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How To Price Laser Cutting Machines

With the development of technology, the price of laser cutting machine has gradually declined, and can be accepted by more small manufacturers. Although the laser cutting machine is only a thing that some big companies can afford, there are more affordable models in the market. Even so, the price of the laser engraving machine is still more expensive than the CNC engraving machine. So why people choose a laser engraving machine instead of other cutting methods? This is because the unique function of the laser cutting machine is that other machines cannot be reached. Even if the laser cutter price is too high, people are willing to buy it.

This article provides you with a range of laser cutting machines, and lists the main factors affecting the cost of laser cutter. At the end of this article, it also recommends using a fiber laser machine of a low laser cutter. They meet your requirements for your reduction of metals and non-metallic materials.

fiber laser cutting machine

Laser cutting machine price range

The laser cutter changes from thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars. For small factories, tens of thousands or even more than ten thousand US dollars are still expensive. However, during the purchase process, we cannot only care about the cost of fiber laser cutter. We need to consider various factors, including production cost, efficiency, and the like.

Let us first look at the type of laser cutting machine before understanding the price range.

Currently, there are three laser machines on the market: fiber laser cutting machine, carbon dioxide laser cutting machine and YAG laser cutting machine. The YAG laser cutting machine can cut the metal material, but its photoelectric conversion efficiency is only about 3%. This is much smaller than the light of the fiber and carbon dioxide laser cutting machine, and its energy consumption is large and needs to be maintained. Therefore, this type of laser machine we generally do not recommend it.

Therefore, the most commonly used laser cutting machine is a fiber laser cutting machine and a CO2 laser cutting machine. The price range of the two laser cutting machines is as follows:

Fiber laser cutting machine $ 30,000-200,000
CO2 laser cutting machine $ 3,000- $ 60,000

Fiber laser metal cutting machine

This is our best-selling laser machine, which is popular with customers. The fiber laser metal cutting machine can be equipped with a wide range of power fiber lasers, from 1 kW to 4 kW. The scale should also be customized according to customer requirements. The laser metal cutting machine is approximately $ 30,000 to $ 80,000. It is suitable for cutting metal plates such as stainless steel, carbon steel. All parts are high-quality or famous brands to ensure the stability and reliability of fiber laser tools.

laser metal engraving machine

CO2 laser cutting and engraving machine for sale

This is a 1390 CO2 laser cutting machine. Based on different laser power and operating dimensions, the price of CO2 laser cutting machine is approximately $ 3,000 to $ 9,000. It is a multi-functional laser machine that can cut, engraved, etch and labeled. At the same time, the carbon dioxide laser cutter is also equipped with a rotating device. Therefore, it can engrave cylindrical components, such as a glass. This machine is well processed non-metallic material such as wood, acrylic acid, paper, MDF, glass, etc.

Factors affecting laser cutter prices

The laser cutter is composed of multiple components, including machine cost, freight, service fees, etc. If you purchase laser cutter abroad, the cost of laser cutting machines can also include shipping, tax, custom customs clearance costs.

Factors affecting laser cutter costs are divided into two aspects, namely internal factors and external factors. The internal factor involves the laser tool itself. External factors involve additional costs related to transportation, service, taxation.

Factors related to fiber laser cutters that affect laser tools include:

1. Laser cutting machine consists of various components and components. 

For example, the cost of all of these components such as laser generators, motors, laser lenses, laser tubes, water-cooled diamonds, and control systems will affect laser cutting costs.

Laser generator or laser tube

The laser generator or laser tube is the core of the laser cutter. Different brands and quality laser generators or tubes have different prices. High-quality laser tubes can be used for 10,000 hours. In addition, the power of the laser generator is also an important factor affecting the cost of laser cutting machine. The greater the power, the higher the price of the laser generator. The larger the cutting speed and the thickness of the cutting material, the higher the laser cutting cost. The cost of the laser generator is the most important factor in determining the overall price of the laser.

Fiber Laser Cutting Machine


The motor involves the accuracy of the laser cutting machine. The cost of famous brand motors is different from the cost of ordinary brand motors, and the accuracy of laser cutting is different. High precision laser cutting machine is greater than low precision laser tool.

Optical lens

The laser beam emitted by the laser generator needs to be refracted and focused by the optical lens. In particular, a CO2 laser cutting machine requires a plurality of complex optical lenses. There is a big difference in lens prices and have effectiveness and service life. High quality lens leads to an additional cost of laser cutting machine prices.


