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Wood Engraving And CNC Routing Machines

CNC wood router kits are also known as wood CNC routers, wood CNC machines, CNC woodworking routers, CNC woodworking machines, CNC wood carving machines, CNC wood engraving machines, CNC wood cutting machines, CNC woodworking tools.

Wood Engraving Machines & CNC Routers are perfect for a wide variety of woodworking & wood engraving applications. Our CNC Routing & Engraving Systems can mill, drill, cut, engrave & route different types of wood such as Cedar, Fir, Pine, Redwood Ash, Birch, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Mahogany, Teak, Poplar, Walnut and more. From cutout letters & dimensional signs to cabinets, doors & furniture, our machines offer the flexibility and capability needed for many wood working projects.

• Graphically advance Vision PRO Software allows you to create & engrave or route beautiful & intricate designs

• Increase profits by quickly & accurately creating & reproducing wood products for resale or high volume jobs

• Choose from a range of wood engraving machines sizes allowing for projects as small as wooden rings & bracelets to large wood furniture & doors

• We have a dedicated & knowledgeable technical support team based.

• Manufacturing rugged reliable wood engraving machines in the USA for over 39 years


How is a CNC Router used?

Common wood used for carpentry, furniture, and construction industries are:
Cork: commonly used in woodworking, construction and furniture industries, popular softwood wood such as pine, cedar, cedar, spruce, and mahogany.
Hardwood: usually there are beautiful and unique wooden patterns, used in handicrafts, decoration, and furniture industries, such as oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, walnut, bamboo, and palm.
Artificial wood: also known as composite boards, such as plywood, particleboard, MDF.

Which wood engraving machine is right for you?

All our engravers & CNC routing systems can be used for wood engraving. Application size, shape & production volume are factors in determining which machine is right for you. Contact us today to have one of our technical consultants assist you in finding a wood engraving machine that best fits your needs.

With over 25,000 customers worldwide, our machines are built rugged & backed by a superior customer support team based in the China.


What is a CNC Wood Router?

CNC Wood Router is a wood router machine controlled by the computer. It can process 2D/3D, milling, carving (relief, plane engraving, hollow carving, 3D carving), cutting, slotting and drilling of most popular wood materials and other soft materials, including woodworking crafts, wood carving, wooden marks, wooden toys, wooden gifts, cabinet making, wooden door making, wooden modelling, production of wooden furniture such as wardrobe.

power supply, limit switch and so on. 

CNC Wood Router is also known as wood CNC machine, woodworking CNC router, wood CNC router, CNC wood carving machine, wood CNC cutter, CNC wood milling machine, wood CNC table, CNC wood table, CNC wood router machine, CNC woodcarver, CNC wood engraver, CNC woodcutter, CNC wood cutting machine, c and c wood router, CNC woodworking machine, CNC wood engraver, wood c and c machine.

How does the CNC Wood Router work?

By using CAD or CAM software, the design and typesetting are carried out on the computer, and the generated information is automatically transmitted to the controller of the CNC wood router by the computer. Then the controller converts the information into a power signal (pulse train) which can drive the stepper motor or servo motor and controls the movement path of the X, Y and Z three axes of the CNC wood router host.

The high-speed spindle on the wood router machine, connected with the bits(cutting tools) suitable for processing the specified materials, then processing the material which fixed on the worktable, the parts designed in the computer will be processed by automatic processing.

CNC Wood Router includes 3-axis CNC Wood Router, 4-axis CNC Wood Router, 5-axis CNC Wood Router, and CNC machining centre with automatic tool changer.

What’s the worktable size of the CNC Router?

2×2, 2×3, 2×4, 4×4, 4×6, 4×8, 5×10 and 6×12 in feet;
16×16, 16×24, 24×24, 24×36, 24×48, 48×48, 48×96, 60×120, 80×120, and 80×160 in inch;
4040, 6040, 6060, 6090, 1212, 1218, 1224, 1325, 1530, 2030 and 2040 in milometer.
Of course, the worktable size can be customized as your requirements.

CNC wood router price

The CNC wood router price varies greatly based on different specifications and configurations. But in general, as advanced and automatic equipment, the wood carving machine price will not be cheap. The CNC wood router price ranges from $2,000 to $12,000 approximately. This price range is only for reference. And the detailed price of a specific machine may be higher or lower than this range. The CNC wood carving machine price is related to many factors. For example, machine size, detailed configurations, and also some additional fees, like shipping fees, taxes, custom clearance fees, etc. For example, a 600*900mm 3 axis CNC router for sale may only need $2,000. While a 2000x9000mm 3 axis CNC woodworking machine could cost over $10,000. In addition, for the same 3 axis CNC router machine, the freight from China to Europe is far more expensive than that to South Asia. In short, the CNC router machine price can be different if you change any configuration or come from different countries. Besides, due to changes in raw material costs, international freight, and exchange rates, the CNC router machine price will also fluctuate.

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