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UV Laser Marking Machine with High Speed

Item No.: iGR-L(UVT)

The UV laser marking machine is specially designed for fine marking, fine cutting and engraving, and micro-processing of special materials. It has a high cost. It is especially suitable for marking, micro-holes, glass materials, and high-speed division of glass materials and silicon wafers carry out complex graphics cutting, etc.

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Response time: Within 1 hour
Supply Ability: 300 sets/month
Price Range: $3800-$6800

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Who is it for?

The UV laser marking machine, with the integrated structure, high precision, high speed, is the best choice for fine marking processing.

Widely used in flexible PCB board marking, marking; Silicon wafer microporous and blind hole processing; LCD glass TWO-DIMENSIONAL code marking, glassware surface punching, metal surface coating marking, plastic keys, electronic components, gifts, communications equipment, construction materials, and so on.

What makes it unique?

With the wide range of applications, the iGM-UV series UV laser marking machine is suitable for different requirements with different working area and different power.

>3w/5w as your requirements;
>High precision, perfect marking result;
>Honey comb table and knife table for optioned;
>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;
>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

Applications of UV Laser Marking Machine

Marking on Glass

Marking on Bottle

Marking on Bath

Marking on Ceramic

Marking on Metal

Marking on Medical

Marking on Mug

Marking on China

Pulse repetition frequency20-200kHz
Pulse width20±2ns@50kHz


Power stability≤3% rms
Cooling methodWater-cooling
Pulse repetition frequency1-150kHz
Pulse width≤16ns@30kHz
Power stability≤3% rms
Cooling methodWater/Air-cooling
Marking line speed<7000mm/s
Mark the smallest line<0.04mm
Minimum character height0.2mm
Operating systemWindows XP/7/8.1/10

Features of UV Laser Marking Machine

Laser Module

Inngu/JPT as your reference.

3w/5w/10w laser power as your requirement.

Stable operation, the lifetime of more than 100,000 hours

Field Lens (Focus Lens)

Singapore Wavelength Focus Lens.

Singapore imported high transmission field lens, small spot, high precision, fast speed, light transmittance above 99%.


Germany Scanlab Galvanometer or Sino-Galvo Galvanometer.

Dual red light high speed and high precision galvanometer, scanning speed up to 2000mm/s.

Taiwan Mean Well Power Supply

Low failure rate, high stability, safe use.

Taiwan Sunon AC Fan

Built-in cooling fan to improve working stability.

Germany Weidmuller Terminal Board

Keep the stable operation of equipment and ensure safe operation.


Standard positioning holes, convenient and quick positioning, multiple flexible screw holes on the worktable, convenient for custom installation of special fixture platform.

Options of UV Laser Marking Machine

Laser Protective Glasses

Laser protective glasses can prevent or reduce laser damage to human eyes. Laser goggles are highly efficient and safe goggles, which are comfortable, beautiful, safe and reliable. Its optical safety performance fully complies with the GJB1762-93 standard. Laser goggles include reflection type and absorption type, which can completely protect specific wavelength laser and glare. It is suitable for various laser devices with visible light transmittance exceeding 70% and optical density above 5.0.

Rotary Connector

Surface marking, cylindrical marking, and rotating fixtures to complete high-precision rotary marking, one machine with multiple functions, meets diverse needs and saves costs.

Rotation Axis

Marking and processing of arc surfaces, such as rings, thermos cups, etc., and an 8-station fixture is optional.

2D Workbench

Fine-tuning for precision machined parts to improve machining accuracy

Focus Method

Optional auto focus and electric lifting structure.

For the fiber laser marker, the price is different according to the configuration. Please contact us for more details.

It depend on the material you want to processing and the running frequency of the machine. Please let us know which material do you want to process.

Hot applications is for most metal material and nonmetal material.

Do you need a catalogue, price or machine working video? Please let us know your name and email, we will send you more information asap.

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