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Laser engraving machine, as the name suggests, is an advanced equipment that uses laser to engrave materials that need to be engraved. Laser engraving machines are different from traditional manual engraving methods such as mechanical engraving machines. Mechanical engraving machines use mechanical means, such as extremely hard materials such as diamond, to engrave other things. What are the requirements for a laser engraver when setting up the machine?

CO2 laser cutting machineDot matrix engraving Dot matrix engraving is exactly the same as high-definition dot matrix printing. The laser head swings left and right, engraving a line composed of a series of points each time, and then the laser head moves up and down at the same time to engrave multiple lines, finally forming a full-page image or text. Scanned graphics, text and vector graphics can be engraved using dot matrix.

Unlike lattice engraving, vector cutting is performed on the outer contour of the graphic. We usually use this mode to cut through wood, acrylic, paper and other materials, and can also mark the surface of various materials.

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Laser engraving machine brand ranking

Engraving speed: Engraving speed refers to the speed at which the laser head moves, usually expressed in IPS (inches per second). High speed brings high productivity. Speed is also used to control the depth of cut, for a particular laser intensity, the slower the speed, the greater the depth of cut or engraving. You can use the engraving machine panel to adjust the speed, or you can use the computer’s operating software to adjust the speed. From 1% to 100%, adjust to 1%. The motor’s advanced motion control system allows you to obtain ultra-fine engraving quality during high-speed engraving.

Engraving strength: Engraving strength refers to the strength of the laser irradiated on the surface of the material. For a given engraving speed, the greater the intensity, the greater the depth of the cut or engraving. The intensity can be adjusted using the engraving machine panel or the operating software of the computer. From 1% to 100%, adjust to 1%. The higher the intensity, the lower the speed. The depth of the cut is also deeper.

1325 CO2 Laser Engraver Machine

Spot size: The spot size of the laser beam can be adjusted by using lenses of different focal lengths. Small spot lens for high resolution engraving. A lens with a large spot is used for lower resolution engraving, but for vector cutting it is the best choice.

CO2 laser cutting machine_non-metal laser cutting machine, cutting bed CO2 engraving machine, the standard worktable size is 1325, which can meet the engraving and cutting needs of large panel materials such as wood and acrylic. Using the most advanced DSP control technology in the world, the first-class continuous and fast curve cutting function and the shortest processing path optimization function have greatly improved the work efficiency. Adopt high-precision rack, smooth operation.

Product features of laser engraving machine

High precision – using Taiwan printed linear guide, high precision.

Using Beijing thermal stimulation lamp and laser power supply, it has long life, good cutting/engraving effect and strong power.

Four worktables are available: electric lift table, fixed honeycomb table, fixed flat table and fixed knife table.

Online and offline operation: transfer data from computer to machine via USB cable or directly via USB stick.

Strong rigidity – the thickness of the body is 2.0mm, which can effectively ensure that the machine will not deform for 30 months.

USB 2.0 interface, stable and fast transmission speed, suitable for notebook computers.

Support data output of three software: LaserCutEngrave, AutoCAD, CorelDraw.

Mass storage: 128Mb memory capacity.

DSP control system.

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