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Large stone engraving machine with low price

Many customers buy stone engraving machines and often hear manufacturers talking about the configuration of engraving machines. Many times, manufacturers say a lot, and customers don’t know what they mean. Next, large stone engraving machine manufacturers will popularize some knowledge of engraving machine configuration and make some suggestions.

Quartz Stone Kitchen CountertopsThe so-called large-scale stone engraving machine configuration refers to the model, specification, brand, quantity, etc. of each part of the machine. Next, we give detailed explanations and suggestions:

First of all, we need to determine the overall size and engraving size of the machine, including length, width and height. If it is a multi-head engraving machine, it is also important to understand the engraving size of each head when working with multiple heads and the engraving size when working with single heads. .

The chassis of the machine, also known as the “frame”, is mainly the size, specification and classification of the chassis. Just like when we invite people to dinner, the table is full of meals and cutlery, and the rack is like a table, which is the platform of the whole machine.

Beams, moving parts that support and fix the X and Z axes.

The machine head, the engraving machine performs processing and positioning through the movement of the machine head.

Machine tool precision machining refers to the places on the machine tool that need precision machining, which are processed by those CNC machine tools. Such as lathes, milling machines, drilling machines, gantry planers, double-arm planers, machining centers, etc. High-end machines are recommended to use machining centers for processing.

Heat treatment, machine tool chassis, gantry, machine head parts, etc., if not treated after welding, the machine tool will deform over time, and the longer the time, the greater the deformation. The heat treatment process is to eliminate and reduce this deformation.

The water tank, the machine uses circulating water to spray water for the tools, and the water tank is the place where the water is stored. Mainly describe the material of the sink.

Quartz Stone Kitchen Countertops

Large stone engraving machine with low price

The countertop is where the stone workpieces are placed on the machine. There are many types of desktop designs. Common ones include soft PVC glued to aluminum profile boards, aluminum profile strips inlaid with superhard polyester boards, channel steel desktop fixed superhard polyester boards, and hollow desktop fixed superhard polyester boards. Steel table and hollow table are convenient for machine cleaning and are the best table design at present.

Common materials for countertops are soft PVC and super hard polyester boards. Soft PVC is easily damaged and affects the processing flatness. Super rigid polyester board is recommended.

The control card is the brain of the whole stone engraving machine, reads and analyzes the programming files, and outputs processing signals. All movements on the machine tool originate from the signals output by the control card.

Spindle, also known as “spindle motor”, “electric spindle”, because machining requires tool rotation, the spindle drives the tool to rotate through its own rotation. The main shaft is the main wearing part of the stone engraving machine. It is difficult for non-professionals to repair it on the spot, and it generally needs to be returned to the factory for repair. It is recommended to choose the spindle motor of other well-known brands, with a power of not less than 5.5 kW (including 5.5 kW). Especially for customers who engrave relief and granite stones, please do not choose a low-power spindle.

The frequency converter receives the rotation signal sent by the computer, outputs variable current, and drives the spindle to work. Two domestic and easy-to-use inverter brands are recommended, “Sifang Inverter” and “Delta Inverter”.

Working voltage, the voltage when the machine is connected to the power supply, mainly uses 380 volts three-phase electricity and 220 volts single-phase electricity.

The drive motor is responsible for the power output of the engraving machine in all directions. There are four common types: stepper motor, hybrid servo motor, domestic servo motor, and imported servo motor. To drive the motor, I suggest customers to do what they can, not blindly. When choosing a motor with good working principle but poor quality, it often fails, which brings considerable trouble to the user.

The driver is matched with the drive motor to output current and motion signals for the drive motor.

The guide rail and the slider guide the movement direction of each part of the machine, and the rolling motion is adopted to reduce the movement resistance. The guide rails used on the engraving machine mainly include circular guide rails and square guide rails. The first-tier brands are all genuine steel rails imported from Taiwan Shangyin and Yintai, the second-tier ones are imported genuine square rails from Taiwan TBI and CSK, and the third-tier ones are domestic square rails, including imitation rails and self-designed rails. As we all know, Taiwan’s machining and processing technology is very advanced. I don’t completely deny domestic guide rails, but there are many kinds of domestic guide rails in the market, and counterfeit and shoddy products are rampant. In contrast, Taiwan rails are safer.

The rack, the gear of the driving motor meshes with the rack, the motor rotates, and the gear and the rack move relatively. Common are straight teeth, helical teeth, herringbone teeth and so on.

Screw, screw drive and rack drive are the common transmission methods of engraving machine. The rotation of the lead screw drives the movement of the machine parts. Most heavy duty stone engraving machines are rack-mounted machines. The X axis (left and right direction) and Y axis (front and rear direction) are driven by rack, and the Z axis (up and down direction) is driven by screw rod. The reason why the lead screw is more important is that the quality of the lead screw affects the accuracy of the Z up and down movement, and the second is that once the lead screw is damaged, disassembly and assembly are more troublesome. Recommend Taiwan Intime and Taiwan TBI brands.

The cables connect the various circuit elements of the machine. The cables are mainly drive motor cables and spindle motor cables. It is recommended to choose towline cables of well-known brands, such as the super-flexible shielded towline cables of Shanghai Yichu.

Common gearboxes and reducers on engraving machines. The reducer has high precision and smooth operation, but it is expensive. At present, more than 95% of engraving machines in my country use gearboxes to reduce speed. If it is assembled, it is more durable, low cost and cost-effective. I hope customers can do what they can, no matter what kind of products they buy, choosing accessories with good types but poor quality is far less reliable than choosing accessories that are economical and stable.

The Z-axis tightening method refers to the connecting and tightening method between the Z-axis drive motor shaft and the upper end of the lead screw. Commonly used are pulley tensioning and direct coupling tensioning.

The power distribution cabinet is where the main electrical components of the stone engraving machine are assembled. Common ones are independent cabinets and computer cabinets.

Pulley, when the engraving machine feeds, the stone can be pushed on the pulley to reduce the resistance.

A switch, the part of a circuit that turns current on and off by turning it “on” and “off.”

The above is about the configuration details of the large stone engraving machine. If you still have questions about the large stone engraving machine, you can continue to pay attention to us, we will continue to update you.

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