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Automatic Edge Banding Machine

High Quality Woodworking Machinery Edge Banding Machine China

Item No.:Edge Banding Machine China

Industrial edge banding machine China for sale for wood panel, MDF, plywood for furniture making。Entry-Level Automatic Wood Edge Banding Machines for Sale。We offer a complete range of fully auto edge banding equipment for massive production and cheap edge banding machine for small shops. Contact us to obtain the latest quote for the banding machine price.

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The edge banding machine is a kind of woodworking machinery and an important processing flow in the furniture production line. The traditional manual process can be replaced by highly automated machinery, which has the advantages of high processing quality and fast processing efficiency. It has the functions of pre-milling, gluing, end cutting, finishing, foreskin, scraping, coating, polishing and so on. Mainly used for edge banding of medium density fiberboard, wood board, solid wood board, particle board, polymer door panel and plywood.

edge banding machine

This machine is suitable for straight edge banding of solid wood board, fiberboard, particle board and other plate workpieces. The edge banding materials can be solid wood skin, melamine, PVC, veneer, etc. The machine adopts high-quality motors, imported electrical components, serialized products, diversified customer choices, and features high accuracy and high efficiency.

Automatic Edge Banding Machine Details

CNC Wood Edge Banding Machine Features:

1.Full-automatic edge banding machine function include glue,head together,rough repair,refine,Scraping edgeand polishing.

2.Have good shape,reasonable layout,has sound arrester,dust collector and overload protection.

3.The main parts of the machine adopt steel plate by laser cutting,one time welded together,the body is firm and undeformed.

4.Can increase or decrease component structure according to actual demand.

Edge Banding Machine Applications


This machine is suitable for the straight plane edge sealing of MDF, particleboard, woodworking mesh board, solid wood board, etc. The sealing material can be ABS, PVC, veneer, wood strip, or melamine.

Wood Furniture Industry: Wave Plate, fine pattern, antique furniture, wooden door, screen, craft sash, composite gates, cupboard doors, interior doors, sofa legs, headboards and so on.

Thin Veneer Banding

Solid Wood Strip Banding

Solid Wood Banding

PVC Material Banding

PVC Banding

Particle Board Banding

Fiber Board Banding

MDF Board Banding

The Function Of Automatic Edge Banding Machine:

This is a fully automatic edge banding machine. It has the characteristics of delicate and smooth edge banding, good hand feeling, straight and smooth sealing line, and so on. And it is very suitable for the production and use of large and medium-sized furniture, cabinets and other panel furniture.

Pre-milling-gluing-front-to-back flushing-roughing up and down-finishing up and down-anti-tracking front and back-scraping up and down-polishing up and down.

Every edge banding machine from IGOLDEN is solution-oriented and individually tailored to your meet your specific trade and industrial furniture production needs. From the stand-alone machine for the advanced craftsman to complete networked production lines for highly industrialized furniture manufacturers, we are the world’s market leader in covering the entire performance portfolio. We offer a complete range of fully auto edge banding equipment for massive production and cheap edge banding machine for small shops. Contact us to obtain the latest quote for the banding machine price.

iGOLDENCNC, Your best choice

Becoming a customer of iGOLDENCNC, we will cooperate with you on the basis of complete trust and comfort. You will find that we are a reputable supplier and worth your trust. We understand that every customer is valuable, and we will cherish every opportunity to cooperate!

Strict Quality Control System

Advanced testing equipment are used, such as: dynamic balance tester, CNC high precision machining machine, 3D measuring machine; iGOLDENCNC has established a complete and strict quality control system, including 48-hour running test and 72-hour aging test, to ensure the excellent quality of our machines.


1. The parts and the bottom lining must be tight, the edge band and the wood board are tightly combined, and the tear test can be carried out evenly with wood chips. standard;
2. Wood boards and wood boards in the process of processing have no bite marks and obvious glue lines after edge sealing;
3. Avoid scratching the edge band and board during the operation of the equipment;
4. The pressure roller must be free of impurities, and there should be no stains and impurities on the back plate after edge sealing.
5. After the door panel is sealed, the edge of the edge band becomes rounded and smooth, and the side of the edge band is straight and has no waves.

Automatic edge banding machine has many functions, mainly include pre milling, glue, edge, blunt, rough trimming, refinement, tracking, scraping, polishing, slotting, which is characterized by high efficiency, automation, high precision, and beauty. These features are also based on various types of division, some is relatively simple, with glue block, scraping, polishing, finishing, and other functions, some more comprehensive, almost all functions are, these are based on the customer base, to buy sheet.

Our edge banding machine is made in Guangdong Province. We mainly make numerical control equipment. In order to make customers more worry free in training and after-sales, therefore, we can purchase the edge banding machine for you, and also guarantee to maintain the reputation and quality of our company. It will be more cautious and serious for us to choose the manufacturer of edge banding machine. Brand companies can be trusted.

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