Fully Enclosed ATC Small CNC Engraving Machine

6060 Metal Engraving Milling ATC CNC Router

What is the 6060 Metal Engraving Milling ATC CNC Router?

This 6060 Metal Engraving Milling ATC CNC Router is a small CNC wood carving machine with carousel automatic tool changer and full-protective device. It has high accuracy, good performance, low price, small footprint, and is mainly used for various small mould engraving.

6060 Metal Engraving Milling ATC CNC Router

Machine Advantages

>High accuracy, low price and small footprint;

>Automatic tool change function, saving manual tool changing time;

>Heavy industry quality, stable operation for 10 years;

>Easy to operate, quick obstacle removal, conducive to learning;

>Supported by industry leader iGOLDENCNC.

How To Use A CNC Router For Woodworking?  

  1. Turn On Machine. Before starting up, it is first to determine that all connections between the CNC wood engraving machine and the computer are normal, and then turn on the power supply of the machine and the computer to enter the CNC system.
  2. Mechanical Reset. After starting the system (the system will judge whether the CNC wood router kit has “returned to the machine origin” before entering the active machining), the “return to machine origin” prompt dialog box will appear first, click the corresponding button, and the CNC wood engraving machine will automatically return to the CNC wood carving machine origin. And proofread the coordinate system.
  3. Check I/O Status. Check the input and output status of each signal, check whether there is a fault signal, to ensure that the wood CNC router machine can process safely.


Mainly used in small moulds, hot stamping moulds, motors, high frequency, microinjection moulds, shoe moulds, badges, embossing moulds, biscuit, chocolate, candy moulds, artwork sculptures, dials, fonts, fonts, various signs, Logos, zippers, clocks, tableware.

The ability of a CNC router or mill to create large-scale parts is not this technology’s only advantage. Milling parts out of wood allows makers to retain the wood’s natural beauty and strength. Get inspired by checking out our list of the best sites for CNC wood designs!

Though CNC cutting wood is quite incredible, not every machine is. But before we look at the machines, let’s figure out what we’re looking for.

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