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There are many types of stone engraving machines, so when choosing, you must figure out what you need, so that you will not choose the wrong one. But before that, you can follow the editor to see which stone engraving machines are available, so that you can continue to choose what you need.

stone engraving machineStepper motors on stone engraving machines (stone engraving machines, woodworking stone engraving machines, cylindrical stone engraving machines, advertising stone engraving machines), etc. are electromechanical components that convert electrical pulse signals into angular displacement or linear displacement. The input of the stepper motor is a pulse sequence, and the output is the corresponding incremental displacement or step motion.

Under normal motion, there is a fixed number of steps per revolution; during continuous step motion, the rotational speed and the frequency of the input pulse maintain a strict correspondence, and are not affected by voltage fluctuations and load changes. Since the stepper motor can directly accept the control of digital quantity, it is especially suitable for controlling with a microcomputer.

The types of stepper motors for stone engraving machines are commonly used in the following three types:

Reactive stepper motor (VR). The reactive stepping motor has the advantages of simple structure, low production cost and small step angle; however, its dynamic performance is poor.

Permanent Magnet Stepper Motor (PM). The permanent magnet stepping motor has large output and good dynamic performance; but the step angle is large.

Hybrid stepper motor (HB). Hybrid stepper motors combine the advantages of reactive and permanent magnet stepper motors. The step angle is small, the output is large, and the dynamic performance is good. It is the highest performance stepper motor at present. It is also sometimes called a permanent magnet induction sub-stepper motor.

These are the most commonly used types of stone engraving machines. I believe that after reading it, you will know what kind of stone engraving machine is suitable for you.

Double independent head heavy-duty stone engraving machine has two independent heads, the two main shafts can be processed simultaneously or sequentially, and is equipped with auxiliary feeding rollers, which saves time and labor for feeding, and is widely used in stone carving, granite, etc. The hard stone can be carved in layers up to 5MM, marble bluestone can be carved up to 5MM at a time. Stone engraving machine is an economical CNC machine, mainly used for stone engraving. Before engraving, use Wentai, Jingdiao, Artcam, Powermill and other CNC programming software to input engraving size, select engraving tool, set depth and cutting method. and other parameter settings, automatically generate the engraving processing program of the representative point, and then use the machine’s control system, such as Weihong computer control system, Ruizhi Tianhong handle control system, etc., to carry out the engraving processing.

Applicable materials for double head stone engraving machine:

It is suitable for granite, marble, bluestone, sandstone, black stone, glass and other materials, as well as ceramics, glass, PVC board, aluminum-plastic board, bamboo and other materials. Stone carving, granite and other hard stones can be carved in layers up to 5MM, and marble bluestone can be carved up to 5MM at a time.

Applicable industries:

Suitable for stone industry, stone tombstone processing industry, art relief, advertising industry, decoration industry, ceramic industry.


The whole machine adopts imported linear square guide rails, double rows and four rows of sliders, with large bearing capacity, stable operation, high precision, long service life and accurate cutting.

The whole machine adopts seamless welding of steel structure, with good rigidity and no deformation, and the carrying capacity of the whole machine can reach more than one ton.

High-power water-cooled spindle, high cutting force and high efficiency.

Software compatibility is good, compatible with a variety of software.

Two-way tool cooling system, effectively improve tool life.

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