4 Axis Foam Mold Engraving machine

IGOLDENCNC-1530 EPS Foam Cutting Machine for Wooden Models

The Introduction of 1530 EPS Foam Cutting Machine

1530 EPS Foam Cutting Machine, the spindle can swing 180 °, optional 8 linear tool changers can be selected to meet the needs of different processing technologies, full-scale 3D engraving, and curved surface processing is available, also known as foam CNC router machine, mold CNC router machine, EPS CNC carving machine.

This foam cnc router has the automatic tool change function of ATC CNC router. It adopts the linear tool change tool magazine design. And it automatically change the tool according to the processing requirements during the machining process, saving manpower and time and correspondingly improving work efficiency. It is worth mentioning that the spindle of this machine can be swung 180 degrees, which is very suitable for processing complex foam parts.

1530 EPS Foam Cutting Machine1530 EPS Foam Cutting Machine

Product Details

We have been creating a new situation in the field with the best quality eps pre expanding line, used coater machine, used polystyrene wire cutter and perfect services and have experienced and grown in the tide of market economy. At present, we regard human resources as the first resource to achieve sustainable development of the company. We uphold the tenet of ‘quality first, reputation first, perfection, customer satisfaction’. We have create a good interpersonal relationship so that the company’s top and bottom is of unity, full of vitality and our company has now formed a high-quality combat team. Our grasp of market research and demand keeps our products innovative and diversified.


1.Using international leading NC studio control system, high precision and high speed.

2.carving with better power distribution, guarantee the precision and strength of the machine

3.Z axis traveling can increased the height to 1 meter, large format processing, suitable for large ultra-thick material processing.

4.diversified control system can be controlled processing speed,walking speed,

cutting speed separately, greatly improved the quality of processed products and processing efficiency.

Application industry

Engraving various mould , car foam mould , vessel mould , plane mould , train mould , instruments surface engraving , cutting

Application material :EPS foam , wood , MDF, PVC , acrylic etc

Popular with foam, wood, aluminium mold manufacturer, which can do curved carving processing via the swing spindle, the iGW-4MC series 4 axis machining centre is suitable for molding industry, foam shaping industry, advertising industry, woodworking industry, craft gifts, architectural models, electronics, CAD/CAM industrial molds and other 3D carvings.

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