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Woodworking CNC Cutting Machine:Help efficient production

Woodworking CNC cutting machine is a CNC nesting machine for cabinet door making, wall cabinet making, decorative cabinet making, kitchen cabinet making, corner cabinet making, base cabinet making, wood cabinet making, home cabinet making and other popular woodworking, including Custom panel furniture making, home doors, home decor, home furniture, shop and office furniture making, automatic labeling, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, automatic engraving, automatic grooving and automatic drilling.

furniture cutting machineFeatures of woodworking CNC cutting machine

Taiwan Shangyin square rail has higher precision, less wear, and can maintain high precision. Suitable for high-speed movement, greatly reducing the drive horsepower required by the machine. What’s more, it can bear loads from left to right and from top to bottom at the same time.

The stepping motor and driver will not lose steps when working, which ensures the positioning accuracy of the motor.

Woodworking CNC cutting machine adopts 8mm steel machine welding machine. After hundreds of special vibration experiments, it is ensured that the lathe will not deform during long working hours. With enhanced welding technology, we offer the best woodworking CNC cutting machines with good stability, long service life and high precision.

3KW water-cooled spindle, good cooling effect, almost no noise, long service life.

The DSP control system does not need to be connected to a PC. The operation is simple and easy to learn, especially suitable for beginners of woodworking CNC cutting machine.

Software: Compatible with CAD/CAM design software such as Type3, Artcam, Castmate, Ucancam, etc.

Material cutting operation process and standard in woodworking CNC cutting machine workshop

Only the strong cooperation between woodworking CNC cutting machine workers and cutting tools can 100% improve the cutting efficiency. Talk about the cutting operation process and standard of woodworking CNC cutting machine workshop

CNC Router Nesting Machine

Woodworking workshop cutting operation rules

Before opening the material, carefully check the quality of raw materials, check the list of production materials, and clarify the product number, specification and quantity. Check whether the machine equipment is working properly (such as power supply, vacuum bag condition, changing saw blades, etc.), and use the machine correctly. According to the material cutting list provided by the production department, the materials are precisely arranged to minimize the waste of corners and the actual materials used for each batch of products are correctly recorded. The work of the hole group is required to keep the flow of people in the workshop normal. After the machine size is adjusted, first use a piece of leftover material to try cutting. After the size is accurate, start batch cutting, and it must be reviewed after every 3-5 boards to avoid errors caused by the movement of the positioning parts. Use a blow gun to blow off sawdust and sand from the workbench to avoid scratching the finished panel.

Quality Requirements and Standards

The angle between the outer plate plane and the straight surface is required to be a standard 90 degrees, and the error of the plate above 1.8 is within ±0.3 mm. The two sides of the board must be parallel and perpendicular to the other two sides (the included angle of the four corners is 90 degrees), and the diagonal dimension of the board must be within 1mm.

The wood grain and color of all cut panels, surfaces and door panels must be consistent, and the product must be free of scratches and holes. Identify the vertical and horizontal directions of wood grain, especially door panels and surfaces.

The slotted position of the extraction surface is slotted down 4.5cm, the slotted position of the edge extraction plate is slotted down 2cm, and the slotted depth of all panels is 0.6mm.

The size of the wool after opening should be 0.8cm larger than the actual size. Correctly distinguish the front and back of the board, inside and outside, and use materials reasonably. The produced boards must be cleaned of dust and sand on the surface with an air blow gun, and stacked neatly. For thicker boards with more than three layers, the strips at the four corners must be misaligned with each other.

Large board pieces must be operated by two people to avoid damage to the board. The sides of the finished board are the same as the front and back (there should be no broken edges on the back). If there is a shortage of produced sheets, it will not affect the quality of the product. It should be marked and the staff of the last two processes should be notified.

After completion, carefully check the quantity, classify according to the production process, and stack them neatly.

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Woodworking CNC cutting machine operation process

Turn on the power first, then release the emergency stop button of the CNC cutting machine to ensure that the cutting machine is ready.

Next, open the computer connected to the CNC cutting machine, enter the established operating system, find the software that controls the device, and double-click on the computer to open the cutting machine software.

Check whether the CNC cutting machine system is normal. If the system shows any error messages about the opener, it can no longer be used to make it work until the cause of the error is found and fixed.

Measure whether the size of the workpiece will exceed the processing range of the CNC cutting machine, and adjust it. Once the size of the workpiece is too large, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment to a large extent, and may cause damage to the machine more seriously.

Start the pressurizing device of the CNC cutting machine, and normal processing can be carried out after the test is no problem.

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