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Stone CNC Router Cutting & Engraving Machine

The stone router machine can complete functions of engraving, carving, cutting, milling, and polishing of granite, quartz, marble, tombstone, ceramic tiles, and other artificial stones. Therefore, we also call it marble CNC router, marble carving machine, granite CNC router, CNC granite cutting machine for sale, quartz stone machine, etc. Our stone CNC machine for sale includes 3 axis stone router, 4 axis stone CNC engraving machine, and 5 axis stone CNC machine. In addition, machine specifications of the CNC router machine for stone can be customized to meet your specific processing requirements and demands.

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Stone CNC Machine for Granite & Marble

Stone CNC machine is an automatic power tool with computer numerical control for stone machining with hobbyists or industrial commercial use. Stone CNC machines have functions of carving, engraving, cutting and polishing for marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, ceramic tiles. However, the stone CNC machine is able to solve all the problems mentioned above. So we often call them the stone carving machine, stone engraving machine, CNC stone cutting machine, quartz cutting machine, marble engraving machine, etc.

Our stone CNC routers can do three-dimensional relief, pointed bottom engraving, flat bottom engraving, line carving, inverted edge, drilling, embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching, surface treatment, table milling and so on. The applicable materials include marble, granite, jade, bluestone, black stone, ceramics, glass, plexiglass, PVC board, aluminum-plastic board, bamboo, agate, jade, man-made materials, synthetic materials, etc. Main features: fast speed, high precision, strong stability, low noise, and long service life.

CNC Stone Carving Machine

CNC Stone Engraving Machine

We are offering Stone Engraving CNC Router Machine. There are different types of machines with variant bed sizes depending upon the processing materials to used like wood , metal & stone.

Our cnc router stone engraving machine can do three-dimensional relief, pointed bottom engraving, flat bottom engraving, line carving, inverted edge, drilling, embossing, lettering, hollowing out, cutting, seamless stitching.

Marble granite stone engraving cnc router machine has the characteristics of high efficiency, mechanization, and high automation. It can meet the requirements of personalized home decoration and tooling art design. It is a good choice for decoration company, handicraft industry, stone industry, inscription industry, and ceramic company.

CNC Stone Cutting Machine

CNC stone cutting machine can process materials of different sizes, specially designed for various stone processing, such as marble, granite, sandstone, jade, quartz, etc. The 5 axis cnc stone cutting machine adopts dual independent spindles, which can carry out engraving, cutting, milling, and other processes to meet the requirements of personalized home decoration and tooling art design. The rotary saw can realize high-speed cutting of stone and improve work efficiency.

5 axis cnc stone cutting machine is an automatic stone machining equipment that can complete the processing of pentahedron special-shaped curved surfaces at one time through five-axis linkage control, that is, three linear moving axes and two rotating axes.

Best CNC Stone Router for Sale

Stone CNC machine for three-dimensional relief and line carving, cutting, beveling, drilling, carving and other processing of marble, granite, bluestone, sandstone, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tile, floor tile and other materials.

5 Axis Stone CNC Machine

5 axis CNC stone cutting machine. It combines the CNC router bits and a cutting saw to realize multiple advanced cutting and milling functions. This CNC bridge saw can cut the stone slabs in any angle by adjusting the angle of the saw blade. With optimized CNC software, the CNC bridge saw is simple to learn and operate.5 axis cnc stone engraving machine

Application of the stone CNC machine

The stone CNC machine is widely used in construction, decoration, inscription technology, stone carving art, models, kitchen and bathroom countertop, handicrafts and other industries.

A stone engraving machine can engrave multiple stones. For example, granite, marble, sandstone slab, limestone, ceramic tile, quartz, and various artificial stones. The granite carving machine can complete relief engraving, letters and patterns engraving, hollow-out engraving, cutting, milling, and other processes.

The quartz stone CNC machining center integrates the functions of cutting, edging, drilling, polishing, chamfering, and engraving. It mainly processes the quartz stone, marble, granite, artificial stone, slate, and other stone materials. The CNC quartz and marble cutting machine is widely used in forming and polishing kitchen countertops, bathroom countertops, stone coffee tables, special-shaped bar counters, basin holes and arc water blocking.

Tombstone engraving machine
Stone engraving machine

Do you have a thought to DIY or buy a multifunction Stone Engraving Machine? Browse the 2022 new Stone Cutting Machine buyer’s guide as follows, we’ll provide you with the competitive Granite Cutting Machine of 2022 with expert customer service to satisfied your requirements.

What is a Stone Engraving Machine?

CNC stone engraving machine is a numerically controlled machine controlled by computer. It is mainly used for carving, embossing, cutting and polishing all kinds of stone materials.