Some laser cutting machine manufacturers use a thin iron plate to make a machine housing to save costs. However, after using a period of time, the thin iron shell is deformed, which may seriously affect the cutting accuracy of the laser cutting machine. A good laser cutting machine should adopt a frame structure of welding high-quality steel, and a housing made of high quality cold rolled steel sheets. This will also increase laser cutting machine prices.


2. Type of laser cutting machine

Different types of laser cutting machines have different photoelectric conversion efficiency, cutting speed, accuracy and quality. The optical conversion efficiency of the fiber laser cutting machine is the highest, which can reach 25%. The carbon dioxide laser cutting machine is about 10%. Therefore, if the laser power is the same, the fiber laser metal cutting machine is the highest in these three types.

3. Work scale

Even the same model and the same power, the cost of laser cutting machines in different working size is different. The larger the size of the machine, the higher the production cost. Therefore the laser cutting machine is higher.

In addition to factors related to the laser engraving machine, external factors affecting the laser cutting machine include:

1. Brand

In order to win the game, the company must carefully maintain their goodwill. Laser cutting machine manufacturers tend to strictly control product quality to avoid damaging their brands. The brand effect of the laser cutting machine is reflected in the quality, operation and service of the laser cutting machine. Large brand laser cutters typically use a famous laser generator, motor, water tank, and other accessories to ensure stable operation of the laser cutting machine. In addition, the quality and service of large brands of laser cutting machine effectively guarantees. Accordingly, the famous brand laser cutting machine price will be higher.

2. After-sales service

This is also an important factor affecting the price of laser cutting machines. The whole process provides customers with machine security and timely maintenance laser cutting machine. The laser cutting machine’s laser tube and reflector are consumables, which have certain service life and needs to be replaced when expired. This requires manufacturers to have a stable factory and can provide these accessories in time. Laser cutting machine manufacturers have a good after-sales service with relatively high laser cutting machine prices.

3. Shipping, tax, customs clearance fee

These costs are also part of the price of laser cutting machines. Buying a machine from your country may not need to pay customs clearance costs and related taxes. But if you purchase machines abroad, you need to pay additional shipping, customs clearance costs and other fees. This also increases the laser tool.


Buy a laser cutting machine and select laser cutting service

Regardless of the CO2 laser cutting machine, a fiber cutting machine, a desktop model or a multi-function laser cutting machine, it is definitely expensive to buy. In addition to the CNC laser cutting machine, additional maintenance costs, power costs, and time spent on learning business. Many people may think that it is best to choose a laser cutting service than paying expensive CNC laser cutting machine prices.

But in my opinion, there is a lot of benefits to buy laser cutters. If you need to cut some things, you can open the laser cutting machine at any time to cut. You don’t need to wait for laser cutting service providers available. If the service provider is currently unusable, you may need to wait for their plans. However, it is more convenient when you have a laser cutting machine.

There are currently many companies with online laser cutting services. However, the cutting quality is uneven. Before you find a satisfactory cutting service, you may need to spend time and money to experience laser cutting services. Although purchasing a CNC laser cutting machine requires you to pay an expensive laser cutting machine cost, it can help you get a stable cutting quality of mass production. It improves your processing efficiency and increases output.

For companies purchasing power and large output, the purchase of laser cutting machine has cost effectiveness. But small seminars or enthusiasts may not be able to afford expensive laser metal cutting machine prices. They can now choose a laser cutting service and purchase their laser cutting machine when saving enough money.


Laser cutting machine recommended

As one of China’s professional laser cutting machine manufacturer, IGOLDENCNC offers a variety of sizes of carbon dioxide and fiber laser cutting machines. Our CO2 laser cutting machine is suitable for cutting and engraving non-metallic items. Small carbon dioxide laser tools are relatively inexpensive. Our fiber optic laser cutting machine high power can be cut up to 25 mm thick metal plate. Fiber laser metal cutting machines are high.

The price of laser cutting machines may not be the only standard when purchasing a laser cutting machine. Because cost is also inclined to reflect reliability. At the same time, in order to obtain the highest level, enough machines may be required to use the machine to prove the cost of the laser cutting machine.

I would like to introduce two low-cost laser cutting machines. IGOLDENCNC has been committed to CNC machine tools for more than 10 years. And through good quality, a good reputation is got in the world.

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