3D Processing for Mold Making

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3D Processing for Mold Making

In recent years, CNC engraving machines have played an important role in the 3D processing for mold production. The use of CNC engraving machine can not only ensure the accuracy of engraving molds, but also design and process the shape of molds more conveniently and effectively. Therefore, the engraving machine is an indispensable machine in the mold processing industry.

The CNC machine mainly processes wood and foam materials in the 3D processing  for mold production industry. Such as furniture decoration, large area wood carving. The engraving machine can also be used for precision mold processing, for example, toy industry, handicraft industry, etc. It can be used to process copper electrodes, hardware molds, watches and glasses accessories. In addition, with the help of the rotary spindle can rotate 180 degrees, it is especially suitable for processing automobile molds, wooden boat molds, aviation models, and food molds (such as moon cake molds) and other mold manufacturing. CNC machine can provide any kind of 3D cylindrical materials and mold processing for woodworking, advertising, and molding industries.

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