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Compared with metal milling processing or wood milling processing, stone milling processing will take more time and maybe processed at the speed of 2-3mm per second. The higher the hardness, the slower the processing speed.

CNC stone engraving machine includes economical CNC stone engraving machine with single spindle, upgraded CNC stone carving machine with dual-spindle, kitchenware stone machining centre, 3D stone machining centre and stone bridge cutter.

CNC stone engraving machine, also known as stone engraving equipment, stone cutting machine, stone engraving tools, granite engraving machine, granite cutting machine, rock engraving machine, stone carving machine, marble engraving machine, CNC stone carving machine.

How does the Stone Engraving Machine work?

CNC stone engraving machine, installed with the special design software in the computer, for finishing the graphics and character design, layout, automatically generate processing path information, then through the USB interface or other data transmission interface to transmit tool path data to single-chip microcomputer, CNC system receives tool path data, completes display and user interaction and other functions. A specific algorithm is used to transform the input path information into NC information. The controller converts the information into driving signal of a stepper motor or servo motor (pulse train) to control the cutter of X, Y, Z three axis of the engraving machine.

At the same time, milling processing can be used to engrave all kinds of graphic or 3D(three-dimensional) graphics words on the computer, so as to realize automatic carving.

How is a Stone Engraving Machine used?

The stone engraving machine is applicable for granite, marble, sandstone, jade, brick, red brick, tile, bluestone, crystal stone, microcrystalline stone, Mongolia black, Songhua stone, various of artificial stone, aluminium, copper, iron, and other soft metals.

The shape of Machinable materials: plates, multiplanar columns, cuboid and polyhedron which have at least two planes (one plane contacts the machine table, and then the stone is fixed by means of fixed tools, the other plane is that engraving the pattern surface).

Carving processing: relief, garland, diaglyph, carving, milling, wave plate, hollow carving, cutting, polishing.

Engraving depth: hardness small jade(white marble, artificial marble): 6-8cm can be processed at a time; hardness higher stone (granite, topaz): 1-4cm can be processed at a time. If relief requires more depth can be layered under the knife (0 to 4 cm, for the first time the second began to walk 4 to 8 cm; In this way, each processing depth of the cutter should be less than 4cm.

Stone industry: stone, quartz stone cutting, tombstone, jade and marble products.

Kitchen bathroom industry: faux marble cabinet table surface, bathtub, washbasin, dressing table, ceramic tile, etc.

Art decoration industry: crafts, jewellery boxes, gift boxes and other crafts.

Woodworking: chairs, doors and windows, beds, cabinets, classical furniture, European furniture, sculpture.

Mould industry: copper, aluminium, building models, shoe moulds, badges, relief moulds, food moulds, artificial marble, plastic, PVC, wood, foam.

Advertising industry: billboard, signage, logo, company signage, logo, display board, house number, decoration, 3D character.

What’s the worktable size of the 3 axis CNC Router?

4×6, 4×8, 5×10 and 6×12 in feet;

48×96, 60×120, 80×120, and 80×160 in inch;

9015, 1325, 1530, 1825, 2030 and 2040 in milometer.

Of course, the worktable size can be customized as your requirements.

Guide for cutting tools of the stone engraving machine.

We know that because of the hardness of the stone, the user information of the stone carving tool has a very high demand, so usually the price of the stone tool is relatively expensive, but it is still relatively simple and damaged, so the tool becomes the cost of the stone carving machine in normal use. The highest part, so how to use the stone carving tool correctly to make it the maximum extended life?

  1. Pay attention to the guessability of the process function and cutting function of stone carving tools. To facilitate manufacturing, tool data is required to have outstanding process functions. With the development of processing automation, cutting functions such as tool wear and tool durability are required to have outstanding cutting functions guessability.
  2. Pay attention to the economics of stone carving tools. Economics is one of the important goals of tool information. Although some tools are quoted at a high price, their lifespan is also very long. It cannot be cheap.
  3. Pay attention to the high hardness and wear resistance of the stone carving tool. Hardness is the basic characteristic of the stone tool data, and its hardness must be greater than the hardness of the workpiece data to be able to cut the data from the workpiece. Event data resists the ability to resist wear. In general, the higher the hardness of the tool data, the better the wear resistance. The finer the grain and the more uniform the data, the better the wear resistance.
  4. Pay attention to the strength and durability of the stone carving. The tool data must have sufficient strength and durability so that the tool can work normally without collapsing under the conditions of receiving a lot of pressure and showing impact and oscillation during the cutting process. Blade and break.
  5. Pay attention to the high heat resistance of the stone carving tool. The tool information adheres to the functions of hardness, wear resistance, strength and resistance under high-temperature conditions. The higher the high-temperature hardness of the tool information, the better the cutting function of the tool, which is agreed The cutting speed is also higher. In addition to the high-temperature hardness, the tool data should also have oxidation resistance, anti-adhesion resistance and dispersion resistance at high temperatures.

