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What is the CNC equipment of the full-house customized panel furniture fully automated production line? What is the cutting machine equipment to be need to set up a furniture factory? The main CNC equipment of a fully automatic whole-house customized furniture automation production line is CNC cutting machine + automatic edge banding machine + side hole machine or CNC six-sided drill. If you want to set up a panel furniture factory, these three types of equipment are the same and indispensable.

  CNC woodworking cutting machine is the main equipment for producing customized furniture now. If a worker wants to do his job well, he must first sharpen his tools. Buying a good equipment can not only save production costs, but also improve product quality. Good equipment can make you do more with less spirit. Buying bad equipment will not only cause a high failure rate and delay production, increase production costs, but also affect product quality. , Resulting in a decline in competitiveness, it is really weeping without tears.

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ATC Nesting CNC Furniture Making Machine

The development trend of customized furniture and the popularization of automatic CNC cutting machine equipment will further promote the integration of lighting. Under the current development trend of the customized furniture industry, business managers must continuously improve the management level, further strengthen the integration of industrialization and informatization, and use modernization. Transformation of production technology to transfer production mode to improve resource utilization, reduce production costs, and reduce the rate of defective products. To give full play to the role of industrial clusters, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of product clusters, do a good job in the layout and regulation of the clusters, promote the formation of the furniture industry chain, strengthen the cooperation between the industrial clusters, colleges, and consulting institutions, strengthen professional division, and insist on doing a good job. Public service platform construction, providing related research, quality inspection, etc.

Promote the transformation of enterprises from production-oriented to service-oriented. The transition from production-oriented to service-oriented enterprises is not only a manifestation of the mature development of the industry, but also the inevitable result of industry upgrading. Under the conditions of a mature market economy, the interests of consumers are greatly determined How products are produced and how services are provided. Pure production enterprises cannot fully integrate consumption trends and will gradually lose part of their market shares. Therefore, it is particularly important for enterprises to shift from production to health services.

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