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4 Process CNC Cabinet Making Machine iGC-4AP

Item No.:Nesting CNC Router Machine-iGC-iGC-4AP

The pneumatic 4 process cabinet cnc machine is a multi-function automatic CNC nesting machine, which integrates cutting, chamfering, relief, hollowing, punching, slotting and other processes, while meeting the processing requirements of cabinet doors and cabinets.

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The spindel of our multi spindle CNC router for sale is 2pcs of 6kw and 2 pcs of 4.5kw high frequency spindle. This 4 spindle can change spindel (cutter)automatic. You only need to save the position of the cutters in the tool path, then the system could realize the cutter auto changing according to the cutter code. And Fully programmable speeds from 6000 to 18000 RPM of this 4 spindle machineThis spindle also comes with a pneumatic telescopic vacuum cover. While ensuring the quality, this precision spindle basically does not require much maintenance.

Stable Working Sturcture Of CNC Machine Kitchen Cabinets

As a drilling milling machine,a strong and stable structure is very important,because this machine has 4 spindle,it need to process many material in a very stable environment.So the gantry and base frame of our 4 spindle CNC router is made of tubular steel.and the entire length of the column is welded with reinforcing ribs to achieve a stable beam Components.The Gantry uprights of this machine are cast iron with heavy duty gussets formed into the casting. Each support is machined for housing the various drive assemblies including motors, bearings, belts, and wiring harnesses.Moreover the base frame has a long service life after precision welding.

Nesting CNC Router Machine Details

4 Processes CNC Router For Cabinet Features:

1.Pneumatic system cabinet cnc machine with ATC function is used for wood working factory. It can change tools automatically

2.Vacuum table using high-density material with great suction strength, comfortably accommadating all sizes of work piece.

3.NC studio control system is simple, convenient and easy to learn, users can quickly get the fleciblity to master the use of equipment, strong independence.

4.The frame adopts the gantry column structure, the machine parts are produced and assembled with extremely high precision to ensure the high performance and stability of the machine, excellent quality and tolerance.

Application Industry Of CNC Router Cabinet Making  Machine:

Panel furniture, Cabinet, wardrobe, Customized furniture, Office furniture and Interior doors and sliding doors, Cabinet door panel and other industries.

Main Function of CNC Router Cabinets Machine:

 Automatic tool change, Cutting, Milling, Hollowing, Slotting, Drilling, etc.

CNC Woodworking Machine-07

Furniture Production Line

Furniture Banding Edge

Woodworking industry


Wooden Door Processing

CNC Woodworking Router-6

Furniture Making

nesting CNC machine Application_21

Wooden Furniture Processing

1325 Wood Cutting Machine

Cabinet Door Processing

1325 Wood Cutting Machine

Wooden Crafts Relief

1325 Wood Cutting Machine

Acrylic Cutting

Customized furniture, wardrobes, cabinets, kitchen cabinets, panel furniture, cabinet doors, cabinets, game cabinets, cloakroom cabinets, wine cabinets, office furniture, melamine board furniture cabinets, wood-based panel furniture cabinets, particle board furniture cabinets, plywood cabinet furniture, solid wood Plug-in panel furniture, bookcases, storage cabinets, chest of drawers, living room furniture, bedroom furniture, children’s furniture, study furniture, dining tables, dining chairs, coffee tables, Nordic furniture, modern furniture, blockboard furniture, MDF cabinets, oak boards Furniture, disassembly and assembly furniture.

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Strict Quality Control System

Advanced testing equipment are used, such as: dynamic balance tester, CNC high precision machining machine, 3D measuring machine; iGOLDENCNC has established a complete and strict quality control system, including 48-hour running test and 72-hour aging test, to ensure the excellent quality of our machines.


The CNC Nesting Machine is a kind of panel furniture production line. It is a smart CNC solution for customized furniture production for panel furniture making, wardrobe making, cabinet door making, cabinet body making, closet door making, home door making, home decoration, cabinets making, home furniture making, sofa making, bed making, desk making, shop, and office furniture making.
In the furniture production process, the Intelligent CNC nesting machines can realize the totally automatically working, including automatic paste barcode, wood board automatic feeding, hole drilling, slotting, board cutting, automatic uploading, automatic retrieval processes for cutting the side hole, slot on the back, back hole drilling, the whole furniture production process don’t need human judgment, and the nesting CNC machine can process automatically, getting rid of the dependence of woodworking professional and technical workers. Besides, using the automatic feeding CNC nesting machine instead of the traditional table cutting saw or precision cutting saw, to prevent the occurrence of work-related injuries, the health of employees is guaranteed.