Matters needing attention in stone engraving machine.

  1. Working environment:

Stone carving machine for high-tech electromechanical integration equipment, the working environment has certain requirements.

>Avoid equipment that seriously affects engraving machine signal transmission, such as electric welding machine, transmitter tower;

>Use three-core power supply to ensure good grounding of engraving machine and reduce;

>Voltage should be stable to avoid large fluctuations, and it is better to use a voltage;

>The machine shall not work for long in the environment of strong acid and strong.

  1. Maintenance and maintenance:

>Theengraving machine is mainly used for processing business, which produces more powder and dust, so it is necessary to pay attention to the maintenance of the engraving machine and the engraving machine. Engraving machine operators to timely cleaning, refuelling, no live plug;

>Engraving machine has many engraving software for For example Mastercam, Wen Tai, Casemate-pro, Artcam, Caixa, Smartcam, Type3, etc., in order to meet your carving requirements, please choose the correct operation software.

3. Processing problems:

>Rationality of the processing technology:

In addition to the engraving machine to ensure the processing accuracy, reasonable processing technology is also very important. In order to ensure the processing accuracy,  please pay attention to the rationality of the processing technology.


Because the manufacturing process and precision of the tool itself affect the machining accuracy. Therefore, please choose the tool suitable for machining.


Operator proficiency and sense of responsibility and a great influence on machining accuracy. The operating personnel requirements of our clients have skilled computer operation foundation, main should be skilled in the process of training according to different quantity to select different engraving speed and use a different tool, it often needs to experience accumulation, grasp well, is of great benefit to extend the service life of machine and cutting tool.

Daily maintenance of stone carving machine.

  1. The stone carving machine shall run continuously for less than 10 hours a day to ensure the cleaning of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump, and the water-cooled spindle motor shall never be short of  The cooling water shall be replaced regularly to prevent the water temperature from being too high.
  2. After the stone carving machine is used every time, pay attention to cleaning, be sure to clean up the dust on the platform and transmission system, lubricate and lubricate the transmission system (X.Y.Z triaxial) regularly (weekly);
  3. If the stone carving machine is not used for a long time, it should be refuelling regularly(weekly) to ensure the flexibility of the transmission system;
  4. The stone carving machine shall regularly (according to the usage) clean the dust in the electrical box and check whether the wiring terminal screws are loose to ensure the safe and reliable use of the circuit;
  5. Stone carving machine regularly (according to the use of the situation) check whether the screws are loose in all parts of the

Fault analysis of stone engraving machine in use.

  1. Overpassalarm, indicating that the machine has reached the limit position during operation, please follow the following steps to check:

>Whether the graphic size designed is beyond the processing range;

>Checkwhether the connection line between the machine motor shaft and the lead screw is  If so, tighten the screws;

>Whether the machine and computer are properly grounded;

>Whether the current seat value exceeds the soft limit value range;

>Overrange alarm and discharge.

In the case of overshoot, all the motion axes are automatically set in the inching state. As long as the manual direction key is pressed all the time, the connected motion state can be resumed at any time when the machine leaves the limit position (i.e., the overshoot point switch). When moving the table, pay attention to the direction of movement, must be away from the limit position; Soft limit alarm should be set in coordinates to reset XYZ.

  1. Non-alarm failure:

>If the precision of repeated processing is not enough, check according to item 2 of Article1;

>When the computer is running and the machine does not move,  check  whether the connection head between the computer control card and the electrical box is  If so, insert and tighten the fixing screw;

>If the machine cannot find the signal when returning to the mechanical origin, check according to article 2. Proximity switch failure at the mechanical origin.

3. Outputfault:

>No output, please check whether the computer and the control box are properly connected;

>Openwhether the space in the Settings of engraving manager is full, and delete the files that are not used in the manager;

>Check carefully whether all the signal lines are connected if the wiring is

  1. Carvingfault:

>Whether the screws in each part are loose;

>Check whether the path you processed is correct;

>Whether the file is too large or too large for computer processing errors;

>Increase or decrease spindle speed to adapt to different materials (usually8000-24000).

>Loosenthe chuck of the knife, turn the knife and clamp it in the right direction, so as not to make the carving object unclean;

>Check if the cutter is damaged, replace it with a new one, and re-carve it.

Please contact us directly for more stone carving machine ideas, projects, and plans. We will send the professional application solution of the quartz cutting machine asap.


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