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Granite & Marble 5 Axis CNC Bridge Saws Cutting Machine

Item No.:5 Axis Stone CNC Cutting Bridge Saw iGS-B

5 axis CNC stone cutting bridge saw adopts an automatic computer control system, which can realize manual programming or CNC programming and other programming methods to automatically complete cutting operations. It can conveniently perform horizontal cutting, longitudinal cutting, arc cutting, elliptical cutting, round cutting, arbitrary angle cutting, concave-convex edging, shaped cutting, special-shaped processing and more occasions with powerful functions.

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CNC machine Stone cutting is a good expert in processing stone(granite/quartz/marble and so on). Main motor with frequency converter is good for cutting different thickness slabs. Main spare parts of machine adopt imported well-quality famous brand material. Our company has a history of more than 30 years in the field of stone machinery, and our products have been well received good feedback by customers at home and abroad. We have rich experience in stone processing and can also provide you with free consultation.

5 Axis CNC Bridge Saws Cutting Machine with automatic head rotation to perform straight cuts in all directions. Manual or automatic head tilt from 90° to 0° for tilted and horizontal cutting with special connection for mounting core drills. High precision head motion on linear guides with recirculating ball slides.

Stone CNC bridge saw

5 Axis Bridge Saw for Slate Cutting Details

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(Option)3D Laser Measuring Scanner for Stone Kitchen Bathroom Countertop

  1. Collect laser point distance data,
  2. Project double angle and dots sequence,
  3. Construct a closed plane
  4. Click to eliminate right Angle intersections
  5. Dimension each side, distance unit is mm, allowing manual modification
  6. Water back, hang down, the default color is highlighted and the length is calculated automatically. The value can be manually modified, allowing you to click on each edge to add or delete.
  7. Set basic parameters manually
  8. The opening mode is divided into circle, rectangle, ellipse, input manual data, display in table position.
  9. Export DXF file, can be connected to CAD system.

Advantages of CNC Bridge Saw Machine

1. Customizable according to customer requirements.

2. Monoblock structure for easy installation (does not require foundation).

3. Automatic head rotation; Manual or CNC controlled head tilt from 90 to 0 degrees.

4. Precision Stone Cutting: extremely accurate and consistent stone sawing.

5. Simple to Operate: it is capable of fully automatic operation or can be operated in a semi-automatic mode to give the operator full control of sawing operations.

6. 1/2” gas connection for mounting core drills and perform an automatic drilling cycle to easily cut corners and remove the tension from the sintered material plates.

7. Pre-loaded parametric figures such as hexagon, octagon, kitchen top, trapezium, polygon, etc.

8. Profiling environment of the CNC to create artistic frames and decorations.

9. Italian ESA operating systemn and Italian Pegasus CAD CAM drawing software.

10. Schneider power switch,Siemens contactor, Siemens breaker, Schneider intermediate relay etc.

11. Monobloc structure bridge saw will be easy for installation and loaded inside 20 foot container as a whole. 



Good quality steel is used as the mechanical parts and reliable electric parts are used to guarantee high reliability & durability.


1. Crossbeam movement (Y-axis) along linear guide way with high precision.

2. Z-axis movement by lead screw.

3. Magnetic ruler is adopted for slicing measure.

4. Laser device for accurate alignment.


1. Touch screen contral panel and all 3D movement is controlled by micro computer to realize automatic operation available.

2. Both manual and automatic operation available.

3. Worktable can rotate 90° or 360° (optional).


It can do chamfer cut, straight cut, arc cut, arc cutting, shape cut, milling, drilling, line cut, and edging. With optional sensor, profiling function can be added.

The stone bridge cutting machine is composed of a mainframe, an auxiliary frame, a workbench, a power system, a hydraulic system, and an electric control system. The stone is placed on the workbench and is moved by the X-axis and Y-axis to achieve the required position. Under the action of the hydraulic system, the stone is slowly cut by the blade to achieve the desired shape.

We first prepare a special wrench for the cutting machine, align the protruding part of the wrench with the hole on the cutting and rotate the wrench to loosen the hole, then we press the button on the back of the cutting machine to unscrew the cutting piece and replace it with a new cutting piece , And then tighten the cutting blade holder. Whether we are tightening the cutting disc or the holder, we need to press and hold the button on the back of the cutting machine, and then tighten it.

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