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Kitchen Countertop Granite Stone Cutting Bridge Saw

Item No.:5 Axis Stone Cutting Bridge Saw iGS-B

The bridge cutting machine has the advantages of high cutting efficiency, high cutting precision, high stability and easy operation, etc. It is especially suitable for cutting high-value and large-sized granite and marble slabs.

Category: CNC Router>>Stone Engraving Machine
Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month
Price Range: $10000-$16000

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We specialize in manufacturing 5-axis stone cutting bridge saw . Granite stone cutting cnc is the new generation multi-function processing machine which is associated to be designed and manufactured. With pattern operation and advanced intelligent control system and synchronous CNC control system, the machine can be easily operated without knowing complicated CNC knowledge. This machine can be used to realize some advanced functions like: Camera function—positioning typesetting, automatic measurement of plate thickness and tool size, the machine head can rotate 360 degrees and chamfer 90 degree. It can cut, drill, slot, dig round, mill, profile edge, open basin hole, stove hole, slash cutting and other multi-functional integration, with high-quality motor, high precision and fast speed. It is suitable for quartz stone, rock slab, artificial stone, granite, marble and other large, medium and small stone decoration projects.

Stone CNC bridge saw

Automatic bridge saws is an automatic stone machining equipment that can complete the processing of pentahedron special-shaped curved surfaces at one time through five-axis linkage control, that is, three linear moving axes and two rotating axes.

Stone Cutting Bridge Saw Details

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Stone Cutting Bridge Saw Features

1) 4 axis lnterpolation and 1 axis electronic control with Italian CNC Esa system.
2) Easy to use interface with 19″ color touch-screen.
3) Blade can rotate 0°-360° and tilt 90° for any any direction’s and any angle’s chamfering cutting.
4) Working platform can tilt 85 degrees, easy for slabs loading.
5) Easy for loading, unloading and installation due to monoblock structure with size suitable for container.
6) Manual cuts available for simple machining.7) Nesting manual / automatic to optimize slab surface usage
8) Optional – Vacumm manipulator for workpieces handling.
9) Optional – Photo slab for nesting and avoiding defects.
10) Optional – Vein match for easily matching up perfectly each vein,color at the seam of your project.

Characteristic Of Stone Cutting Bridge Saw :

1. Powerful 4 kW motor with adjustable speed.
2. Full graphic operation with photo typesetting. What you see is what you will get.
3. Support cutting, milling, edge grinding, profiling and laser fixed pointing drawing.

4. With vacuum carriers for moving the slab, tools and slab thicknesses measurement.
5. High processing accuracy by using precise guide rail and rack.

Stone Bridge Saw Machine Parameter:

Model iGS-B
Working table size 3000*2000mm
Overall size 4500*2280*2100mm
X-axis working stroke 3000mm
Y-working stroke 2000mm
Z-working stroke 260mm
A-working stroke 360°free rotation
Pneumatic ball easy to move marble
Reversal table for easy loading
Control system Control system
The machine head automatically flips 0-45-90 degrees
X/Y axis cutting speed X/Y axis cutting speed
Z axis cutting speed Z axis cutting speed
A cutting speed 0-7r/min
Cutting thickness 100mm
Processing precision 350mm
Red light positioning Included (Infrared cutting reference)
Programming method 1 Manual programming
Programming method 2 Image input
Control method CNC
Power 4000W
Working voltage 380V/50HZ
R.P.M 2800r/min
Weight 2500kg

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CNC Automatic Bridge Saws Application Fileds:

5 axis CNC Stone Granite Bridge Saw is ideal cnc saw cutting machine & router machine. Built-in CAM software and rotable worktable saving human labor and unloading time. Good choice for cutting slabs of quartz, marble, granite and stone, etc.

Stone industry: stone, quartz stone cutting, tombstone, jade and marble products.
Kitchen bathroom industry: faux marble cabinet table surface, bathtub, washbasin, dressing table, ceramic tile, etc.

Automatic Rounding

Sink Processing

Marble Carving

Furniture Decoration

Stone machine processing

Marble Cutting

Jade Making

Furniture Decoration Making

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Strict Quality Control System

Advanced testing equipment are used, such as: dynamic balance tester, CNC high precision machining machine, 3D measuring machine; iGOLDENCNC has established a complete and strict quality control system, including 48-hour running test and 72-hour aging test, to ensure the excellent quality of our machines.


The main control components are all international famous brand components, the crossbeam adopts oil diffuse double V track, the transverse cutter adopts stepless speed regulation, the longitudinal sharding mechanism USES high precision magnetic counting, which ensure the working precision of the machine. The saw blade automatically tilts 45 degrees, the table rotates 360 degrees every 45 degrees automatically positioning, can jump positioning, with any Angle position and car, can cut rectangle, octagonal, circular arc, circular, large Angle.

The stone CNC machining center usually refers to the large-sized CNC router machine for marble, granite, artificial stone, granite, slate, and other artificial stones processing. One CNC stone engraving machine can realize processes such as circular arc water-blocking grinding and polishing, countertop basin hole cutting, edging, Roman edge grinding and polishing, cutting and cutting of special-shaped plates, and processing of drain tank. We also have the CNC bridge saw for sale, which combines the cutting tools and a saw blade to realize CNC stone cutting, engraving, and carving of quartz, marble, granite, ceramic tiles, etc. Our quartz CNC machine and 5 axis stone CNC machine are widely used in house decoration, construction, advertising, mold, crafts and other fields. Contact us to get the latest quote of stone CNC machine price.

Our stone CNC routers can do three-dimensional relief, pointed bottom engraving, flat bottom engraving, line carving, inverted edge, drilling, embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching, surface treatment, table milling and so on. The applicable materials include marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone, ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC board, aluminum-plastic board, bamboo, agate, jade, man-made materials, synthetic materials, etc. Main features: fast speed, high precision, strong stability, low noise, and long service life.

A 5 axis CNC router is an industrial cutting tool that handles stone, wood, steel, plastic, and corrugated materials. Applications include construction projects, custom cabinetry, and countertop production. These machines allow rapid completion of custom building products, as well as copies, increasing the efficiency of your business. Like all CNC routers, a 5 axis router has a built-in computer system to guide cutting. Users enter their designs into the system, and the router automatically follows the instruction series to carve the workpiece. This reduces the workload on the operator while improving the accuracy and speed of project completion. Users have the option of manual operation when needed.

Granite Cutting Machine

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