Four Processes CNC Wood Router

How does the wood CNC router machine make the furniture more refined?

The use of woodworking machinery to customize panel furniture has become a popular trend in the furniture industry at present. Its appearance is beautiful, the color is smooth, and the shape is diverse. It can be DIY at will according to the room pattern. Many advantages make panel furniture a choice for many people.

Four Processes CNC Wood RouterThe wide application of intelligent custom furniture production line equipment (CNC cutting machine, automatic edge banding machine, etc.) has pushed panel furniture to a new height. How to use the cnc router 1325 to make the furniture more delicate and reduce the production cost is the concern of many production enterprises.

Four-Processes CNC Router

There are many habits in furniture production, both good and bad. For example, furniture in the north often has the habit of thick and heavy, and often uses thick boards and large boards habitually, which is unfavorable for the utilization of materials in some cases. For example, for the side panels of drawers, we often use 16mm and 18mm thick plates; but many manufacturers in the south have generally used 12mm thick plates in furniture. Practice has proved that in terms of shape and strength, this size has withstood the test. By extension, some small laminates, partitions, and even side panels and top panels (such as bedside tables) can all use 12mm thin panels.

In production, we should try to use qualified plates, but sometimes due to various reasons, such as purchasing some plates with poor strength and uneven thickness, it is impossible to return them at this time, and they can be used for low requirements on strength and thickness. The inner shelf, the living shelf, the back panel of the drawer, etc. But it should be noted that the appearance of the material must be beautiful.

When using wood cnc router 4 axis to produce panel furniture, the main thing is to pay attention not to cut the edges, to seal the edges evenly, beautiful and round, to drill the holes and not to jump. Clean, generally speaking, the board should be of better quality, so as not to be too strong and bound, high-quality machinery can ensure the beautiful craftsmanship of furniture cutting, drilling, edge sealing, etc.

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