard, polymer door plates, plywood, etc.

With the functions of gluing and end cutting, it can achieve a smooth and fine working finish on curved and straight edges.

With better parts, it is stable, reliable, and durable

It is especially suitable for medium and large furniture manufacturing factories.

Edge banding machines for all users

Every edge banding machine from Igolden is solution-oriented and individually tailored to your meet your specific trade and industrial furniture production needs. From the stand-alone machine for the advanced craftsman to complete networked production lines for highly industrialized furniture manufacturers, we are the world’s market leader in covering the entire performance portfolio.

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