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The infusion of technology into almost every sector of manufacturing has changed the world in recent times. And, its introduction in the woodworking and the interior designing sector has transformed the industry whereby making allowing it to operate at a better place. The best part of the wood cnc machine is that the designers and the woodworkers are pretty happy to add this new dimension to ensure they meet the high-end requirements of their clients.

Wood Cnc Machine

With the woodworkers embracing the technology with open arms to enhance their daily outputs, manufacturing firms like IGOLDENCNC are working and coming up with high-level Woodworking CNC Router. Hence, they are finding new innovative ways to redefine the industry.

ATC cnc router ATC wood Machine

Wood cnc machine can meet the processing of most of non-metal materials like acrylic, PVC board, hibiscus board, two-color board, wood board, density board, marble, fire board, rubber board, glass, crystal.


Why use a wood CNC router?

Traditional woodworking workers can ‘t meet the growing needs of the woodworking industry in terms of processing speed or accuracy. Wood CNC machines have the advantages of efficient use, mass production, fast speed, and high efficiency, which greatly help the manufacturers of furniture and cabinets. Moreover, The manufacturers of wooden furniture and cabinets can customize wood CNC machines according to their own economic conditions, production processes, and other actual needs. The flexibility of woodworking engraving machines brings great benefits to wood furniture manufacturers.

Wood CNC Machine Application

Application material type: solid wood, wood, hardwood, plywood or softwood,MDF, PVC, foam, plastic, plasterboard, aluminium composite panels, aluminum plastic plates, aluminum, brass and others.

Application industry:
Signage: Acrylic,PVC,ABS plate, aluminum plate, 3d advertising signs ,brand, etc.
Cabinets and furniture: Kitchen cabinet, wooden furniture, architectural mill-work. Wide range of personal tailor furniture including beds, dining sets, chairs, staircase, window, modern furniture, office furniture, etc.
Aluminum and brass machining;
Prototyping and 3D modeling: CNC router machine can be used to cut molds from EPS foam, polyurethane foam, EVA foam, plastic, etc.
Crafts and Art: jewelry, mirror and picture frames, coins, Christmas decorations, and plaques, musical instruments:
Decoration Industry: decorations, upholstery, Art model, mural,screen, gift packing, furniture decoration,instrument manufacturing etc.

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