CNC Wood Carving Machine: The Relief Sculpture & Modern CNC Sculpture

The perfectly designed CNC wood carving machine is the best choice for cutting and engraving tasks.

He has become the most popular machine among artisans. The work produced by this machine is flawless and very beautiful.

This CNC machine can handle a variety of materials and is used in many industries.

You can carve intricate patterns and bring reliefs to life, which is very interesting.

You can use a router to reduce stress. However, if you are unsure, this detailed information can help.


What is a relief sculpture?

This particular style of carving is derived from the word “Relevo” (Latin), which means “to lift”.

The work of carving the relief structure gives the impression of being elevated while still being glued to the background.

It is like a projection, which can be described as a combination of three-dimensional sculpture art and two-dimensional painting art.

Usually, the sculpture is carved on a plane of wood or stone, which is stronger than a free-standing sculpture because the former has less weakness.

Relief has certain functions, such as narration and description; try to tell a story when describing a particular scene.

It provides workers with many areas, support and a convenient working environment.

People can directly engrave it wherever they want, and because of its quirky and elegant, it quickly became a popular choice for decorating the place.

CNC wood carving machine is suitable for embossed drills

If you want to use a CNC wood carving machine to create a relief structure, you must choose the ideal drill bit.

This will help you to accurately carve the desired decoration on the material without affecting the machine or material.

For bas-relief, you should choose a 2 inch round tip 3D engraving nib.

For lighter carvings, please use precise carving positions. You can use a 1/8 inch ball head for fine machining, and a 1/4 inch uncut end mill can be used for rough machining.

The router machine comes with some drill bits, you can use it according to the design.


A relief sculpture is a great idea to decorate a place, whether it’s your office or living room.

It attracts people’s attention, the bag appreciates and implies your taste.

The CNC wood milling machine alleviates the problems encountered by engravers when using chisels in the past.

Now, with this machine, it is possible to carve more exquisite and perfect works, thus spending less time. So try it!

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The company has long provided the best CNC milling machines in the industry for cutting hard surfaces with high precision, high precision and high quality.

The same goes for your CNC wood milling machine. In addition to embossing, your machine can easily design many other complex and delicate jobs.

So what are you waiting for? Order your CNC wood carving machine now and complete complex tasks easily.

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