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The Reason Why The Granite Stone Engraving Machine Tool Is Easy To Break

Heavy Duty granite stone engraving machine from China is IGOLDENCNC featured machine widely used in stone processing industry,tombstone processing industry,mold processing industry,all kings of art relief,decoration industry,ceramic processing,advertising industry and so on. IGOLDENCNC design it for many years, now popular in the market, it’s economic machining center of stone cutting machine.


 Granite Stone Engraving Machine


Stone engraving has many purposes – some big and some small. On the larger side, stone industries use huge granite stone engraving machine to cut and chamfer stones for countertops and buildings.

There are several reasons why the stone carving knife is broken.

1. Due to the machine of the cnc router machine itself, the Z axis speed is too fast, it is easy to break the knife, and the deformation of the tool holder can easily break the knife. Choose the spindle power, generally 3000W for a granite stone engraving machine, the processing speed can be guaranteed, and it can save electricity; at the stage when the technology of the stone cnc router machine is not yet mature, choosing a better quality stone engraving knife is something you must consider .

2. The material does not match. Diamond is suitable for engraving marble, but it is impossible to engrave all engravings and calligraphy. Diamond is suitable for hard stone with fine texture. The service life of the tool is closely related to the speed of the knife. The harder the stone, the slower the speed of the knife.

3. There is water in the working environment of stone carving. If there is no water to cool down, the residual heat will be easily broken. The contact part of the knife tip and the stone must have sufficient circulation and sufficient moisture.

4. When programming, it is necessary to ensure that the flexible feed is required every time the knife is cut; the requirements for the operator: During the programming, the flexible feed must be ensured every time the knife is cut. The tip of the knife will be in contact with the object when it is rotating.


 Granite Stone Engraving Machine


Granite stone engraving machine is mainly designed to deal with stone work such as line carving, 2D plane carving, 3D relief carving, shadow carving, cutting, drilling. It can process marble, granite, jade, crystal, tombstone, agate, ceramic, glass, plastic, chemical composite board, bamboo, wood, curved surface, spherical surface, stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum, titanium alloy and other materials. If you have the above materials need to process, stone engraving machine is definitely your best choice.

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