The nesting CNC machine is also known as CNC nesting machine, CNC nesting machining center, nesting CNC router, panel furniture production line, CNC wood cutting machine, CNC furniture machines, CNC cabinet machines, CNC router furniture, CNC cut wood machine, CNC router cutters, cabinet door making machine, CNC router for wood cutting, CNC wood cutting machine for sale, CNC router cabinets, cabinet door machine for sale, wood cutting CNC router machine, wood cutting CNC, CNC machine for wood cutting, CNC router cabinet, CNC router cabinet doors, CNC router cabinet making, CNC cabinet machine for sale, cabinet door, CNC machine, cabinet CNC, CNC machine for cabinet making, CNC router plywood cutting, CNC router kitchen cabinets, best CNC router for cabinet making, cabinet making CNC machine, cabinet making CNC, CNC for cabinet making, CNC computer cabinet, cabinet door CNC machine, CNC machine for the cabinet shop, CNC wood cutter machine.

The working path is automatically generated by the CAD/CAM software of the CNC wood cutting machine. Through the intelligent design software(Cabinet Version, Haixun, etc. ) to split single 3D modeling, it can realize the real effect of map rendering. The customized furniture’s shape and size will be seen clearly at a glance. After the automatic assembly generated a single panel report and hardware statements and outputs all sheet drawing formats (DXF format drawing is a common format, it can be open in all the CNC router operation software), each piece of wood plate holes, slots are automatically generated. Through the optimization by the automatic layout software to optimize the layout and generate the processing path —NC program, to maximize the use of the raw materials. It can completely mass production of customized furniture, semi-finished products processing can be clearly distinguished, not easy to confuse for the worker. The convey belt uploading table has two laser radiation sensors, when the workpiece arrives at the sensor, the conveyance will stop automatically. When the worker takes off the workpieces from the table, the convey continues to run until the sensor detects the next workpieces. The CNC wood cutting machine also can reduce labor, improve the utilization of raw materials, greatly reduce production costs.

Panel furniture production lines include automatic labeling row drilling and cutting center, customized cabinet and wardrobe smart hole machine, CNC six-sided drilling, CNC panel saw, cabinet intelligent connection, cabinet and wardrobe molded door line, multiple six-sided drilling and cutting machine connections, production process planning and design, solid wood assembly machining center.

Many customers have used traditional CNC wood routers before using nesting CNC machines. Previously, they were mainly used to cut special shapes or make some hollow lattices, cabinet door milling and other processes. From the functional principle to the appearance of the machine, the CNC wood router is similar to the nesting CNC machine, but in fact the main function of the CNC wood router is for carving, and the main function of the nesting CNC machine is for cutting.

1. Although the ordinary CNC wood router can open materials, its bed structure and mechanical parts determine that it cannot be used for long-term cutting work, otherwise it will cause bed deformation and lower and lower mechanical accuracy;

2. Machine configuration: CNC wood routers generally use stepping motors and ordinary Weihong systems. The nesting CNC machine generally adopts Japanese Yaskawa or Taiwan Delta high-speed servo drive system, and Taiwan’s new generation control system, so the cost difference is very large.

3. The control system used is different. The nesting CNC machine can cooperate with many design and layout optimization cutting software, which can greatly improve the utilization rate of the plate, and the software can automatically split the order and automatically open the material. The operation is simple and the production can be achieved. This is ordinary Unmatched by CNC wood router;

4. The bed structure and accessories used by the cutting machine are much higher than that of the CNC wood router, which can adapt to the long-time cutting work, and the speed is very fast;

5. Save labor. The excellent nesting CNC machine can cooperate with automatic feeding, unloading, automatic labeling and other automation systems to truly realize automatic production, and one person can complete the operation;

6. The dust collection function of the cutting machine is much stronger than that of the engraving machine, and the dust removal effect is better;

7. The cutting machine is a numerical control device with more detection and fault tolerance mechanisms, and is simple to operate. Ordinary workers can complete the operation after simple training.

The working path is automatically generated by the software. Through the intelligent design software to split single 3D modeling,it can realize the real effect of map rendering. Customized furniture shape and size at a glance. After the automatic assembly generated a single panel report and hardware statements, and outputs all sheet drawing format (DXF format drawings belonging to a common format, it can be open in all the CNC router software), each piece of plate holes, slots are automatically generated. Through the optimization by the automatic layout software to optimize the layout and generate the processing path (NC program), to maximize use of raw materials. It can completely mass production of customized furniture, semi-finished products processing can be clearly distinguished, not easy to confuse. It can reduce labor, improve the utilization of raw materials, greatly reduce production costs. In the convey belt uploading table, it has two laser radiation sensor, when the workpiece arrival to the sensor, the convey will stop automatically. When the worker take off the workpieces,the convey continue to run until the sensor detect next workpieces.

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